Steve Harvey & Gabrielle Union Tell a Few Secrets on How to Keep Your Performance Level Up and Your Favorability Ratings High


So who thinks the Grammy Awards was a hit? Well it depends on what group you ask. There’re some who feel the Grammy’s got a problem with Hip-Hop. But there’re others who feel that women were well represented across award categories and show performances. That Alicia Keys is something else.

Even with the star power on stage and in the building, the showbiz talkers say it still wasn’t up to par with fan support. Yea Cardi B did her thing along with some of the other special honors, but the show didn’t get the traction it once had. Maybe they’ll go for new blood in the main office or production team.

It’s what Steve Harvey and Gabrielle Union are constantly working on. They tell a few secrets on keeping your performance level up and your favorability ratings high. Sometimes it’s finding new ways for getting your work to be seen as valuable. Because when familiarity sets in things can get stale, stagnant or stuck.

For example, social experts say by February that 80% of new year resolutions fall apart. Plus, as folks think about their work goals for the new year, they’ll be looking for something to set themselves apart in job performance. So what will it take to level-up the passion in your game this year?


Well Harvey and Union keep finding new ways to flex their muscle while keeping the clients happy. He recently hosted the NFL Honors which took him back to his stand-up comedy days. Union is set to join the Judges panel on America’s Got Talent (AGT). Giving it their best means being ‘new and improved’ in:

  1. Hustle

Harvey shared his stand-up comedy formula for telling jokes. When you hear him break it down you get a sense for what works for him on stage. With other hosting gigs and projects he’s able to turn that formula into new moments of energy and smarts. That’s how hustle-love helps him keep his performance level up.

  1. Flava

Ever notice how fast-food chains keep their menu ‘new & improved’? Sometimes it’s by adding a new topping to the burger. Other times it’s in adding a new ‘special sauce’ for flavor. Well Harvey and Union seem to get that. It’s how they add a new ‘topping’ to their skill set or ‘special sauce’ for more flava.

  1. Vibe


Now that Union will be sitting in the Judges chair, she and the other newbies on the set are sure to bring a new vibe to the show. It’s as if vibe is a higher form of flava that comes with teamwork. It’s the chemistry of the collaboration from working together. Vibe is another way to make yourself a sought-after player.

  1. Buzz

When bad things happen in careers or showbiz there’s a kind of ‘dark buzz.’ The news makes it to the tabloid section of social media. But when good things happen there’s a kind of ‘light buzz’ where you’re in the spotlight. They’ve seen both, having to go from dark to light and light to bright for more market appeal.

Harvey’s well on his way to turning his mojo into more jokes. Sounds like he’s thinking about returning to the stand-up stage. Union will be working hard on being a treat in her new AGT seat. They know keeping performance level up and favorability ratings high takes new rounds of hustle-love to make it rain.

Tip: Being ‘new and improved’ at work means keeping your performance level up and your favorability ratings high with new rounds of hustle-love in the game.

Talkback: What’s it gonna take for the Grammys to step things up next year?

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Chadwick Boseman and Beyoncé: Their Personal Expressions for How Hopes and Dreams Can Find the Path to Greatness

2018 Theme
The Year of ‘Got Shine?’
Where The Things You Know and How You Flow Bring More Star Power for Sure


The anticipation is building for the next release from MCU – Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s the latest Super Hero character known as the Black Panther. Lots of celebs got to see the first screening in person. The reviews have been filled with superlatives as if it’s a preview for going from block to blockbuster.

Then of-course there’s Beyoncé and her Grammy-chic appearance. She wasn’t up for any awards but as usual made an iconic fashion statement. Boseman plays the role of king in the upcoming movie. Beyoncé rocks the title of queen in pop culture. But it’s their personal expressions that deliver creative excellence.

The Black Panther storyline has themes that make each character’s greatness come alive. Whether it’s in action-moves of a super hero, amazing plays in the Superbowl or breakthroughs on the field of dreams, the path to greatness comes alive in two success modes, Lifestyle and Lifetrack. They make things pop.

Boseman and Beyoncé have used these on the path to greatness. For Boseman it’s taken a few roles that weren’t crossover but were a stepping stone. For Beyoncé, it’s in her creative relevance and how she goes from ‘nothing to something’ artistically. Their amazing work sends chills or makes you wanna chill.


Who they are, what they do and how they flow are the sum total of how they express themselves. It’s the combination of their creative excellence and creative relevance that make them special. When things come together it’s like magic which might explain how their success keeps rising to the ceiling.

Over the years my dream has gone through a few climbs from sun-up to sun-down. Feedback from others has helped to tighten things up. The magic for writing this blog has gone from good to better. But the playbook that Boseman & Beyoncé have used on becoming their best seems to go something like this:

  1. Conceive and go from zero to breakout move.

Boseman and Beyoncé have different stories for how they’ve built their movie/music careers. One thing common to both is first seeing themselves doing what they’re doing now. They conceived it in their minds-eye and visualized it in their imaginations. Then after a while, things went from zero to breakout move.

  1. Believe and go from a ‘nobody’ to a rising ‘somebody.’

The space between what they visualized and what they delivered is in how they believed in themselves and in what’s possible. This helped Beyoncé go from singing in her living room to performing on the world stage. Not every dream goes that big. But dreams take you from a ‘nobody’ to a rising ‘somebody.’

  1. Achieve and go from bottom-stack to top-rack.

Every time you achieve something there’s usually a lesson and a lift. The lesson comes from looking at the ups and downs to get there. The lift comes from seeing where you are compared to where you once were. Maybe that’s why Boseman’s big screen roles and Beyoncé’s showbiz journey are so exciting.

  1. Receive and go from nomination to coronation.

Beyond the obvious star power, some think the movie should get nominations for the creative costumes, special effects or music soundtrack. Well just like in the movies, character development and creative genius have meant a lot to Boseman and Beyoncé. It’s taken them from nomination to coronation.

We celebrate them for making us want to sing, dance or feel like kings and queens. We emulate them in striving to better our game or biggup our name. Their hopes and dreams have found the path to greatness not by chance but by a playbook for creative brilliance that has helped make them famous.

Tip: Creative brilliance in your career grind and life dreams needs creative excellence to make you awesome and creative relevance to make you special.

Talkback: How will Boseman’s new role in Black Panther help better his game or biggup his name?

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Sterling K. Brown & Mary J Blige on What it Means to Think Like the Best, Stay on a Roll and See What The Next Level Shall Be

2018 Theme
The Year of ‘Got Shine?’: Where The Things You Know and How You Flow Bring More Star Power for Sure


Things on the East Coast these days might be a little topsy-turvy with political back and forth. Things on the West Coast were a little nerve-wracking after the Tsunami warning. But Hollywood kept the lights on to make this year’s Oscar nominations. Awards season is in full swing and Sterling K. Brown is on a roll.

He made history in winning a SAG award as the first black male actor in a category. He pulled-off a similar feat earlier in winning an Emmy. He’s not the only one on a roll as Mary J Blige got her Hollywood Star recently. She’s also getting Oscar buzz with her nomination and showing us how to bounce back.

Just ask Steve Harvey about being on a roll. His revamped talk show was renewed for a second season. They remind us to act like a success, think like the best and see what the next level shall be. It’s doing what you love and loving what you do. But it’s really how they tap-in to the five success groups of life.


Everybody shows up with talents and gifts. These and other asset groups are like bread slices. They feed our success which feeds our family. Books have a table of contents. Food items have a nutrition table of contents. Well it’s the five success groups that help them stay on a roll in order to reach their goal.

The saying goes “You get out what you put in.” Not only do they tap-in, they also put-in to stay on point. It’s not always easy or a slam dunk. How that’s done differs from one job role to the next. They know that when you act like a success and think like the best, sooner or later you get to beat-on your chest.

So whether it’s to keep that 2018 resolution on track, make that career move or put that dream project in breakout mode, here’s what stars like them do to get more out of life’s success groups. Before they can beat on their chest the key is in answering four questions for how they might:

  1. Think like the best poker player and ask what’s in your hand?

Every card player gets dealt a hand. It’s the starting point for how they play the game. Every breakout star turns the talents and gifts they were dealt into something that’s widely felt. Plus, what’s in your hand isn’t just about the cards you can play but about handling your business when your number gets dealt.

  1. Think like the best game-changer and ask what’s in your hustle?

There’re stats that players use to get a sense for their averages. Every sport has its main stats that help determine performance. No two stats are the same but one thing’s certain is that hustle can change the game. Athletes who’re able to stay on a roll or go to the next level bring extra hustle beyond the muscle.

  1. Think like the best song-writer and ask what’s in your hook?

There’s the hook and there’s the chorus that keep us humming our favorite song. The chorus gets repeated two or three times. The hook is the vibe-line that gives the track more playback. It’s what keeps a business, brand or relationship on a roll. It’s the hook that keeps the folks coming for more playback.

  1. Think like the best stage performer or social leader and ask what’s in your hope?

Nobody gets up on stage and hopes to be a flop. You expect to do your best and leave an impression or excitement with fans in the audience. Moreover, most social leaders pursue an agenda where there is some worthy objective. The things you hope for are those for which you feel worthy or feel are worth it.

Years ago someone helped me see what’s ‘in my hand.’ It’s an asset sometimes delivered through ideas, insights and maybe a dose of inspiration. Music adds to how I bring a hook or extra hustle beyond my writing muscle. This way I’m putting my talents and gifts to work to meet life’s situations with finesse.

Tip: The things that keep you on a roll involve using what’s in your hand to bring hustle to your passion and the hook to your brand playback.

Talkback: What’s the hook to your favorite song that keeps it on playback?

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Beyoncé & Adele: Upping Their Game to the Point Where ‘Superstar’ Can’t be Denied #BigTimeUniversity

#BigTimeUniversity – “Small Talk, Street Dreams, Next Level”

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (Old-School Flava)

This was one of those weekends of back-to-back showbiz glitz. First there was the NAACP Image Awards with the best and the finest in Black culture. Then the Grammys where the party was as they say ‘lit!’ We celebrated Beyoncé & Adele who keep upping their game to where ‘Superstar’ status can’t be denied.

Another such person in that league is Denzel Washington. In his Image Awards speech he moved the crowd in saying “Without commitment you’ll never start but more importantly without consistency you’ll never finish.” They’re great examples of two keys for how skill sells in the story performance tells.

Adele showed us what a commitment to excellence looks like. Shortly after starting her tribute to George Michael she stopped mid-stream and began again. She said she wanted to do justice to the performance. She refused to deliver a half-baked, half-assed, half-stepping performance to her idol.

Beyoncé showed what consistency in excellence looks like. Her performance even with a twin baby swell of her belly, left her fan-club swooning. Her artistry, on stage chemistry and homegirl diplomacy were on the money flawless. Plus, she didn’t let the swell or apparent Album of the Year snub go to her head.

One thing great performers seem to have in common is how they run their own light and power company. At the Grammys Adele said to Beyoncé “You are our light. And the way that you make me and my friends feel… is empowering.” Now that’s how skill sells, performance tells and passion like fire sets of bells.

Groove-Track: Jean Carn – Don’t Let it Go to Your Head –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (New-School Flava)

One of those weekend times. With back-to-back showbiz primes. First the NAACP Image show. With best and brightest Black flow. Then the Grammys where the party was lit. And Bruno Mars performance was a hit. Celebrating Beyoncé, Adele and the rest. ‘Upping-the-game Superstars’ at their best.

Another such person Denzel Washington. In that league of major elevation. Image Award speech moved the crowd. As those watching were wowed. Saying commitment needed to start. And consistency gives the finish its part. Great keys for how skill sells. In the story performance tells.

Adele had excellence on parade. Not wanting to throw shade. After starting tribute song. Seems things went wrong. Stopped mid-stream of singing. Began again not winging. Wanted to do justice to the end. For George Michael as a friend. Refused half-baked, half-assed. Half-stepping performance she passed.

Beyoncé consistency on display. She always earns her pay. Even with twin swell in her belly. Had fans swishing like jelly. Swooning on her performance artistry. Chemistry and homegirl diplomacy. On the money flawless like loaf of bread. Not letting swell or snub go to her head.

A thing the greats give. Light & power to live. At the Grammys Adele poured her heart. For how Beyoncé inspired her start. Saying how she’s got mad love. For how Bey fits pop culture like a glove. Empowering us to do more. In how we raise the score. That’s how top skill sells. And passion like fire sets off bells.


Tip: The marketplace likes how skill sells, performance tells & passion like fire sets off bells of good times.

Talkback: How were Grammy night and Image Awards night good for each other on the same weekend?

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Cory Booker Makes it Plain & Kendrick Lamar ‘Keeps it 100’ for Going to the Next Level #BigTimeUniversity

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LOL Tube – Got Funny? 


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Have things cooled down on social media yet? It seems folks were reacting not to Kanye’s latest philosophical waxing. Instead they were touting Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy performance and Cory Booker’s book release. Booker makes it plain and Lamar ‘keeps it 100’ for taking things to the next level.

Booker’s rise took him from city council, to mayor to NJs first African-American Senator.  He told Roll Call “As I found out in Newark, we made some of our best leaps when we found ways to make uncommon coalitions to get things done.” So what’s the deal on taking a leap of dreams by any means necessary?

With Lamar it’s all about finding the form that separates him from the norm. His lyrical mastery is unmatched. He brings a brash sense of consciousness without an overdose on bravado. Booker brings a cool and collected sense of un-pretentiousness. For them it’s about letting the work speak for itself.

The tweets after the Grammy’s for Lamar from fellow artists kept popping. Even Adele after a less-than-stellar sounding performance was all-in. Still, others try to analyze Booker’s career plan or Lamar’s social justice stand. But it’s as if their work feels right by them just like one’s dream feels like the right fix.

Booker’s ready to move the political scene from divide and conquer to multiply and prosper. It’s the fight we must have to push the American Dream and function as a ‘United Streets of America’ team. For these guys, ‘keeping it 100’ is more than dollar bills but about next level pillars because they keep it real.

Groove-Track: Cheryl Lynn – Got to be Real –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Things cooled down on Twitter yet? Not ready to make a bet. Some folks think Kanye’s whack. Begging for money when he’s got no lack. People talking ‘bout Kendrick on the mic. And Cory Booker’s book tour hike. Booker makes it plain everyday on the Hill. He and Lamar ‘keep it 100’ for their next level chill.

Rising from city council chair. To serve as brick city mayor. Now he’s NJs first Black Senator. The ride on his career elevator. Learning a thing or two about best leaps. Coalitions getting things done in heaps. So in taking leaps of dreams what’s the real deal? It’s in the secrets that no one has to steal.

Lamar finding it in his hip-hop form. That separates him from the norm. Lyrical mastery unmatched in skill. Brash of consciousness, low-grade bravado and thrill. Booker more about cool and collectedness. In his sense of un-pretentiousness. Letting the work represent their game. Giving them more clout in their fame.

Tweets after the Grammy’s kept popping. From celebs and artists non-stopping. Even Adele was all-in. Even though her performance was off a thin. Some try and analyze Bookers game plan. While other figure-out Lamar’s justice stand. The work feels right by them. One’s dream the right fix and gem.

Booker to move politics from divide and conquer. With unity theme of multiply and prosper. A fight to push the American Dream. To function as ‘United Streets of America’ team. For these guys ‘keeping it 100’ more than dollar bills. But next level pillars and performance kills. Got to be real in the ‘hood or the hills.


Tip: When life gives us lemons we make lemonade without forgetting to add our own authentic flava.

Talkback: Which made a stronger point: Taylor’s Swift’s acceptance or Kendrick Lamar’s performance?

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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Wants Less Crap and More Cream to Rise to The Top #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Kanye West is fuming because Beyoncé didn’t get album of the year. He’s not the only one upset about something. Twitter CEO Richard Costolo was quoted saying “We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years.” He wants less crap and more cream to rise to the top.

They’ve been losing users due to social-media abuse. Costolo knows this is gonna be tricky and is ready to tackle the issue. Maybe success at this will be similar to how achievers cause less crap and more cream to rise to the top. Somewhere along the lines Costolo might go back to the Twitter roots.

The reason for Twitter is different from Facebook or Linkedin. Similarly, the purpose behind someone’s dream is different from another. Costolo will likely look at what gives Twitter its ratings and whether some factor(s) are underrated. Cream rises to the top by separating the over-inflated from the under-rated.

It’s been said ‘you get what you pay for.’ Another way of seeing this is ‘you get what you reward.’ So how might Twitter better reward cream in rising to the top? Maybe that’s the missing element in having Twitter clout or street cred. Building connections takes a few clicks but building clout takes much greater skill.

Some high-profile users have mixed feelings about social-media. Those who’ve been bullied or hacked are fuming as well. Costolo knows that if this isn’t fixed soon Twitter could be losing-out even more. So for Twitter and those who want to raise their profile, turn the cream of your dreams into better ratings.


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Kanye West is again fuming. Thinks Beyoncé had no business losing. Didn’t get props for album of the year. Maybe her ‘Beyhive’ fans have no fear. West not the only one with a gripe. Twitter CEO feels he’s got to refresh the buzz and hype. He wants less crap getting the pop. And more cream rising to the top.

Users are dropping left and right. Social-media abuse and online flight. Fixing the mess gonna be tricky. Tackling the issues gonna be sticky. Success for Twitter not unlike that of achievers. Less crap and more cream add-up to believers. Maybe Twitter roots will come into play. If they’re gonna make any headway.

Twitter different from Linkedin or Facebook. Whether viewed from a smartphone or tablet nook. Purpose and dreams different from another. Even if you start out undercover. Time to look at Twitter rating scale. Before putting stuff up for sale. Separating factors that are overinflated. From those that are under-rated.

‘You get what you pay for’ some have said. ‘You get what you reward’ sticks in others’ head. How does Twitter get less crap and more cream to rise? Takes figuring out some reward as the prize. Maybe a missing element in Twitter clout or cred. Connections take a few clicks but clout’s better instead.

Some high-profile users have jumped ship. With mixed feelings about being social-media hip. Those bullied or even hacked. Are fuming or already been packed. Without fixing, Twitter could lose-out more. To others having better score. Raising your profile or dream rating. Is about letter cream do the elevating.


Tip: Cream rises to the top by separating the overinflated from the under-rated for a higher dream rating.
Talkback: So how might Twitter or others better reward their cream so that more of it rises to the top?
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Build Real Crossover Appeal: Steve Harvey’s Branding Moves Hit a New Groove (Part 5)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (Old-School Flava)

Are you ready for the red carpet preview? How about the acceptance speech review? Well that’s what you’ll find during the season of Awards Shows. We go from the Grammys to Oscars with the Stellar and NAACP Image Awards in between. Celebs like Harvey can get various awards due to crossover appeal.

It’s all a part of building diverse market branding. Some award shows are about movies, others about music. There’re the Hollywood A-listers and Fashion Ave stylistas who’re recognized for their personal acclaim or catwalk pizzazz. Harvey might say it’s about positioning your brand as a box of chocolates.

There was a time when the value of work was in the idea of widgets. So, productivity was a measure of how many units could be made in a period of time. These days making widgets has become fairly simple. It’s no longer just about the box but about how what’s inside the box meets a niche or base audience.

Harvey expands his base with new rounds of success. He’s gone from stand-up comic to radio jock to sitcom star to game show host to Image Award winner for his national talk show. Each time his base grows he brings more market value that benefits a wider niche, bringing many happy cash-money returns.

When the awards season is over he’s still building his brand like cheese. There’re many types and ways cheese adds flavor to a meal or smiles to a selfie. Whether through his appearances at conventions, book signings, movie premieres or community events, his branding keeps him in good standing.


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (New-School Flava)

Ready for the red carpet preview? How ‘bout the best speech review? That’s what’s up at award shows. Where folks get to give thanks on their toes. There’s the Grammys, Oscars and other big grabs. Stellar and NAACP Image Award fabs. Celebs like Harvey make a steal. Because of their crossover star appeal.

All a part of what they’re building. In diverse marketplace branding. Some award shows are about movies. Others honoring the music groovies. Hollywood A-listers and Fashion Ave stylists. For their acclaim and catwalk favorites. Put together in brand positioning. Like a box of chocolates for the tasting.

Was a time when value seen in work. Came from the idea as a widget clerk. Productivity a measure in unit numbers. Made in a period of time between slumbers. Nowadays making widgets is easy to stack. More than just about the box-n-go pack. But about audience base and fan niche you can track.

Harvey expands his base again and again. Building on each round of success top-ten. Gone from stand-up comic to radio jock. Game show host to sitcom star block. Image Award winner for his talk show. Brings new market value helping the base grow. With many happy cash-money returns in the flow.

When awards season over he’s still building. His brand like cheese for ad selling. Many types and ways cheese puts flavor. In a meal or smiles for a selfie savor. Through his talks at biz conventions. Book signings, premieres and community connections. Taking his branding and standing in many directions.

Tip: Building crossover appeal is about connecting with a base that loves your box of chocolates and expanding your niche to those that love your overall package.

Talkback: Are Award Shows about the award or about the recognition that can further build your brand?”