Chadwick Boseman and Beyoncé: Their Personal Expressions for How Hopes and Dreams Can Find the Path to Greatness

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The Year of ‘Got Shine?’
Where The Things You Know and How You Flow Bring More Star Power for Sure


The anticipation is building for the next release from MCU – Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s the latest Super Hero character known as the Black Panther. Lots of celebs got to see the first screening in person. The reviews have been filled with superlatives as if it’s a preview for going from block to blockbuster.

Then of-course there’s Beyoncé and her Grammy-chic appearance. She wasn’t up for any awards but as usual made an iconic fashion statement. Boseman plays the role of king in the upcoming movie. Beyoncé rocks the title of queen in pop culture. But it’s their personal expressions that deliver creative excellence.

The Black Panther storyline has themes that make each character’s greatness come alive. Whether it’s in action-moves of a super hero, amazing plays in the Superbowl or breakthroughs on the field of dreams, the path to greatness comes alive in two success modes, Lifestyle and Lifetrack. They make things pop.

Boseman and Beyoncé have used these on the path to greatness. For Boseman it’s taken a few roles that weren’t crossover but were a stepping stone. For Beyoncé, it’s in her creative relevance and how she goes from ‘nothing to something’ artistically. Their amazing work sends chills or makes you wanna chill.


Who they are, what they do and how they flow are the sum total of how they express themselves. It’s the combination of their creative excellence and creative relevance that make them special. When things come together it’s like magic which might explain how their success keeps rising to the ceiling.

Over the years my dream has gone through a few climbs from sun-up to sun-down. Feedback from others has helped to tighten things up. The magic for writing this blog has gone from good to better. But the playbook that Boseman & Beyoncé have used on becoming their best seems to go something like this:

  1. Conceive and go from zero to breakout move.

Boseman and Beyoncé have different stories for how they’ve built their movie/music careers. One thing common to both is first seeing themselves doing what they’re doing now. They conceived it in their minds-eye and visualized it in their imaginations. Then after a while, things went from zero to breakout move.

  1. Believe and go from a ‘nobody’ to a rising ‘somebody.’

The space between what they visualized and what they delivered is in how they believed in themselves and in what’s possible. This helped Beyoncé go from singing in her living room to performing on the world stage. Not every dream goes that big. But dreams take you from a ‘nobody’ to a rising ‘somebody.’

  1. Achieve and go from bottom-stack to top-rack.

Every time you achieve something there’s usually a lesson and a lift. The lesson comes from looking at the ups and downs to get there. The lift comes from seeing where you are compared to where you once were. Maybe that’s why Boseman’s big screen roles and Beyoncé’s showbiz journey are so exciting.

  1. Receive and go from nomination to coronation.

Beyond the obvious star power, some think the movie should get nominations for the creative costumes, special effects or music soundtrack. Well just like in the movies, character development and creative genius have meant a lot to Boseman and Beyoncé. It’s taken them from nomination to coronation.

We celebrate them for making us want to sing, dance or feel like kings and queens. We emulate them in striving to better our game or biggup our name. Their hopes and dreams have found the path to greatness not by chance but by a playbook for creative brilliance that has helped make them famous.

Tip: Creative brilliance in your career grind and life dreams needs creative excellence to make you awesome and creative relevance to make you special.

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Lebron James and Angela Bassett Let Their Guards Down To Bump Their Sizzle Up #BigTimeUniversity

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Lebron James and actress Angela Bassett have been given new crowns. Bassett will debut next month as the first female character in the Rainbow Six Siege video game. James was a crowd favorite for his Halloween costume as Prince. It seems James and Bassett let their guards down to bump their sizzle up.

On movie roles she tells Huff Post “When someone is open enough to show their vulnerability, it gives others the strength and courage to show theirs. It’s not always all about power or the roar.” That’s how the best & brightest use their ‘creative bone’ or act as a superstar clone to shine on the greatness stage.

As he works to be more and do more on the court James shows how to ‘lose yourself.’ He flexes his creative muscle by fast-breaking in his lane. Other times it’s an alter-ego role that’s like fun for the soul. Bassett says playing Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to do with it was the most fulfilling yet most difficult.

To dress-up as Prince, James had to take-off his high top sneakers and put on a jerry-curl wig. To step-up as Tina Turner, Bassett had to walk in the shoes of a person who felt beat-down and un-loved. But the more they’re true to form in their role as athlete or actress, the more they experience the sweet spot.

‘Top 10 Weekly’ says James won’t get an Oscar or Grammy any time soon. But Prince gave him props for keeping it real. It’s not every day a 6ft-9 superstar is seen air-playing the guitar. We look-up to them as role models in their game because they come ready to be in the flow and put on a show.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Lebron James and Angela Bassett big in their towns. These days they’ve been given new crowns. She debuts next month as first-time chick. In Rainbow Six Siege video-game flick. James a Halloween fav in Prince hair and flash. Letting their guards down to bump up sizzle and cash.

Bassett says her vulnerability is key. People see what they get and get what they see. Gives strength and courage for others to be. Open enough to show their humanity. Not always all about power and might. Or roar of a street fight. Best and brightest use ‘creative bone.’ Shine on greatness stage as superstar clone.

He just works to be and do more. As he keeps raising his box score. Shows how to ‘lose yourself’ is good. On the court or in the ‘hood. Flexes creative muscle in fast-break lane. With dunks that’s on another plane. Other times in alter-ego role. It’s like fun for the soul. Bassett as Tina Turner her most fulfilled poll.

James as Prince in taking-off high top shoes. Bassett as Turner in relationship blues. His act meant wearing a jerry-curl wig. Hers meant needing a hole to dig. But being true to form in their showbiz game. Is what helps make them a household name. They experience the ‘sweet spot’ almost the same.

‘Top 10 Weekly’ says no for James reaching the moon. Or for Oscars and Grammys anytime soon. Prince gave props for keeping it real. A sense for how others did feel. Not every day we see a 6ft-9 superstar. Rocking-out on his air-guitar. They come ready to be in the flow. And set to put on their best show.


Tip: Shining on the greatness stage takes creativity that moves us closer to hitting the sweet spot.

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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST