Ciara, Oprah, Their First-Name Status and The Big Rollout to Leave a Mark on the Marketplace with a Big Payback


Seems like the Spring season kicked-off with so many events for us to go all out. The March Madness frenzy is in full effect where fans get to raise the noise as teams raise their level of play. There was also a Michelle Obama sighting as she returned to her book tour to an arena fill with 18,000 guests.

Recording artist Ciara was in the house along with a few other big-time players in sports and showbiz. Not to be outdone, Oprah made a grand appearance at the Apple launch of their latest tech project. She says they’re partnering to leave the world a little bit smarter, kinder and better than they found it.

Ciara and Oprah with their first-name status and the big rollout, are looking to leave their mark on the marketplace. That’s not some new feeling/fad that’s got them pitching a ‘pie in the sky’ idea. It’s really them connecting with folks in ways that excite new ventures in technology along with hopes and dreams.

Outside of those times Ciara gets to shake, bounce and pop in music she’s giving talks to industry/sports groups on the challenges of life-role balance. Beyond those times Oprah gets to share content, impact culture and deliver entertainment, she’s big on spreading ‘aha moments’ to rev-up life.


What we see with them points back to times they took a chance, made a shift, or set a goal to stretch them from where they were to where they could be. This latest effort with Apple is one Oprah is gushing about. It gives her another way to show that achieving fulfillment in career and life is in how we affect:

  1. The Game

This takes some passion. For Oprah it started with her doing the local news. Her passion was working in journalism. Then she made the shift to hosting her own talk show which changed the game as we knew it. Oprah and Ciara show that passion is in how we master the game and how we level-up the career field.

  1. The People

Most folks remember the Oprah show episode when she said these words: “you get a car, you get a car, err’body gets a car.” That was one of those moments where she did something special for the audience. She’s been doing that not only with financial gifts but also serving in ways guided by a sense of purpose.


  1. The World

Ciara’s fans love her music and how she celebrates sexy. It sure lights-up the faces of many a guy and girl. Oprah says her calling is as a kind of teaching guru. That’s why she’s revamping her book club. She uses it to bring light to the world and maybe has a big payback by making God look good in the process.

  1. The Times

Along with her professional duties, Ciara is busy being a mom. She’s helping her kids get through their times-table so they can multiply faster. But Oprah chooses to multiply numbers faster with vision, passion and mission to affect millions. That’s how they and other major players affect the times and the ages.

Ciara and Oprah give us inspiring notes on how fulfillment means having our whole-self matter in the best ways possible. Not everybody gets to have first-name status in pop culture. But they do, maybe because they’re loved for what they represent and how they affect the game, the people, the world and the times.

Tip: There’s no greater sense of fulfillment from making a difference than how we bring love to affect the game, the people, the world and the times.

Talkback: Ready to get your game on, excite the people and impact the world for all times?

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Rihanna & Steve Harvey on How Doing Great Work Takes More Than Just Winning at Awards Shows


No matter how you feel about the recent Emmys, it’s safe to say the stars came out before night. The pre-show gets folks ‘spilling some tea’ or flashing some skin. The fashion runway is where some go to work. It’s also where some come to play. But doing great work is more than just winning at awards shows.

Think about Rihanna and her philanthropic efforts. She’s bringing attention and resources to the issue of global education. She’s putting a spotlight on places around the world where getting an education is less a right and more a luxury option. She hopes to train-up a ‘schooled generation.’

Recently Steve Harvey and his wife got props for social media posts of their grandchildren showing some home training. The Harvey’s were sure to give credit to the kids’ parents. The clips became a ‘cheek pinch’ moment that might even be seen some time later in a segment on his daytime TV show.


Their efforts remind us of the steps that are involved to train-up as a child or as an adult. Plus, there’s a difference between how we train-up for a job and how we level-up for a great performance. It’s as if life has an Act I with formal educational training and an Act II of more informal training that’s ongoing.

Rihanna made a similar point in a recent Op-ed article where she talked about her education experience in Barbados. But she’s also grateful for the global education she’s gotten from traveling the world through music. For them, great work and ‘hustle love’ is in travelling the 4-corners of success by way of:

  1. The Dream – and how gifts let you pop

In his book Harvey talks about discovering your gifts. A gift is like your secret sauce, your magic potion, your hidden gem. How gifts work is like popcorn. Each kernel has a pocket of water. As the temperature rises it becomes steam which makes the kernel pop. As your energy kicks-in, gifts let you rise & pop.

