President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Turned Campaign Trail Moments Into Career Trail Magic

It’s T-minus-70 and counting towards the inauguration of the next U.S. President. The campaign season came to a halt when the projected winner was declared by media and other independent observers. As a gradual shift begins to unfold around Washington, some still hold on for dear life to a different reality.

Going from candidate to “you’re hired” has ups and downs, twists and turns, ebbs and flows. Over these months we saw political ads with their views on certain issues. We could review their professional backgrounds covering years of public service. Then it’s the people who made the hiring decision.

Along the way as candidates debated and fund raised, they hoped to win primaries like rounds in a boxing match. There were good rounds and bad rounds which helped determine who survived and who exited stage left. Biden and Harris on the campaign trail was like where the magic happens on the career trail.

A potential candidate for a job gets to respond to a company opening. They’ll send in their resumés as a professional background summary. Then the decision is made among the hiring team on who gets the call back. Plus, there’re intangibles (like an endorsement or referral) that can change the outlook in a flash.

While the campaign trail had its nasty-lie moments, we can learn what it takes to jumpstart the job search, advance career moves or rebrand a biz venture. Along the way, folks are checking the record and comparing notes. They’re watching to see who makes the grade or who’s worth getting paid based on:

  • Ambition

The difference between Biden and Harris is like old-school and new school. Biden has been in the game for many years. Harris has been rising up the charts over recent years. Their journeys came together because of shared ambition. Ambition helps in making a name for yourself and a role for your skills.      

  • Vision

Biden’s vision is about unity of purpose in saving the soul of the nation. Since Harris isn’t at the top of the ticket, her vision lines-up with Biden. But from a history-making standpoint, she probably shares that broader vision of women breaking the glass ceiling in their careers.      

  • Reinvention

Biden has run for President three times. He had a chance to reinvent himself the last two times. He says it was the events of Charlottesville that got him into the race the third time. Sometimes when career goals seem hard to come by, we have to find ways to reinvent ourselves to better meet the moment.  

  • Connection

Beyond qualifications, it’s also connection that helped things come together as running-mates. Harris first knew Biden when she was Attorney General of California and his son Beau was AG of Delaware. What she probably was reminded of was that people don’t care how much you know, but how much you care.   

Biden and Harris might ask what’s your reality? Is it stuck on past miss-steps or geared to future step-ups? When people see how much you know your stuff, they say you’re good. But when they sense how much you care, they can tell you’re good for the part. That’s how they bring magic to what they do.        

Tip: Your ‘happy’ is in bringing magic to what you do by how much you know and how much you care.

Talkback: What’s it like seeing “you’re hired” and “you’re fired” getting played out right before our eyes?

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Denzel Washington & Michelle Obama Take Us to a Place Where Having that ‘It-Factor’ Showcases Their Hit-Factor


Sports and showbiz fans a buzzing with excitement. For some it’s the baseball World Series and their fav team. There’re also those who’re pleased that Nicki Minaj says she’s found love and happiness. Then there’re NBA fans who’re glad to get past some of the recent drama now that the season is underway.

We even heard from Michael Jordan in a rare TV interview. He’s getting high praise for his philanthropic work in the community. He’s also tried to explain how his career has shifted from scoring points on the court to producing slam dunk gains in biz. Plus, he’s grown on the socially conscious side of things.

Then there’s Denzel Washington and Michelle Obama, among the all-time favorites in pop culture. He was recently honored in NJ as a ‘living legend.’ Obama’s getting mad love on social media after posting a clip from her workout routine, with encouragement to women and folks in general on self-care.


When you think about the major acting roles that Washington has in his body of work, and the ‘ab-licious’ physique that Obama showed in the video, it might remind us of why they’re so loved, admired and respected. They take us to a place where having that ‘it-factor’ showcases their ‘hit-factor.’

Whether it’s delivering powerful drama or being ‘no drama Obama’ their work drips with passion and oozes with mojo. That’s made possible when work connects with inner genius, the way a person might connect with their soul-mate. Moreover, personally and professionally it’s how their story connects with:

  1. Wellness

Obama posted that video of her workout to remind us that good health is important for wellness. It’s not so much about looking like a supermodel as much as it is about knowing that ‘we get out what we put in.’ That’s true for our human parts and for our inner genius in how we grow doing things that make us tick.

  1. Wokeness

Washington and Obama are mindful of how their example affects and inspires others. For them it’s not just about cashing-in (although both have done well in ‘Benjamins’). Beyond that they bring a certain wokeness about giving back, paying forward, lifting up, and standing down on issues of the day.

  1. Boldness


In accepting his recent award Washington wasn’t shy about his faith or apologetic about his roles. Similarly, Obama isn’t shame about her past struggles around marriage counseling or about her road to ‘becoming.’ Their boldness is in knowing good things happen by working on their craft and their cause.

  1. Greatness

Washington will go down as one of the greatest modern actors. Obama is certainly seen as one of the greatest (maybe even finest) First Lady’s in modern time. In the same ways that a soul-mate might bring out the best in a spouse, it’s our inner genius that will bring out the greatness inside of us all.

So the World Series is known for having its ‘October surprise’ in playoff performance. Seeing Michael Jordan in an interview surprised many. A sure thing about Washington and Obama is their work isn’t much about trying to impress. But about doing things with style, grace & finesse to make new memories.

Tip: The thing about putting your inner genius to work is it turns your it-factor into a hit-factor with style, grace and finesse.

Talkback: Did it surprise you to hear Jordan say college athletes should get paid?

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Sterling K. Brown & Mary J Blige on What it Means to Think Like the Best, Stay on a Roll and See What The Next Level Shall Be

2018 Theme
The Year of ‘Got Shine?’: Where The Things You Know and How You Flow Bring More Star Power for Sure


Things on the East Coast these days might be a little topsy-turvy with political back and forth. Things on the West Coast were a little nerve-wracking after the Tsunami warning. But Hollywood kept the lights on to make this year’s Oscar nominations. Awards season is in full swing and Sterling K. Brown is on a roll.

He made history in winning a SAG award as the first black male actor in a category. He pulled-off a similar feat earlier in winning an Emmy. He’s not the only one on a roll as Mary J Blige got her Hollywood Star recently. She’s also getting Oscar buzz with her nomination and showing us how to bounce back.

Just ask Steve Harvey about being on a roll. His revamped talk show was renewed for a second season. They remind us to act like a success, think like the best and see what the next level shall be. It’s doing what you love and loving what you do. But it’s really how they tap-in to the five success groups of life.


Everybody shows up with talents and gifts. These and other asset groups are like bread slices. They feed our success which feeds our family. Books have a table of contents. Food items have a nutrition table of contents. Well it’s the five success groups that help them stay on a roll in order to reach their goal.

The saying goes “You get out what you put in.” Not only do they tap-in, they also put-in to stay on point. It’s not always easy or a slam dunk. How that’s done differs from one job role to the next. They know that when you act like a success and think like the best, sooner or later you get to beat-on your chest.

So whether it’s to keep that 2018 resolution on track, make that career move or put that dream project in breakout mode, here’s what stars like them do to get more out of life’s success groups. Before they can beat on their chest the key is in answering four questions for how they might:

  1. Think like the best poker player and ask what’s in your hand?

Every card player gets dealt a hand. It’s the starting point for how they play the game. Every breakout star turns the talents and gifts they were dealt into something that’s widely felt. Plus, what’s in your hand isn’t just about the cards you can play but about handling your business when your number gets dealt.

  1. Think like the best game-changer and ask what’s in your hustle?

There’re stats that players use to get a sense for their averages. Every sport has its main stats that help determine performance. No two stats are the same but one thing’s certain is that hustle can change the game. Athletes who’re able to stay on a roll or go to the next level bring extra hustle beyond the muscle.

  1. Think like the best song-writer and ask what’s in your hook?

There’s the hook and there’s the chorus that keep us humming our favorite song. The chorus gets repeated two or three times. The hook is the vibe-line that gives the track more playback. It’s what keeps a business, brand or relationship on a roll. It’s the hook that keeps the folks coming for more playback.

  1. Think like the best stage performer or social leader and ask what’s in your hope?

Nobody gets up on stage and hopes to be a flop. You expect to do your best and leave an impression or excitement with fans in the audience. Moreover, most social leaders pursue an agenda where there is some worthy objective. The things you hope for are those for which you feel worthy or feel are worth it.

Years ago someone helped me see what’s ‘in my hand.’ It’s an asset sometimes delivered through ideas, insights and maybe a dose of inspiration. Music adds to how I bring a hook or extra hustle beyond my writing muscle. This way I’m putting my talents and gifts to work to meet life’s situations with finesse.

Tip: The things that keep you on a roll involve using what’s in your hand to bring hustle to your passion and the hook to your brand playback.

Talkback: What’s the hook to your favorite song that keeps it on playback?

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Bruno Mars ft Cardi B – Finesse –

Tiffany Haddish and Regina Hall Know What It’s like Being a ‘Trip Without The Baggage’ #BigTimeUniversity

#BigTimeUniversity – “Small Talk, Street Dreams, Next Level”

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LOL Tube – Got Funny? (Or Just Fun!)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (Old-School Flava)

There’s ruffled feathers and choppy waters in Cavaliers land. When news broke that Kyrie Irving wanted out, some gasped like was heard in Congress. Not clear if the story will be fully told before he leaves. But on the ‘Girls Trip’ score, Tiffany Haddish and Regina Hall know about being a ‘trip without the baggage.’

They’re flying high with a box office hit. Haddish landed the role in breakout fashion. They really wanted a household name actor. According to Vibe she sent word back to the producers saying “Tell them I’ve had a name since 1979. I was born with a name. You tell them I need to come in.” It was like her ‘one shot.’

Her rise to fame is a case of how people take stock of their story to achieve new glory. After some rough years as a teenager trying to play mother to younger siblings, she realized that making people laugh was important to her. She crossed paths with Kevin Hart who set her mental wheels turning on setting goals.

She talks about the upward climb in her new TV special on going from Hood to Hollywood. With the sassy mantra of She’s Ready as her tailwind, Haddish explains how developing self-love and self-acceptance moved her closer to showbiz relevance. It’s one of those ‘Yea I made it but not on my own’ stories.

Haddish has had to get past low moments to have these high moments. Hall, who’s put in her time as well, also helps others move past things that can derail your sail. No matter what, letting go of the baggage means not being bitter, but better or not being ‘so street’ where people can’t see the ‘so sweet.’

Groove-Track: Troop – Spread My Wings –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (New-School Flava)

Ruffled feathers, choppy waters in the ‘Land. Yo, fire-up the sports scoop band. News broke Irving wants out. Stuff to make ‘Bron scream or shout. Like gasp heard from Congress mouth. More to be said. From what’s in teammate’s  head. Haddish & Hall on ‘Girls Trip’ score. Trip without the baggage.. there’s more.

Flying high with box office hit. Haddish landed role that’s lit. Really for actor with household name. And maybe more skin in the game. Sent word back to the audition shop. That she could make it pop. Her name’s been around for a minute. So she wanted to win it. Kinda that one shot. Make it big, hit the spot.

Rise to fame by taking stock. Of what her skills got on lock. In how to use her story. For achieving new glory. Some rough teenage years. To be mommy and sista for her peers. Making people laugh her secret thing. Not trying to dance or sing. Kevin Hart game her a reason. To set goals and expect her season.

Talks about the upward climb. Trying to make nickels and a dime. New TV special ‘bout her days in the hood. And not giving up to make good. Sassy mantra of ‘She’s Ready’ her tailwind breeze. Now doing it big and with ease. Where self-love and more acceptance. Moved things closer to showbiz relevance.

Haddish going from lows to highs. From rock-bottom to blue skies. Hall putting in grind time too. Seeing their dreams come thru. Advice on things that can derail. Or put holes in your sail. No matter what came their way. Hard to carry baggage and play. Not bitter but better. Where ‘so street’ seen as ‘so sweet.’


Tip: The story of success and change is in knowing that ‘when you’re ready, a path appears.’

Talkback: Lebron & Irving; Shaq & Lavar; Christie & Cubs fan, Haddish & Cosby; summer too hot yet?

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Beyoncé & Adele: Upping Their Game to the Point Where ‘Superstar’ Can’t be Denied #BigTimeUniversity

#BigTimeUniversity – “Small Talk, Street Dreams, Next Level”

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (Old-School Flava)

This was one of those weekends of back-to-back showbiz glitz. First there was the NAACP Image Awards with the best and the finest in Black culture. Then the Grammys where the party was as they say ‘lit!’ We celebrated Beyoncé & Adele who keep upping their game to where ‘Superstar’ status can’t be denied.

Another such person in that league is Denzel Washington. In his Image Awards speech he moved the crowd in saying “Without commitment you’ll never start but more importantly without consistency you’ll never finish.” They’re great examples of two keys for how skill sells in the story performance tells.

Adele showed us what a commitment to excellence looks like. Shortly after starting her tribute to George Michael she stopped mid-stream and began again. She said she wanted to do justice to the performance. She refused to deliver a half-baked, half-assed, half-stepping performance to her idol.

Beyoncé showed what consistency in excellence looks like. Her performance even with a twin baby swell of her belly, left her fan-club swooning. Her artistry, on stage chemistry and homegirl diplomacy were on the money flawless. Plus, she didn’t let the swell or apparent Album of the Year snub go to her head.

One thing great performers seem to have in common is how they run their own light and power company. At the Grammys Adele said to Beyoncé “You are our light. And the way that you make me and my friends feel… is empowering.” Now that’s how skill sells, performance tells and passion like fire sets of bells.

Groove-Track: Jean Carn – Don’t Let it Go to Your Head –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (New-School Flava)

One of those weekend times. With back-to-back showbiz primes. First the NAACP Image show. With best and brightest Black flow. Then the Grammys where the party was lit. And Bruno Mars performance was a hit. Celebrating Beyoncé, Adele and the rest. ‘Upping-the-game Superstars’ at their best.

Another such person Denzel Washington. In that league of major elevation. Image Award speech moved the crowd. As those watching were wowed. Saying commitment needed to start. And consistency gives the finish its part. Great keys for how skill sells. In the story performance tells.

Adele had excellence on parade. Not wanting to throw shade. After starting tribute song. Seems things went wrong. Stopped mid-stream of singing. Began again not winging. Wanted to do justice to the end. For George Michael as a friend. Refused half-baked, half-assed. Half-stepping performance she passed.

Beyoncé consistency on display. She always earns her pay. Even with twin swell in her belly. Had fans swishing like jelly. Swooning on her performance artistry. Chemistry and homegirl diplomacy. On the money flawless like loaf of bread. Not letting swell or snub go to her head.

A thing the greats give. Light & power to live. At the Grammys Adele poured her heart. For how Beyoncé inspired her start. Saying how she’s got mad love. For how Bey fits pop culture like a glove. Empowering us to do more. In how we raise the score. That’s how top skill sells. And passion like fire sets off bells.


Tip: The marketplace likes how skill sells, performance tells & passion like fire sets off bells of good times.

Talkback: How were Grammy night and Image Awards night good for each other on the same weekend?

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P!nk – Just Like Fire –

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Larry Wilmore Bounces Back on Set While Lee Daniels’ Magic Not Quite Done Yet #BigTimeUniversity

#BigTimeUniversity – “Small Talk, Street Dreams, Next Level”

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Some folks have had enough of the Thanksgiving leftovers. Others have had enough of Kanye West. Fans are wondering if he’ll bounce back. Well Larry Wilmore did so as he’s back doing scripted shows with ABC. Lee Daniels is doing it too with a new TV show set to debut. Their 24K magic’s not done yet.

According to USA Today, Wilmore said in a statement “Disney took a chance on me as a young writer years ago and so I’m thrilled to return to the Mouse House. I hope my room still looks the same.” Wilmore and Daniels give us a kind of ‘brandorama feeling’ that might make you wanna up your game next year.

After an almost two year stint on Comedy Central, Wilmore got the boot. He’s best known as a writer and producer with show credits that include HBOs Insecure and ABCs Black-ish. The message from Wilmore and Daniels is in how they hustle their way, day after day until the next door opens and career goals pay.

Daniels has a new TV series for the breakout star in us. It’s a case of going after those ‘someday dreams.’ There’s no guarantee in life like death and taxes. But Daniels knows about having a ‘someday attitude’ to keep pushing & believing. He’s even getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to prove it!

So Wilmore’s show might have been cancelled but he’s ready to get back to what he loves. This includes writing/producing new projects, supervising others and mentoring new talent. It might seem like their time is spread thin but Wilmore and Daniels can relate to that ‘lovey dovey’ feeling you get when you ‘do you.’

Groove-Track: Tony Terry – Lovey Dovey –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Some folks have had enough. Thanksgiving leftover gettin’ kinda touch. Others hope Kanye goes away. He’s taking fans for play. Wondering if he’s over and done. Or just the childish fun. Wilmore doing shows again for ABC. Daniels doing big again in TV. That’s why their 24K magic doesn’t come for free.

According to USA Today note. Wilmore’s back in his trench coat. Saying Disney once took a chance on him. A young writer years ago on a whim. Thrilled for return to Mouse House set. Hopes room still looks the same, bet. They give us a kinda ‘brandorama feeling.’ For upping our game next year to the ceiling.

After an almost two year run. Comedy Central told him show was done. Best known as writer and producer. Show credits on Insecure and Black-ish palooza. Showing us how they hustle their way. From sun-up to sundown day after day. Until next door opens and career goals pay.

Daniels with new TV series on deck. For the breakout star in us, heck. Case of going after ‘someday dreams.’ A staple for winning teams. No guarantee like death & taxes. But a someday attitude is what he waxes. To keep pushing for more, believing the same. Even getting a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

So Wilmore might have gotten the boot. But he’s found new heights to shoot. Getting back to his old time sake. To mix passion and grow his stake. New projects and mentoring up-and-comers. Supervising tomorrow’s go-getters. Seems like a lot as dreams come thru. A ‘lovey dovey’ feeling so just ‘do you.’


Tip: Taking on the next project or moving the dream farther makes you an up-and-comer or a go-getter.

Talkback: What’s it been like on the night shift since Wilmore left Comedy Central?

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Taio Cruz ft Estelle – I Can Be –

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Beyoncé Broke the Internet and Von Miller Broke the Shell in their Best Showing Yet #BigTimeUniversity

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LOL Tube – Got Funny? 


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

It was just another day at the office as Superbowl pools got checked and cross-checked. The winners were happy while the losers were good sports. Then it was back to the normal workday of meetings and projects. Meanwhile, Beyoncé broke the Internet and Von Miller broke the shell in their best showing yet.

Over 100 million saw the Broncos win and Von Miller named MVP. NFL Commissioner Goodell said “He’s the kind of young man that plays this game at the highest level and does it off the field, also.” Bey and Von know sometimes you’ve got to be focused and hungry for more than a regular serving of success.

The shattered pieces of the Internet have mended after the Halftime Show. So had the setbacks and injuries Miller experienced during the 2013 season. He described it as ‘a rough period’ in his pro career. The word around football circles is that he found a new sense of purpose, focus and hunger for the game.

“It’s like, he got it. He got through it. He understood that you can do more with this platform than just play,” said his mother Gloria Miller talking to Denver’s NBC 9News. Before going on Ellen’s Show he paid homage to family, friends and his football brothers in the trenches for helping him move past the benches.

Miller is like ‘hometown boy done good.’ Bey is no different and in a sense was in Michael Jackson mode. They affirm why we blog at Big Time University. It’s about learning everything you can from those who’ve come before you or are around you and sharing everything you can with those coming behind you.

Groove-Track: India Arie – Break the Shell –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Another day, another office Superbowl pool. No time to punt or be a fool. Before results in the bag things get checked. Then as game over get cross-checked. Winners happy, losers look to next year. Then back to cube, desk and chair. Beyoncé did her thing broke the Internet. Miller broke the shell for best stuff yet.

Over 100 million saw the game. Miller making it to MVP fame. NFL Commish thinks he’s the real deal. Playing at highest level on and off the field. A young man whose game is up and up. How he helped Broncos win the cup. Got to be focused and hungry. Beyond regular success serving ask Tony Dungy.

Shattered pieces of Internet mended. Halftime show saw Bey, Coldplay and Bruno blended. Miller moving past 2013 season setbacks. Showing what it takes to have comebacks. Sees it as ‘a rough period’ gone by. Now he’s surely flying high. New sense for what he can do. When things line-up and come to you.

It’s like he got it and got through it. Deciding not the time to quit. Understood that he can do more. With a platform as well as the score. Momma Miller right there by his side. Giving her support for the long ride. Paying homage to football brothers in the trenches. For helping him not be stuck on the benches.

He’s ‘hometown boy done good.’ Bey’s no different as others could. With her in Michael Jackson mode. He’s ready to rock and hit the road. Affirming Big Time University is a place. Where we rise to next level space. Learning from those before us and around the way. Lifting those behind us for their hip hip hooray.


Tip: World-class results come by being focused and hungry or by being irregular and at times irreverent.

Talkback: A little sports trivia: How many times has a defensive player been named Superbowl MVP?

Groove-Tracks: Rihanna ft Jeezy – Hard –


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Cam Newton & Usain Bolt Might Be Cut out of the Same Cloth of Primetime Performance #BigTimeUniversity

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

The countdown to the big game has begun. For Cam Newton it’s his first trip to the Superbowl. The other big game countdown is the 2016 Olympics. It’s six months away and Usain Bolt has his eyes set on the sprint double for a third time. These guys might be cut out of the same cloth of primetime performance.

Hall-of-Fame Quarterback Joe Namath is quoted by USA Today as saying “Cam is purely joyful to watch. He’s certainly entitled to showing his pleasure… if you’re not winning, you can’t do it.” Newton and Bolt show us how to bring juice on the job, mojo in the marketplace and super powers on the field of dreams.

Their gameplan doesn’t always go as expected. But they adjust their thrust because for them winning is a must. You know how water flows in a pipe when the pressure is released. They do the same as their juice on the job flows by releasing their passion. This works at the office and other parts of the business world.

Win or lose Newton’s likely to rake-in more commercials. Bolt’s not doing shabby either. He just landed a deal with an Australian company. The director said “It’s no secret that Usain Bolt competes to win. His hard work, fierce determination and unwavering commitment are exuded every time he hits the track.”

So what do these guys have in common? Well Cam celebrates with the dab. Usain poses as the ‘lightning bolt.’ They get the chance to showcase their strengths on the big stage. For Newton & Bolt, where there’s gold on the line they just turn super-power type performance into a celebration dance and hot pants.

Groove-Track: Jess Glynne – Ain’t Got Far to Go –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Countdown to big game running. NFL pros back from Hawaii sunning. Cam Newton makes first Superbowl trip. Like dancing on Uptown Funk he’s ice cold hip. Six months to Olympics opening night. Usain Bolt looking to take flight. Guys cut out of same cloth. Primetime performance. not chicken broth.

Hall-of-Famer Namath knows about passing to catch. Saying Newton is joyful to watch. Entitled to showing his pleasure. ‘Cause he’s winning for good measure. Newton and Bolt bring juice on the job. Others want to say they’re snob. Mojo in the marketplace gleams. Super powers on the field of dreams.

Gameplan not always connected. Or going as they had expected. Finding ways to adjust. In focus, passing and thrust. Since winning for them is a must. You know how water flows in a pipe. When pressure released without the hype. Juice on the job flows the same. Work, play & passion in the game.

Win or lose Newton to rake-in more. Once game over and settle the score. Bolt’s on par to be market leader. Australian company his new commercial feeder. Director tells the story of competing to win. And seeing Bolt’s cheek-wide grin. Hard work, fierce determination and commitment with that stick a pin.

So what do they have alike? They could easily be like mike. Cam celebrates with a dab. Usain with ‘lightning bolt’ that’s fab. The chance to showcase their skills. On the big stage it’s the thrills. Where there’s gold on the line it’s a dance. Super-power type results in their performance and hot pants.

Sainsbury's Anniversary Games - IAAF Diamond League 2015: Day One

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 24: Usain Bolt of Jamaica celebrates winning the Mens 100m final during day one of the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games at The Stadium – Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on July 24, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

Tip: The best days on the job can seem like a song, dance and super-power type results in performance.

Talkback: Do Newton and Bolt have a point about why some people can’t give them their due?

Groove-Tracks: Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk –


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J.K. Rowling and Bethany Mota Used Social Media to Spill their Guts on Living the Dream – #WUWECAST

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Some of the big names in entertainment went from Vegas to New York. First they watched the big fight on Saturday and then were at the Met Gala on Monday. Their private jets were parked on the runway ‘wing to wing.’  Meanwhile, J.K. Rowling and Bethany Mota have been spilling their guts on living the dream.

Rowling has been responding to her Twitter fans about characters on the Harry Potter series. She wishes she hadn’t dropped a few of them from the plot. She looks back on her own journey and might relate to words from Maya Angelou who once said “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story.”

This fits with how the Harry Potter series came into being. Rowling was stuck on a train during her commute and decided to start writing. After getting home she spent the next five years building the story. Since that travel delay Rowling has developed her unproven writing skill in creating a mega-force empire.

While for Rowling there was also the pain of depression, it was the pain of bullying that helped Mota forge ahead. She saw Youtube as a way of expressing herself through fashion, beauty and spreading hope to teens. If not for the support from family and friends they would otherwise have been unsung stars.

One of the more recent milestones for Rowling is the Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios in Orlando. She’s also released a novel and is working on a screenplay. Moto has a teen fashion line and a new music single. They’ve turned their pain into gain, skill into thrill and guts into glory.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Some big names in entertainment. Went from Vegas to New York appointment. Watched the big fight from the front row. Then to the Met Gala for Monday show. Private jets parked ‘wing to wing.’ Fashion statements wearing ‘bling to bling.’ Meanwhile J.K. Rowling and Bethany Mota keep doing their thing.

Rowling responding to Twitter fans. About Harry Potter series and future plans. Wishes she hadn’t scratched a few. From the plot for others that are new. Looks back on her journey and might relate. To words from Maya Angelou’s slate. Saying there may be no greater agony. Than bearing an untold story.

Good point when one thinks about the series birth. And how much Rowling is now worth. After being stuck on a train commute. Decided to start writing, just couldn’t refute. Spent next five years building the content. So for some the books are heaven-sent. Turning unproven skills into dollars that pay the rent.

For Rowling there was pain from depression. For Moto a matter of bullying confession. Saw Youtube as a place of expression. Sharing fashion, beauty and memorable impression. Spreading hope to many a teen. Building brand and clothing line green. So if not for family and friends. May have had different ends.

Recent Rowling milestone that says bravo. Is Harry Potter ride in Orlando. Her writing pen’s ready for more pay. Having released a novel and screenplay. Moto with fashion line and new music single. With little time as a teenager to mingle. Pain into gain, skill into thrill. And guts into glory that’s their fill.


Tip: Winners know how to turn pain into gain, skill into thrill and guts into glory for a top story.
Talkback: So who really won the ‘fight of the century’ or was the best dressed at the Met Gala?
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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST