Shakira & J-lo Bring a Wide Skill-Set as Two High Performing Stars in Music & Showbiz


College athletes ‘bout to get paid! Well, it’s not happening tomorrow or this season. But it’s set to kick-in after a while in California with the new law signed by the Governor. Not everyone is happy with this new shift in sports marketing. Time will tell if fans think the players deserve to get a slice of the gametime pie.

While that works itself out, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez ‘bout to cash-in too. They’ll be the Superbowl’s halftime show headliners. It’s a first for both and a first for two Latin-infused artists to perform together. We can reasonably expect to see lots of shakes, rattles and rolls across the dance stage.

Some wonder if one really needed the other for this premier event. Both have similar backgrounds and achievements in the music biz, selling around 75 million records. They can sing in English, Spanish and Spanglish if it comes to that. They’ve both had their own world tours and soldout performances.


What’s special here is that their musical medley could include a vast array of hits from hip hop, reggaeton, pop, R&B and Latin flava. What’s even more special is how they next-level their skillset as two high performing stars in music and showbiz. Their list of awards is too long to unpack right this minute.

Shakira with her belly dancing chops and Jlo with her Hustler movie role could bring a new level of sexy sizzle to the big show. Whether singing, dancing, acting or just sky-walking in the air, they’re ready to fulfill a dream that’s a long time coming. Their star power is an example of what it takes to be:

  1. Brand Conscious

Everybody knows sex sells in showbiz. But business savvy has taken them all the way to the bank. Jlo’s made her share of pop culture dollaz across music, movies, TV and consumer fragrance products. You get the sense that if they could find a way to be ‘brand conscious’ with dirt, they’d collect there too.

  1. Body Conscious

They’ve been known to use their bodies to tease male fans. Some people have a way to ‘fit it’ and others have a way to ‘flaunt it.’ It’s a case where fitness alone doesn’t make them hot in showbiz. These ladies are body conscious with it to the point where they know how to bring a swish and a swash.

  1. Socially Conscious

There’re two women Jlo admires, not so much for their ‘swish and swash’ but for their socially conscious dash. One is the notorious RBG – Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the other Michelle Obama. It’s the kind of socially conscious appeal she hopes to have, not as a duplicate but as a ‘Jenny from the block’ original.

  1. Style Conscious

It takes style conscious swag for folks to be so attracted to what they’re wearing. Imagine the number of outfit changes they’ll make during the performance? It only takes removing layer after layer right down to skin and more skin. We might even see a few magazine front cover spreads in time for the big event.


Shakira is set to release the movie edition of her recent concert world tour. Jlo’s been getting Oscar buzz for her role in the Hustler movie. When these ladies bring it together it’s gonna be lots of hot momma ‘shaking and baking’ for the taking. If you know what I know, watchout for them wandering eyes. Hey ya!

Tip: Next-leveling your skillset is a good way for bringing high-performance hustle to the game and brand-conscious star power to your fame.

Talkback: Is college players getting paid a good thing and will it change the game?

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Here’s What it Took for Idris Elba and Jennifer Lopez to Raise Their On-the-Job ‘Hit’ Average to Become A-Listers in Showbiz


Just about a year ago many were excited about the wedding of the century. It was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle whose fairy tale story had Hollywood royalty in attendance. There were other close friends among those sharing the moment. Idris Elba was one of them and now he’s got next.

Then there was news that Jennifer Lopez said yes to Alex Rodriguez. Their public romance and recent engagement now put them on deck. Elba is set to tie the knot next month while for J-Rod it might not be too far out. Theirs could be the next wedding of the century for all the fashionista that would be there.


They’re clearly A-listers and have come a long way since their days behind the scenes. Elba remembers those times when acting roles were hard to come by. But after landing a gig on HBOs the wire, his market appeal began to rise. He’s got so may projects in the works that even Saturday Night Live came calling.

Both get high marks for building a brand around being a triple threat. They’ve put out music albums, starred in big screen movies and varying TV show roles. They share a kinda of hunger for their craft that keeps them on top of their game. It’s not something you can teach as it is that which makes them reach.

They are good at what they do. But they’re also good at the business of doing what they do. That’s the difference between being on top of your game and being a top performer in the game. It’s in how they’ve gone about raising their on-the-job ‘hit’ average to become A-listers that gives them an edge as:

  1. Creators

If you’ve ever had to make something from ‘scratch’ you know the feeling it brings. It’s an ‘inner genius’ feeling of accomplishment in going from nothing to something. That’s probably the feeling Lopez gets watching the many acts on her latest World of Dance episode. The performers are artistic dance creators.

  1. Producers

Elba would prob give props to Lopez who’s turning out projects on many artistic fronts. He’s looking at more than just acting roles to add to his ‘hit’ list. He started a production company to develop projects around his other passions. That means turning his creative genius into a broader development process.

  1. Promoters


Not many people knew that Elba was the DJ at Harry’s wedding. He says he got the job after working as a DJ at prior events for Harry’s Dad’s (Prince Charles) social events. As if life’s imitating art, now Elba is promoting his new comedy project on Netflix based on a struggling DJ who becomes a male nanny.

  1. Collaborators

Beyond their many production efforts, the big-time success has also come from working as collaborators. Lopez shows what that looks like with the judging panel of her show. She’s teamed up with other showbiz players to make the overall production even more widely appealing.

We’re yet to see what will come when Lopez and A-Rod join forces not just as a family but as an enterprise. For Elba, maybe there’s something in his future like the James Bond franchise that would bring together creators, producers, promoters and collaborators on a project to light it up!

Tip: Creators and producers are good at what they do. They become like promoters and collaborators by being good at the business of doing what they do.

Talkback: Will J-lo and A-Rod put on the next wedding of the century?

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Steph Curry and Jennifer Lopez Give Fans the Best Feeling for Stepping-up Their Game and Living Their Best Life


Lots of celebrations getting ready to happen over the next couple weeks. The office parties will have a little more ‘workplace buzz’ than usual. In college sports, the Heisman Trophy winner will be announced. But another winner, 9-year-old Riley Morrison, recently got the attention of NBA star Steph Curry.

She wrote a letter to Curry asking why she couldn’t find his sneakers in girls’ sizes. After making a quick check with the manufacturer, he got back to his young fan with great news. His response was good enough for helping her get those shoes. But he also threw in a few surprises that made for a nice story.

Another kind of story, maybe a ‘second act’ version, is what we see in the latest project by Jennifer Lopez. Lopez might say it’s never too late to bounce-back from a breakup or get a breakthrough after a setback. Curry and Lopez give fans the best feeling for stepping-up their game and living their best life.


Whether it’s the letter from Curry or lessons from Lopez on living your dreams, they know what it means to be on a winning team or star in the show. There’re some things you might have to do more of. There’re some things you might have to do less of. And there’re some things you might have to do ‘more or less.’

Curry wanted his young fan to see in real time that he heard her concern. He took a few steps to make it right. And he gave her more reason to work on her game. But even beyond the playing court, the office or the workplace of the day, Curry’s letter was good advice for young and old on how to:

  1. Fear less

Someone once said “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” Curry saw that in his young fan. Clearly, basketball is a major love for her. It probably fires-up her world. Why wouldn’t you fear less when something you love lights-up your soul, brings heat to your game and energy to your grind?

  1. Limit less

So what Curry did was have his shoe company update the website to show ‘boys’ sizes versus ‘girls’ sizes. That small change took the limits off who could order those shoes. Curry wanted her to see that if they can take those limits off the website, she can also take any limits off what she could achieve.

  1. Dream more

Lopez might see herself in that little girl. She’s been in showbiz from the TV screen to the Hollywood side of things. Her latest project reminds us that when we dream more good things can happen. Curry sent a similar message to Riley in his letter by giving her first-dibs on the next release of his sneaker line.

  1. Party more

He even invited her to a special Women’s Day celebration next year. He plans to have her attend the event and maybe even get prime seats at a home game. They say no good deed goes unpunished. But Curry’s good deed will likely light a bigger fire for his young fan to go on and celebrate even more.

Some might say there’s no party like a holiday party. Curry’s seen a few parties in recent years as back-to-back NBA champ. Lopez has gotten quite a few awards across film, music and television. She knows a good party makes the journey more fun. They’re ‘game’ about having no limits and living their best life.

Tip: When it comes to living your best life, those who fear less tend to dream more and those who limit less tend to party more.

Talkback: How’d you feel if Curry or Lopez singled you out for a party invitation?

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Serena Williams, Jennifer Lopez: Found Love on a Two-Way Street and New Dreams on the Big Stage


The baseball World Series is here and fans are psyched. Often seen as America’s pastime, the players look forward to starring in their October surprise. Those times can be some of the most excitement-filled highlights in sports. They leave a lasting feeling of working, playing and rising to the occasion.

Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez are two ladies who have a knack for big moments. Recently, they’ve found love on a two-street and keep striving for new game & dreams on the big stage. Williams found hers giving birth to her first child. She’s also looking to return to the pro tennis circuit early next year.


Word is J-Lo’s making plans to move in with former baseball slugger A-Rod. After organizing fundraising efforts for Puerto Rico’s hurricane relief, she’s ready to share more love and affection at home. With Williams it’s a focus at home and on the court while for Lopez it’s one of taking care of home and abroad.

When you think about their rise up the ranks it’s on different career tracks. But they might share similar things about achieving new game at work, play and the everyday. Plus, they know when you dare to dream you learn the greatest lessons from having more empowering moments in the daily grind of life.

It’s the kind of aha you might get from watching an Oprah Super Soul Sunday. She’s good on interviewing guests who help us bring more awareness from things we go through. What you’ll find common in those stories as well as that of Williams and Lopez is how they impress with talent and express with gift.

People have been following the journeys of Williams and Lopez from the streets of Compton and blocks of the Bronx. As they found their ‘it’ factor they developed talent into their ‘hit factor.’ Williams became a star on the tennis court. Lopez as a performer became more than just eye-candy on TV & movie screens.

Where their current work is taking them now is to a new level in ‘grand – slam – glam’ for social causes they champion. From a Super Soul viewpoint it’s creating personal/professional flow in the work you do as a calling, on purpose and with passion. This raises your degree of shine as you express with your gift.

In my own ‘journey of love’ at home and in biz I realized why calling, purpose and passion help us make a difference. Think of ‘calling’ as the way you make ‘Big G-o-d’ look good. Purpose is how you serve some earthly good. And passion is how you ‘do you’ as people say about Williams or Lopez ‘damn she’s good!’

Said one way, “you can’t get much more ‘gooder’ than that!” It’s how we reach towards being our best self. On the tennis court Serena brings passion in every swing. On the recent telethon we watched J-Lo bring purpose to the relief efforts. And in serving with their presence or essence they reflect true calling.

Williams and Lopez know the importance of working on their game. Fans at the recent Brooklyn concert saw Lopez perform on stage in full-effect mode. Seeing Williams back on the court again will sure be exciting from watching her juices flow. Rising to the occasion can come with such memorable moments.

Tip: Some of the most empowering moments in the daily grind come from how we impress with our talents and express with our gifts.

Talkback: What about J-Lo for the Superbowl halftime show?

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Tyler Perry, Taraji P. Henson Turn Early Days on the Block to Praise that Pays as a Brand #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Hollywood loves the Golden Globes! The stars shine in full whether as household names or new to the game. Nominees wear their finest threads with fans falling head over heels. There’re those like Tyler Perry and Taraji P. Henson who’ve turned their early days on the block into praise that pays as a brand.

A recent headline on Perry in Vulture magazine said “The brand that keeps Oprah in business. He doesn’t care what the critics think of his work because his audience always finds it.” Perry and Henson represent the real deal and real cookie, making it in business for who they serve and who they deserve.

His TV show Haves and Have Nots is OWN’s highest rated and was the third highest scripted show on cable last summer. It’s a long way from his first stage play that wasn’t well received. His dream wasn’t derailed by doubt even-though business was in a drought. Six years later the play finally found success.

They’ve carved-out their own lanes in showbiz. Expanding from those early days on the block to their current brand identity has been a lot like selling groceries. If fruits were their brand then type of fruit would be their lane. A bigger audience they now reach but a certain niche is their sweet spot and favorite peach.

Henson who won for Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama was also named USA Today’s Entertainer of the Year. Time named Cookie Lyon most influential character in 2015. So cream rises to the top and Perry’s story reminds us that the more people you help go from obscurity, the more people achieve job security.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

H’wood loves to rock the Globes hard! Folks screaming celebs from their backyard. Stars shine whether as household name. Or recent player in the red carpet game. Wearing their finest threads for real. Fans falling head over heel. Tyler & Taraji two who’ve turned their early days. Into brand and praise that pays.

Recent headline on the e-news stand. Vulture magazine thinks Perry lifts Oprah’s brand. Not caring what the critics think. Sometimes their words just stink. To his peeps he always stays near. Feeling there’s nothing to fear. Perry and Henson knowing who they serve. Real deal real cookie for who they deserve.

His TV show Haves and Have Nots leads the way. With OWN’s highest ratings is what they say. The third best scripted on cable. Coming from his ATL program stable. Distant past of his first stage play. Wasn’t well received but that was OK. Six year later through the doubt. Finding success beyond the drought.

Carved-out their own lanes as newbies. Now they’re swamped with product freebies. Going from early days on the block. To major brand identity hard knock. A lot like selling fruit or bread. Their brand in market lane of their stead. A bigger audience they now reach. A certain niche their favorite peach.

Henson wins TV Series Best Actress. Ready to grow newest fortress. Named USA Today’s Entertainer of the Year. Cookie Lyon for Times’ most influential flare. Cream rises to the top yet again. As they look back and remember when. More people to go from obscurity. Means more people achieve job security.


Tip: The real deal in biz, on the block or in Hollywood is having a brand go from regular to spectacular.

Talkback: How does it feel seeing Perry and Henson keep it real by remembering where it all started?

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Jennifer Hudson and Star Wars Tell Fans to ‘Expect the Unexpected’ as Seen on Dream TV! #BigTimeUniversity

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

The farewell season of American Idol is here. Wannabes have come and gone as new stars emerged. Jennifer Hudson hopes to grace the stage before curtain close. Hudson and Idol had breakout success just like the Star Wars franchise. They tell fans to ‘expect the unexpected’ as seen on dream TV.

She’s in the Color Purple and said to Playbill “One night I was like, I don’t know if this is for my nerves. I don’t know if I can handle this….. But then, other nights, you feel like you could conquer the world.” These major players give us 2 reasons and 3 results for why 2016 will be a different kind of broken record.

It’s not that Hudson, Idol and Star Wars are in the same league. It’s that they’ve tapped-into their talent gene pool to release creative geniuses. Hudson won an Oscar for Dreamgirls and landed a Grammy for her singing chops. Now she could earn a Tony for her performance on Broadway’s Great White Way.

Her artistry shows us how creative genius gets released like the genie in a bottle. Think about the 70’s TV show ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ and how the master would make a request to the genie. The genie would blink and then the results appeared. Our creative genie flows from God, some goodness or groove in the heart.

Hudson shared with CBS New York her hopes for the new gig and new year saying “This is my first time ever playing a glamorous role and a light role, everything else has been really heavy, so it’s good to expand myself.” As with Star Wars, she knows when the force awakens in us we can reach new frontiers.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

American Idol ‘bout to wrap. Lots of shouts and loud hand clap. The wannabes have come and gone. Many stars have popped and dawned. Jennifer Hudson hopes to grace stage. Before curtain closes the final page. Hudson, Idol and Star Wars touched the sky. Telling fans ‘expect the unexpected’ don’t cry.

She’s in the Color Purple musical. Bringing her on-stage magical. Sometimes not sure if she can handle the nerves. While some stare at her shapely curves. Other nights feeling ready to conquer. By starting as an able victor. Major players with 2 reasons & 3 results. For why 2016 to change broken record tumults.

Not that Hudson, Idol and Star Wars at same level. Just that they give us something to revel. Tapping into their talent gene. Creative geniuses with a gangsta lean. Hudson won an Oscar for Dreamgirls flick. Also landed Grammy for debut album pick. Now poised to get a Tony on her Broadway shtick.

Artistry and genius in motion. Like genie in a bottle from the ocean. Think back to ’70s TV show. When ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ was a go. Her master makes a cool request. Then with a blink it appears in conquest. Our creative genie flows from the heart’s groove. And the God or goodness that makes you wanna move.

Hudson shares her hopes and dream. For the gig and new year theme. Her first time playing glamorous role. Others have come with darker soul. Light and fluffy to have some fun. Not really heavy like previous run. Good chance to expand on her showbiz cheers. As the force awakens us for new frontiers.


Tip: No matter the workplace or field of dream, creative genius is something great performers can stream.

Talkback: How have Hudson, Idol or Star Wars made a mark in pop culture and showbiz?

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Jennifer Hudson Has Turned ‘Singing in Church’ Into Star-Studded Stage Performances #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

The final season of American Idol hits TV screens in January. So Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban are on the road doing their star search. Thousands of wannabe’s have taken to the Idol stage. But it’s Jennifer Hudson who’s turned ‘singing in church’ into star-studded stage performances.