  1. The Calling – and how hope lets you shine

Oftentimes ‘calling’ is seen as a ‘church’ thing. But really calling comes in grades just like colors come in shades. Sometimes professional, sometimes spiritual. More generally for Rihanna and Harvey, it’s the true essence for which before they were born they were equipped to be a lighthouse to the world.

  1. The Purpose – and how heart-string lets you care

It seems like Rihanna is expanding her global outreach with a greater sense of purpose. Purpose for her might be to raise-up kids with broader educational opportunities. Purpose for Harvey might be to train-up young boys into manhood. In other words, purpose is about how they serve some earthly good.

  1. The Flow – and how love-force lets you go

Imagine if the ocean had no current, what would make it go? If your home had no electricity, what would make your devices go? Well love-force is like current and electricity. It lets you go. And whether the going for Rihanna and Harvey is about ‘hustle love’ at work or play it lets them move and groove.

Rumor has it Rihanna’s working on her next project. Some say it’s gonna to be reggae-strong. Time will tell. In the meantime, she’s busy putting her passion to work in other ways. Who knows what Harvey’s got up his sleeves. But as they travel the 4-corners of success they get to level-up their name and their game.

Tip: Successful people use GPS as their ‘Go-to Positioning System’ to get things poppin’ and rollin’ for a great performance at work.

Talkback: Was the Emmys a hit or a miss? Was there a ‘cheek pinch’ moment?

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T.I. Took a Step Back, Ciara took a Step Up; How Tomorrows ‘Hot Steppers’ Take Strides #BigTimeUniversity

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Is the ‘mannequin challenge’ blowing-up on social media? It’s the new craze after Halloween and before Thanksgiving. So Ciara might be getting ready now that she’s Revlon’s Global Ambassador. But it’s the ‘big brother challenge’ that’s got T.I. talking. They show us how tomorrows Hot Steppers take strides.

After Lil Wayne’s comments in a TV interview T.I. wrote “You have to get outta that bubble that you’ve been living in & get out here & educate yourself on what’s going on around US!!!” T.I. took a step back and Ciara took a step up to be on point. It’s the best way to move your game from learning to leading.

It’s as if TI’s message to Wayne was “bro it’s ok to get jiggy with it, but after a while you gotta get woke.” That’s true for breaking out of any kind of bubble. It’s a case of Weezy getting to see that you don’t have to know everything. But even while flexing his rap game he gotta know something about something.

Ciara is making her beauty pay and T.I. is making things plain. He’s pouring out his soul before it gets old. It’s like the elevator ride going from the ground floor to the penthouse. Somewhere along the lines you’re gonna get lifted. T.I knows to reach the top spot or stay red hot also means getting others lifted.

Weezy came clean on how the reporter’s question got under his collar. He apologized for the crazy answer, taking the road to a better man. Things are happening for Ciara too. She hopes to keep burning up the music charts. It won’t hurt if her market appeal keeps rolling in style which is sure to feel good.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Seems ‘mannequin challenge’ taking off quick. On social media the best place to stick. New craze after Halloween fright night. And Before Thanksgiving dinner bite. Ciara getting ready now. As Revlon’s Global Ambassador wow. ‘Big brother challenge’ got T.I. talking. As Hot Steppers taking strides and balling.

After Lil Wanye’s big reveal. TV interview on Nightline for real. T.I. saying dude it’s ok to be the sh**. But looks like Wayne’s gotta get out a bit. To educate himself beyond the studio. On what’s happening outside Hip-Hop rodeo. A step back or step up to make a point. Best way to learn & lead without the joint.

As if T.I. wants Wayne to know. Getting ‘jiggy’ is cool but get with the flow. After a while gotta get woke. Since life in the streets ain’t no joke. True for breaking-out the ‘made it’ bubble. And not getting lost in stink rubble. Don’t have to know e’rthing in full. But gotta know something about something for more pull.

Ciara keeps making her beauty pay. And T.I. making things plain his way. Pouring out soul before things get old. While the iron’s still hot not cold. Like elevator going from ground floor. To penthouse with double door. Gotta get lifted to the spot. Also getting other lifted to stay hot.

Weezy came clean like a scholar. Reporter’s question got under his collar. Apologized for the crazy things he said. Taking road to being a better man instead. Things happening for Ciara too. She’s happy with Russell her boo. Hopes to keep climbing music charts. Sending ‘feel good’ vibes with kisses and hearts.


Tip: Tomorrow’s Hot Steppers take strides to get in the flow or move closer to making the doe.

Talkback: So has the dust settled between T.I. and Weezy?

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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST