Michael B Jordan & Tracee Ellis Ross Bring Sexy Back for Career Sake as a Signature in Showbiz

The Grammys are coming! Yet, as Awards season rolls-on there’s another casualty due to Covid-19. The Red Carpet before the live show has been quarantined. So far, that’s the case for the People’s Choice and American Music Awards; no cat walks, celeb interviews or fashion slip-ups to set social media abuzz.

With the holidays also a good time for family and friends to gather, this year it feels like 2020 can’t end fast enough. So for some, they’re happy to feast their eyes on Michael B Jordan being named as People Magazine’s sexiest man alive, or to celebrate Tracee Ellis Ross as People’s Choice Fashion Icon.

As if on cue, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson joked that he’s not ready to concede the ‘sexiest man’ title. It’s something he won a few years ago. But People magazine editors say going into each year’s final selection they give thought to what the world wants and needs at that point and who’s bringing sexy back.

Jordan and Ross add style, looks and mojo to showbiz like the king and queen they are. Their pre-Hollywood careers helped set them up for making waves today. At first, Ross worked in the fashion magazine industry and credits her mom, Diana Ross a fashion icon herself, in forging her dreams.

But maybe it’s also the way they engage the consciousness of fans that adds to their mainstream appeal. Whether it’s with the diversity rider in hiring talent at his production company, or supporting #MeToo initiatives in her off-screen roles, they inspire us to strive and arrive with:  

  • Clout

Ross has her own, even though she could have gotten some from mom. It’s a matter of how she builds-up reputation which takes time to turn into clout. In the early part of your career, reputation follows you. But in later years when reputation goes before you, that means it’s been built up with its own track record.        

  • Chops

Jordan and Ross have developed their acting chops for primetime in a way that attracts large audiences. It’s in how they bring to life a character and bring character to life. That’s also been true for their career success. It’s about bringing to work a skillset and bringing a skillset to their life’s work.        

  • Calling

Clearly, the acting and biz side of things aren’t all that they’re about. They are often very vocal when it comes to social justice issues. Calling for them is seen not as a call to self-service but to higher service. While for some Calling might have a religious feel, it’s really about connecting with humanitarian zeal.   

  • Culture

Some might drool, swoon or even lust for their presence, but their impact is in what they do for the culture. They seem to cause a wake-up, level-up, serve-up, rise-up effect on people. Some celebs might impact us in one or two of these areas. But they don’t let things go to their heads as they keep it real.     

It’s hard to imagine that the Red Carpet will be back for the Grammys. Plus, word is that the holidays are going to be much different this year with Covid-19 taking its toll on gatherings. But if we can hold on a bit longer while using time wisely, we can come out on the other side shining a little brighter.        

Tip: The ladder of success has rungs that take you from skillset to your best yet.

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Tracks: Common – The Light – https://youtu.be/OjHX7jf-znA

Brand Nubian – Don’t Let it Go to Your Head – https://youtu.be/500F9W1qku8

Ice Cube Wants to Start a Pro League, Tracee Ellis Ross Wants to Make a Confession #BigTimeUniversity

#BigTimeUniversity – “Small Talk, Street Dreams, Next Level”

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (Old-School Flava)

Folks are still talking about the first full weekend in 2017. Some Hollywood A-listers did it up from coast to coast. There was the big bash with the Obamas in D.C. and the big splash at the Golden Globes. In between it all, Ice Cube said he wants to start a pro league while Tracee Ellis Ross makes a confession.

In her Globes speech she said for Black-ish “It is an honor to be on this show..and to show the magic and the beauty and the sameness of a story and stories that are outside of where the industry usually looks.” Cube & Ross have a new year’s gameplan ‘start now:’ take your swag out the bag and head out the sand.

Ross was excited as a first-timer at the Golden Globes, first time nominated and attended. She won Best Actress in a Television Series Comedy. The last time that happened for a ‘sista’ was with Debbie Allen in 1983. So ‘last time’ doesn’t always mean last ever and ‘never before’ doesn’t always mean not possible.

So Cube’s excited about a 3-on-3 pro basketball league. According to USA Today he said “I started to look at three-on-three basketball and wondered, ‘Why isn’t this played on a pro level?’” That’s how ideas start. Plus, when you look for oil under the sand you might strike gold or for gold below the rocks find oil.

He also said “It’s the most normal form of basketball. And from there it was like, ‘Yo, why don’t we make this happen?’” This is major and he hopes to have it up-and-running by June. So for 2017 Ross tells folks no more drama or same ol’ mistakes as a ‘Stargirl.’ Cube tells folks no more half-stepping as a ‘Starboy.’

Groove-Track: Doug E. Fresh – Keep Rising to the Top – https://youtu.be/pw4Ub613UV8

Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (New-School Flava)

Folk still are a talking. First full weekend of ‘17 rocking. Hollywood A-listers did it up. From coast to coast non-stop. The Obamas D.C. big bash. Then the Golden Globes a big splash. In between Ice Cube made news. With idea he done fuse. For pro-league snack concessions. While Tracee Ellis makes confessions.

In Globes speech she made clear. Award makes for a great year. Proud to be on Black-ish show. Where magic and cultural beauty flow. Sameness in a story told. Greatness in stories bold. Outside of where industry looks. For padding revenue books. A gameplan to go ‘start now.’ What it takes to bring your wow.

Ross excited as first-timer. Among others she’s a Hot Stepper. First time to be nominated. Just as well as attended. Won Best Actress in TV Comedy nod. Under her breath it was like ‘Thank God.’ Last time Debbie Allen took the spot. Was when a sista had the lot. ‘Never before’ or ‘last time’ doesn’t mean a dot.

So Cube’s forming anew. 3-on-3 pro league about due. Looked around and wondered why. Then started aiming for the sky. That’s how ideas get started. Then sweetened and biz-coated. When looking for oil under sand. It’s all a stroke of the hand. Looking for gold below the rocks. It’s how you up your stocks.

Cube thinks it’s just normal stuff. Getting it going might be tough. Wants to make it happen then. Counting backwards from a ten. May be up-and-running by June. Hopes that’s not a bit too soon. So for 2017 Ross shares some heart. While Cube wants no more half-stepping start. To play your ‘Starboy, Stargirl’ part.


Tip: A new year’s resolution is a reminder to bring your ‘Starboy, Stargirl’ potential to the big stage.

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Groove-Tracks: Mary J. Blige – No More Drama – https://youtu.be/em328ua_Lo8

The Weeknd – Starboy – https://youtu.be/qtEqEhdRc5s

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Tracee Ellis Ross Gets Honorary Degree That’s Good for Brains, Beauty, Ballers, Beats – #WUWECAST

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

It’s that time where people get to celebrate and elevate. A lot’s going on from the recording studio to the basketball court to the college halls. Taylor Swift is selling-out records. Stephen Curry is turning-out shots. And Tracee Ellis Ross gets an honorary degree. It’s all good for brains, beauty, ballers and beats.

Ross was ecstatic about the honor from her alma mater Brown University. She was among six alums who’ve ‘got game’ in their own fields. Her honorary doctorate degree was given because of her “grace, talent and strong sense of self, passion for self-expression, and pushing the boundaries of imagination.”

That’s true for Ross, the co-star of Black-ish on ABC. It might even carryover to others whose greatness is tied to the fact that they got goals. Just ask the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers who’re expected to meet in the NBA finals. Their sheer will and determination is nothing to hate but appreciate.

Curry returned to the court in game 4 of the Western Conference finals after a scary fall. Lebron James stayed on the court in game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals while battling fatigue and leg cramps. For Curry, James and others with next level dreams, it’s all about where their ‘A-game’ meets their ‘B-side.’

Taylor Swift from her recent Billboard Awards coronation is one of the hottest music artists right now. Stephen Curry’s got a champion’s heart after being named regular season MVP. For Ross, her honorary promotion to Ph.D. long after her own graduation is one that now allows her to be called Dr. Ross!

Groove-Track: Alicia Keys – ‘Empire State of Mind’ – https://youtu.be/iYmmh9zkpQM

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Time for winners to celebrate. As rising stars get to elevate. Lot’s going on from the recording studio. College halls and b-ball courts in the barrio. Taylor Swift albums got the hots. Stephen Curry making impossible shots. Tracee Ellis Ross with honorary degree feat. Good for brains, beauty, ballers and beat.

Ross ecstatic about recent honor. Given by Brown University her alma mater.  Among six other alums who’ve ‘got game.’ In their own fields they’ve made a name. Honorary doctorate not at all about race. But for strong sense of self, talent and grace. Passion for putting imagination in its right place.

True for Ross, co-star of ABC’s Black-ish. And those masters of their own fetish. Might carryover to greatness on display. Tied to goals that will expire in May. Ask the Warriors or Cavaliers as expected rivals. Since they’re about to reach the NBA finals. Sheer will and determination simply crucial.

Curry returned to court in game four. Hoping to even the score. James stayed on court in game 3. Battling fatigue, leg cramps and making a plea. For Curry and others with next level dreams. It means playing ball like past championship teams. Where their ‘A-game’ meets their ‘B-side.’ And fans get to enjoy the ride.

Swift gets latest Billboard’s coronation. One of the hottest in music compilation. Stephen Curry can relate to music’s pop. As NBA regular season MVP he’s on top. So Ross gets promotion to Ph.D. rank. Nothing to do with sales in the bank. Now called Dr. Ross in some circles. Long after her graduation chronicles.

tracee ellis ross

Tip: When ‘A-game’ meets ‘B-side’ it lets you close your eyes and enjoy the ride.
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Groove-Tracks: Alicia Keys – Mark Steele – ‘Greatness’ – https://youtu.be/AyguCQLzkaw

Gyptian – ‘Beautiful Lady’ –   https://youtu.be/F5JPxcypzHY

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