Ashley Graham and John Legend Are Dusting Off Shelf Space for More Awards & Pics of Their Best Selfie


What do Ashley Graham and John Legend have in common? They’ve both topped lists that most folks wouldn’t even dream possible for them. Graham has graced the covers of Sports Illustrated magazine as one of America’s ‘Hottest Full-Figured Women.’ That simply means lots of voluptuous to go around.

For Legend, he was named People Magazine’s 2019 ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’ Let’s leave that to the ladies on what that means. It’s not as if he doesn’t already have his hands full. As a singing coach on NBCs The Voice, he can be seen on weeknights giving praise to emerging artists on their melody and high notes.

So, if folks are wondering what it takes to get named on any of these lists, for legend it might start with him being a crooner. He’s known for love-letter type music ballads that crossover music genres. Legend today, is like Sinatra of old. How his words flow does the same thing to fans today as Sinatra did then.

With Graham, it’s about being true to herself. She’s never shied away from her physical features as a plus-sized woman. Her self-acceptance has developed into inner confidence. This has carried over into becoming a pop culture crowd favorite on the runway and in the podcast world.


Bu there’s one list they might say that everyone gets the chance to top. It’s the ‘Best Self Alive’ list where who you are aligns with your purpose and what you do is developed through strength, courage and wisdom. Even if we don’t make it into People Magazine or Sports Illustrated, we can still pack our:

  1. Handsome

It’s the first things ladies see in Legend. But Graham knows becoming ‘Best Self Alive’ might also mean turning what’s in your ‘hand’ into ‘some’ thing of value. Graham shares how she learned to sew at a young age. Not everybody brings handsome to the table like Legend. But most can hand-some value.

  1. Headband

Legend is known for featuring his wife’s headband creations on social media, especially when they’re on vacation.  It’s how she works creatively with her hand as well as her head. The real power players in the game also know that when creative minds band their heads together it raises the level of fine work.

  1. Heartstring


Graham might say voluptuous for her was simply a ‘means to an end.’ She didn’t start out hoping to be full-figured. She just owned her package and celebrated her lineage. Even though she’s expecting her second child, Graham is still doing jumping jacks in the gym and stroking the heartstrings of fans.

  1. Home-feel

For Legend and Graham, being in the limelight isn’t something they necessarily crave. It simply comes with the territory. Even with their star power and rave reviews they give fans a kind of at-home, hometown feeling. They also get props for how they’re raising a family and developing success at home.

If Hollywood were to put together its ’40 Under 40’, then they’d likely top the list. He’s already gotten the major performance awards of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony which is why he’s called an EGOT. Their good looks and humble charm make you wanna show them love ‘cause they got juice.

Tip: The ‘Best Self Alive’ list leaves room for packing your handsome, headband, heartstring and home-feel that adds to your success.

Talkback: Is John’s team the one to beat on this season of The Voice?

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Michael B Jordan & Chloe Kim Have Fans Under a Spell of Excitement from Seeing Their Dreams Go Big


This year’s Sports Illustrated cover model has been named and guess who’s smiling? Yes, Danielle Herrington is smiling from the beach to the bank. She’s not the only one with a wide grin. So is Michael B. Jordan who got the chance to congratulate Herrington. So is Chloe Kim who won gold at the Olympics.

Jordan is also smiling as he gears up for the grand release of the Black Panther movie. He and his acting cohorts are excited that the movie is already breaking pre-sales box office records. Kim is getting her smiles on for being the first ever female American winner in the Olympic event of Snowboarding.

Jordan and Kim seem to have fans under a spell of excitement from seeing their dreams go big. Everywhere you go people are talking about the movie and about Kim’s performance. Not to mention that Jordan put on muscle-mass for the role and Kim’s achievement celebrates the American Dream.

Their success reminds us of how dreams can go big with a fresh sense of purpose and a refreshed surge of passion. Jordan has been steadily building his cred with acting roles in Fruitvale Station and Creed. Kim waited four years at representing the U.S. since she was too young to make the last Olympic team.


They’ve got us feeling like a nation under a dream that comes with its own storyline. Maybe that’s one reason why so many are looking forward to seeing the movie. Whether it’s about the story of rising to power or the power in their stories fans want to keep a winning feeling going or find their own groove.

The movie buzz isn’t just about action spots but also about the Black Panther Challenge. Celebrities and everyday people are pulling together to get as many kids to see the movie. They hope something rubs off that’s more than a spell. We learn from Jordan and Kim that going from small roles to tall goals means:

  1. Leaving something behind.

The story behind their success is one of focus and perseverance. They kept at it even when things took a hit. But it’s also one of leaving something behind. Jordan left his hometown of Newark for the Tinseltown of Hollywood. Kim’s parents left South Korea so that she’d have opportunities beyond her wildest dreams.

  1. Preparing for something ahead.

In leaving something behind, they were also preparing for something ahead. It’s sometimes said that luck is where preparation meets-up with opportunity. Sure they might have had some lucky breaks along the way. But preparing helped them leave their comfort zone in order to experience their mojo zone.

  1. Taking skills to the next level.

During the waiting period between Olympics, Kim kept working on her game. She worked on some things to get her performance moving closer to perfection. Jordan has also been working on his skills as a Director through his own production company. Taking skills to the next level helps make us built to last.

  1. Making the dream yours.

The Black Panther character first appeared in comic books in 1966. Kim first appeared on the Olympics radar in 2014. Here we are in 2018 and there’s a movie built around the character and an Olympic feat tied to Kim. Things take longer for some compared to others but making the dream yours is real.

These days some folks have more reasons to smile. Some are smiling about Sports Illustrated’s cover and inside pages. For Jordan it’s in upcoming roles already lined-up. Kim has lots of Olympic years ahead of her. When things get stressful they help us turn-up the happy seeing their dreams go big or go legend.

Tip: When things get stressful, successful people turn-up the happy with fresh purpose, refreshed passion and seeing dreams go big or go legend.

Talkback: Which character in the Black Panther movie could have its own spinoff some day?

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Shaquille O’Neal & Patrick Ewing: Not the Most Elegant, But Probably Most Dominant? #BigTimeUniversity

BigTimeUniversity – “Small Talk, Street Dreams, Next Level”

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LOL Tube – Got Funny? (Or Just Fun!)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (Old-School Flava)

The ‘big diesel’ is talking stuff again. Shaquille O’Neal is saying he’s in the top 3 of all-time NBA centers. On a list of his all-time greats he puts Bill Russell at #1, Kareem Abdul Jabbar at #2 and Patrick Ewing at #7. Shaq and Ewing might not have been the most elegant in the paint, but probably the most dominant.

At a recent statue unveiling event, Shaq told Sports Illustrated and other media “There’s two things that made a crowd go crazy: a deep, contested three and a dunk. I always tried to dunk to intimidate my opponents and to make the crowd go crazy.” Everyone has different reasons that put them in ‘drive.’

During their NBA careers Shaq and Ewing brought something different to the game. Ewing had a medium range shot while guarding Shaq in the paint was a hassle. They know whether in college or beyond, the key to improving their game as athletes or industry leaders is to discover strengths.

Ewing would probably love to see the Knicks do better. Shaq’s happy for the Lakers’ honor as a go-getter. As the Final Four squads have been set, they and others hope their team gets to cut down the net. It will be about how stars and role players deliver the goods on the court with hunger and hustle.

Some think Ewing’s in the running to be Georgetown head coach. He got major props from Detroit Piston’s head coach Stan Gundy. Even though Shaq & Ewing had issues with aspects of their game that people might debate over, the real ones bring extra heart that put them in the winner’s circle.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (New-School Flava)

The ‘big diesel’ back at it. Gonna put some fans in a fit. Saying he’s among top 3 all-timers. As NBA center ballers. Giving Bill Russell #1 spot. And Jabbar #2 in the lot. Ewing takes #7 place. Others filling-out the space. They not the most elegant. But probably for some most dominant.

At recent statue unveiling. Shaq rising to the ceiling. With lots of media in the house. Not expecting him to be a mouse. Things that made crowd cheer. Was three-pointer or dunk in the air. How he’d use it to intimidate. And make crowds go crazy mate. Different reasons to have drive. Watching them come alive.

During career in their prime. Various skills brought at the time. Ewing with medium range shot. Shaq in the paint, hassle opponent got. Whether in college or beyond. Working with team players to bond. Key to taking game to new heights and lengths. As athletes and leaders is to discover strengths.

Ewing hoping Knicks could do better. Shaq’s happy for Laker’s honor as go-getter. Season after season, day after day. Doing the best in their own way. As Final Four squads have been set. They and others hope their team cuts down net. Stars and role players deliver more. With hunger and hustle for the score.

Some think Ewing’s in the mix. For Georgetown University head coach pick. Got major props from coaches old and new. From his days of Hoya’s blue. Even with issues in their game. Not much debating over their fame. The real ones bring that extra heart. To reach the winner’s circle from playing smart.


Tip: The real ones bring to the game extra heart whether as a star or in their role playing part.

Talkback: How’s that March Madness grid looking these days?

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Lebron James SI Honor Says He’s Got Game; Steve Harvey Reminds Us Not to Be Lame #BigTimeUniversity

#BigTimeUniversity – “Small Talk, Street Dreams, Next Level”

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

The college football playoffs are set. Four teams will do battle on the gridiron. Fans are hoping for good fun and a great time. But before that we got to see Steve Harvey’s Showtime at the Apollo reboot & Lebron James named S.I. sportsperson of the year. They’ve got game and remind us how not to be lame.

In his interview with Sports Illustrated James said “I dreamed of being Batman, of making the NBA, of buying a house for my mom, of being the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air—the Fresh Prince of Akron, it was as big as I could dream.” These guys find the biggest motivation to achieve what no one saw coming.

Harvey’s hitting the flow as the ‘hosted by’ king. He could host a ‘dog & pony show’ and make it work even with only animals in the audience. For us regular folks we should replace the word ‘hosted’ with our own strengths. That’s like ‘created or produced or led by’ without letting stuff go to your head.

James knows this as the world’s greatest after bringing an NBA title to his hometown Cleveland. His childhood story of some rough times is one that could be defined as ‘greatness by.’ So far he’s taken two teams to the highest level of achievement and he’s working on doing the same in his community.

So Harvey’s taking a ‘jump’ with his talk show from Chicago to LA. James is upping his teammates’ roles. They know the purest motivation we get at home, the office or the marketplace is being ‘loved by’ God and the folks in your circles. Plus, they could buy back the block and spot their name on it.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

College football playoffs set. Folks lining-up their bet. Four teams to do battle on the field. Fans hoping for high score yield. Before that there’s Steve Harvey’s Apollo reboot. While Lebron James takes S.I. sportsperson loot. Both still see ways to flash their game. In reminding us how not to be lame.

In S.I. interview James looked back. On how his dream did stack. Wanting to be Batman, NBA pro and so. Buying house for mom as he’d grow. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, really Akron. As big as his dream was spun. Finding major motivation they’ve achieved. No one saw coming except those who believed.

Harvey’s right about hitting the flow. As ‘hosted by’ king on many a show. Could do a ‘dog & pony’ TV series as a beat. Even with only animals in audience seat. For regular folks, replacing ‘hosted’ word. With your own strengths, ya heard. Like ‘created by,’ produced or led. Without letting stuff go to your head.

James knows as world’s greatest player. After bringing NBA title as Cleveland slayer. Childhood story of rough times. Now worth lot more nickels and dimes. Best seen as ‘greatness by’ hero. His paycheck’s got many a zero. Taken two teams on championship ride. And supporting his community with love and pride.

So Harvey’s making talk show ‘jump’ to LA. Hoping that move from Chicago will pay. James upping his teammates’ roles. Watching them gel is food for the souls. Where purest motivation they know comes from God. At home, work, marketplace or on iPod. Plus, they could buy back block hook, line and sod.


Tip: You don’t have to be an athlete to jump leaps & bounds as your dreams and gifting does the lifting.

Talkback: How did it feel to see Bron Bron keep his MLB World Series bet with D-Wade?

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T.D. Jakes & Steve Harvey Must Know What Judge Judy Means by ‘Be the Hero in Your Own Story’ #BigTimeUniversity

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Everybody loves a champion in sports, business and showbiz. So it was sort of breaking news on Twitter that T.D. Jakes will host his own talk show in fall 2016 after an earlier trial run. Plus, Steve Harvey to host this year’s Miss Universe. They must know what Judge Judy means by ‘Be the Hero in Your Own Story!’

In talking about her new e-book she says “I want to have an honest conversation about what it really takes to get what you deserve out of life: how to define your worth and stick to it.” These icons push us to do life big, do things great or at least ‘do you’ for business sake and be among the first-rate.

Jakes started out in a small West Virginia town and now he’s a mega-church Pastor. Harvey began his journey in Cleveland to becoming a comic and media personality. Judge Judy is a native New Yorker, who according to the NY Times, is Queen of daytime media. They’ve pursued their big dreams in 3D.

Imagine being on an elevator leaving ground level. People get on and select their floors. The elevator climbs to the top stopping on each floor picked. Well like the elevator, we experience career goals/dreams as a rise in discovery, duty and destiny. We might get off on different floors but we’re headed to the top.

Jakes serves his calling to a Higher Power in truth and truth. Harvey lives-out his purpose by mentoring young men. Judge Judy brings her passion for the law. They use calling to make God look good, purpose to serve an earthly good and passion where people say ‘damn, she’s good.’ It’s all ‘a gift in goodness.’

The past few days have been non-stop with new champions named by Sports Illustrated and Heisman. Jakes, Harvey and Judy saw a rise in superhero status with the Do Big dreamer’s club. They’d like us to join them by being heroes in our own stories and having adventures of a lifetime under a sky full of stars.

Groove-Track: Jamie Grace – ‘Do Life Big’ –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Everybody loves a champ. No matter the day job ramp. In sports, biz and Hollywood. People doing all they could. T.D. Jakes to host TV daytime show. From earlier trial run it did grow. Steve Harvey as Miss Universe host. Pageant held on West Coast. They’ve moved from a zero. To what Judy means as a hero.

Talking ‘bout her new book. Giving us a great hook. Hoping for honest conversation. On rising to next-level contention. What we deserve out of life’s journey. Where our worth sticks like a good story. Icons who push us to the max. To do life with big things for first-rate tax.

Jakes from small West Virginia town. To wearing mega-church Pastor crown. Harvey putting Cleveland in the mix. With his comedic personality fix. Judge Judy a native New York girl. To being daytime queen and tops in legal world. Where their dreams come in 3D. Having the best things in life from A to Z.

Imagine taking elevator run. Leaving ground floor just for fun. Get on and select your floor. Set the height or your score. Each floor picked closer to the top you know. The way career dreams tend to go. To see rise in discovery and duty. By marching towards our destiny. As different floors reflect range in glory.

Jakes puts calling to work for Higher Power. In truth and truth of inspirational hour. Harvey’s purpose to mentor young men. Moving them closer to top-ten. Judy brings her passion for the law. Even though it’s not without flaw.  Calling, purpose, passion for greater good. As ‘a gift in goodness’ for the neighborhood.

Past few days have been non-stop. In sports, business and hip-hop. New nominees named movers and shakers. More to come as money-makers. Jakes, Harvey and Judy in Do Big club. Hoping others get ticket stub. To be heroes in adventures of a lifetime. Under sky full of stars Lord knows that’s not a crime.


Tip: Awesomeness comes together like 3D TV by seeing things clearer with new-you resolution.

Talkback: What’s your first impression of songs from Jamie Grace and Skip Marley (Bob Marley’s grandson)?

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