Hudson tells Glamour magazine “When I hear people say, ‘Jennifer Hudson, Oscar, Grammy winner,’ I’m like, Who are they talking about? That’s me? Certain things you can never really get used to.” She knows something about having the right mojo for handling setbacks in careers, brands and dreams.

Her journey on Idol did not end up how she might have originally hoped. She wasn’t among the finalists, having been booted from the show weeks earlier. Since then she’s had huge success in the big leagues. For her, it’s like being an undrafted athlete who goes on to earn MVP status in the championship game.

When she left Idol few (if any) saw her as a Grammy or Oscar winner. Her role in the movie Dreamgirls and her debut album sky-rocketed her acclaim. That’s the thing about being undrafted and having the right perspective. You feel a breakthrough coming even when others think it’s unexpected and uncharted.

Hudson endured the loss on the Idol stage. But it’s the loss of her mother, sister and nephew due to violence that was the hardest to bear. So she credits her son for not losing her sanity. Many see her as an undisputed rock in family and showbiz. Her success has included turning setbacks into comebacks.

Groove-Track: Gladys Knight – ‘Just a Little’ –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Final season of American Idol coming soon. Hits TV screens before being sent to the moon. J-lo, Harry and Keith getting set. For fans place their winning bet. Thousands made the star search page. And JHUD made it to main stage. From singing in church back in the day. To star-studded performances that pay.

Tells Glamour Magazine it’s hard to think. All that’s happened in a wink. Oscar, Grammy winner what they call her. Some things she just can’t believe for sure. “Who they talking ’bout” she wonders. And other things she kinda ponders. The right mojo for handling dreams. From setbacks to award-winning teams.

Journey on Idol wasn’t to the top. But that wasn’t her last stop. Getting booted earlier on the show. A stepping-stone to helping her grow. Having success in movies and music scores. In the big leagues is where she soars. It’s like being undrafted in name. And becoming MVP in championship game.

After Idol few saw her next move. But she got on the Oscar and Grammy groove. Role in Dreamgirls and debut album fame. Helped sky-rocket her in acclaim. That’s having the right perspective even if undrafted. A breakthrough’s coming though unexpected and uncharted.

Hudson endured loss on Idol that year. But later loss of mother, sister and nephew was hard to bear. Credits her son in keeping her sanity. Not getting caught-up in thoughts of vanity. Many see her as undisputed rock through the setbacks. A star in her family and showbiz from related comebacks.


Tip: Setbacks and comebacks are like a ‘before and after’ way of seeing success as ‘no pain, no gain.’

Talkback: Who’d you like to see make a return appearance on Idol’s final season?

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J.K. Rowling and Bethany Mota Used Social Media to Spill their Guts on Living the Dream – #WUWECAST

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Some of the big names in entertainment went from Vegas to New York. First they watched the big fight on Saturday and then were at the Met Gala on Monday. Their private jets were parked on the runway ‘wing to wing.’  Meanwhile, J.K. Rowling and Bethany Mota have been spilling their guts on living the dream.

Rowling has been responding to her Twitter fans about characters on the Harry Potter series. She wishes she hadn’t dropped a few of them from the plot. She looks back on her own journey and might relate to words from Maya Angelou who once said “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story.”

This fits with how the Harry Potter series came into being. Rowling was stuck on a train during her commute and decided to start writing. After getting home she spent the next five years building the story. Since that travel delay Rowling has developed her unproven writing skill in creating a mega-force empire.

While for Rowling there was also the pain of depression, it was the pain of bullying that helped Mota forge ahead. She saw Youtube as a way of expressing herself through fashion, beauty and spreading hope to teens. If not for the support from family and friends they would otherwise have been unsung stars.

One of the more recent milestones for Rowling is the Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios in Orlando. She’s also released a novel and is working on a screenplay. Moto has a teen fashion line and a new music single. They’ve turned their pain into gain, skill into thrill and guts into glory.

Groove-Track: J-Lo – ‘Live it Up ft. Pitbull’ –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Some big names in entertainment. Went from Vegas to New York appointment. Watched the big fight from the front row. Then to the Met Gala for Monday show. Private jets parked ‘wing to wing.’ Fashion statements wearing ‘bling to bling.’ Meanwhile J.K. Rowling and Bethany Mota keep doing their thing.

Rowling responding to Twitter fans. About Harry Potter series and future plans. Wishes she hadn’t scratched a few. From the plot for others that are new. Looks back on her journey and might relate. To words from Maya Angelou’s slate. Saying there may be no greater agony. Than bearing an untold story.

Good point when one thinks about the series birth. And how much Rowling is now worth. After being stuck on a train commute. Decided to start writing, just couldn’t refute. Spent next five years building the content. So for some the books are heaven-sent. Turning unproven skills into dollars that pay the rent.

For Rowling there was pain from depression. For Moto a matter of bullying confession. Saw Youtube as a place of expression. Sharing fashion, beauty and memorable impression. Spreading hope to many a teen. Building brand and clothing line green. So if not for family and friends. May have had different ends.

Recent Rowling milestone that says bravo. Is Harry Potter ride in Orlando. Her writing pen’s ready for more pay. Having released a novel and screenplay. Moto with fashion line and new music single. With little time as a teenager to mingle. Pain into gain, skill into thrill. And guts into glory that’s their fill.


Tip: Winners know how to turn pain into gain, skill into thrill and guts into glory for a top story.
Talkback: So who really won the ‘fight of the century’ or was the best dressed at the Met Gala?
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Chaka Khan – ‘Keep Your Head Up’ –   

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Jennifer Lopez Has Mastered Her Brand of ‘Sex Appeal and Keeping it Real’

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

It seems like she’s everywhere! She’s an American Idol judge and can also be seen on the big screen. Her music sells in the millions getting radio airplay from coast to coast and on pop/latino stations. In between time she’s also a mom. J-Lo has mastered her brand of ‘sex appeal and keeping it real.’

Many might remember her early days as a ‘fly girl’ dancer on the variety show In Living Color. Because of her passion she’s gone on to sing, act and serve as a commercial product endorser. Some might understand passion in the space of getting ‘layed.’ But J-lo might also see it in the face of getting paid.

She has used her big break in showbiz to become an international icon. Over the years she’s had a few sour notes along the way. Her success is also seen in how she ‘packages her pain.’ She shares more in her memoirs, not to complain but to explain that mistakes don’t have to be criminal nor bad-breaks final.

In a recent interview she reflected on her days growing-up in the Bronx. On the corner she’s seen as ‘Jenny from the block.’ But with Madison Avenue advertisers she’s more like ‘Jenny the brand.’ Her success reflects how she has embraced her passion as well as her pain to realize major progress.

J-lo has raised her game to the point where her career has bounce-back-ability. Even with the setbacks in failed marriages or missed opportunities she’s still a hot commodity. She has spread her passion far and wide. Even through the pain she has gone from ‘around the way girl’ to her own dream world.


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

It seems like she’s everywhere! A main attraction let’s make that clear. American Idol Judge front and center. Also the big screen and fashionista. Music that sells in the millions across nations. Radio airplay coast to coast on pop/latino stations. J-lo known for sexy brand appeal. As much as for keeping it real.

Let’s flashback to her days as a ‘fly girl’ dancer. The variety show In Living Color was her answer. Using her passion to also sing, act and do much more. You’ve seen her pics at the department store. Some see passion in the space of getting ‘layed.’ But others like J-lo might see passion in the face of getting paid.

Rising in showbiz to international icon. J-lo knows about bringing home the bacon. A few sour notes along the way. Packaging her pain in what she has to say. Memoir wasn’t written just to complain. But in her wising-up to explain. That a mistake doesn’t have to be criminal. And bad breaks don’t have to be final.

Imagine before stardom she was a law clerk. These days she’s getting paid for her celebrity work. On the corner she’s ‘Jenny from the block’ when you shake her hand. But with Madison Avenue she’s more like ‘Jenny the brand.’ Success is in how she’s embraced passion and pain. To turn progress into major gain.

J-lo raised her game to new heights. Career bounce-back-ability took her to new flights. Even with setbacks, failed marriages and missed opportunity. She still has it going on as a hot commodity. Spreading her passion as an ‘around the way’ girl. Between the scripts and tips in her own dream world.


Tip: Bounce-back-ability is in maximizing your passion, packaging your pain, not to complain but explain.
Talkback: What does it take these days to have bounce-back-ability or become a hot commodity?
Groove-Tracks: Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) ‘I’m Real’ ft. Ja Rule – and Jennifer Hudson (J-HUD) ‘Walk it Out ft. Timbaland’ –

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