Breakout School: Jimmy Butler has Lessons to Teach and Taysom Hill Has New Heights to Reach


The Superbowl is behind us and the dust just ‘bout to settle on the halftime show. With two Latin divas on stage, let’s say it was for some ‘too hot to handle.’ They continue to rack-up views on Youtube even as Jlo reminds fans that the performance was more that just sizzle, it had some steak (message) as well.

While Taysom Hill and the New Orleans Saints didn’t make it to the big game, he’s considering what might be his next move. As a restricted free agent, he’s able to test the waters to see if any other team wants to sign him. At this stage he says he’s ready to be a starter as a franchise quarterback.


Jimmy Butler has been through this before as a basketball pro athlete. The last few seasons have seen him bounce around between Chicago, Minnesota, Philadelphia and now with the Miami Heat. Butler seems to have found his groove and is having a breakout performance as a franchise player.

Since Butler has been to ‘breakout school’ as a free agent, he may have something to teach. And since Hill is ready to be a starter, he has new heights he wants to reach. Hill hopes that a decision by Drew Brees on whether he’ll return for another season, will hopefully help to work out the details.

Butler’s been doing some soft recruiting to get Joel Embiid his former teammate, to join him. Maybe team chemistry isn’t working on the homecourt. But Hill doesn’t have that problem. Whichever way things playout with Butler’s court magic and Hill field presence, time at breakout school is spent building your:

  1. Genius

The thing that makes Hill special is his versatility. He’s played multiple positions on the field including quarterback, tight-end, wide receiver and kickoff return. Will that genius make him more marketable as a free agent? It depends on whether teams worry about him losing that edge if he became a starting QB.

  1. Flow

Hill was an undrafted player after college. He did tryouts for the Green Bay Packers but didn’t make the cut. Then the Saints pick him up for their squad which got him in the flow of the league. Sports commentators wonder if Hill will be like a Tim Tebow in terms of the impact he can have as a starter.

  1. Niche

Usually when a player gets traded like happened before to Butler, they’re bringing a certain skill set to a team. Sometimes it’s a one-for-one replacement and other times it might involve multiple players. It can be filling a position on the team or a niche in the game based on the value they bring to the mix.


  1. Bliss

Butler probably has spent time off-season and after practice working on his shot. He’s had to expand his game to boost his stats. For some players it’s about working on free-throw percentage. For others it might be a mid-range or three-point shot. The breakout seems to come when skill plus thrill bring more bliss.

Hill is hoping one way or another that he has a chance to prove himself. This might depend on whether Brees returns for another season or if Hill gets a shot as starter elsewhere. Whichever way the wind blows he’ll come to see like Butler that breakout school is learning how to bring the juice.

Tip: A breakout performance is about getting your chance to flow by building your strengths on the job, juice in the game and bliss for the fans.

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Shakira & J-lo Bring a Wide Skill-Set as Two High Performing Stars in Music & Showbiz


College athletes ‘bout to get paid! Well, it’s not happening tomorrow or this season. But it’s set to kick-in after a while in California with the new law signed by the Governor. Not everyone is happy with this new shift in sports marketing. Time will tell if fans think the players deserve to get a slice of the gametime pie.

While that works itself out, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez ‘bout to cash-in too. They’ll be the Superbowl’s halftime show headliners. It’s a first for both and a first for two Latin-infused artists to perform together. We can reasonably expect to see lots of shakes, rattles and rolls across the dance stage.

Some wonder if one really needed the other for this premier event. Both have similar backgrounds and achievements in the music biz, selling around 75 million records. They can sing in English, Spanish and Spanglish if it comes to that. They’ve both had their own world tours and soldout performances.


What’s special here is that their musical medley could include a vast array of hits from hip hop, reggaeton, pop, R&B and Latin flava. What’s even more special is how they next-level their skillset as two high performing stars in music and showbiz. Their list of awards is too long to unpack right this minute.

Shakira with her belly dancing chops and Jlo with her Hustler movie role could bring a new level of sexy sizzle to the big show. Whether singing, dancing, acting or just sky-walking in the air, they’re ready to fulfill a dream that’s a long time coming. Their star power is an example of what it takes to be:

  1. Brand Conscious

Everybody knows sex sells in showbiz. But business savvy has taken them all the way to the bank. Jlo’s made her share of pop culture dollaz across music, movies, TV and consumer fragrance products. You get the sense that if they could find a way to be ‘brand conscious’ with dirt, they’d collect there too.

  1. Body Conscious

They’ve been known to use their bodies to tease male fans. Some people have a way to ‘fit it’ and others have a way to ‘flaunt it.’ It’s a case where fitness alone doesn’t make them hot in showbiz. These ladies are body conscious with it to the point where they know how to bring a swish and a swash.

  1. Socially Conscious

There’re two women Jlo admires, not so much for their ‘swish and swash’ but for their socially conscious dash. One is the notorious RBG – Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the other Michelle Obama. It’s the kind of socially conscious appeal she hopes to have, not as a duplicate but as a ‘Jenny from the block’ original.

  1. Style Conscious

It takes style conscious swag for folks to be so attracted to what they’re wearing. Imagine the number of outfit changes they’ll make during the performance? It only takes removing layer after layer right down to skin and more skin. We might even see a few magazine front cover spreads in time for the big event.


Shakira is set to release the movie edition of her recent concert world tour. Jlo’s been getting Oscar buzz for her role in the Hustler movie. When these ladies bring it together it’s gonna be lots of hot momma ‘shaking and baking’ for the taking. If you know what I know, watchout for them wandering eyes. Hey ya!

Tip: Next-leveling your skillset is a good way for bringing high-performance hustle to the game and brand-conscious star power to your fame.

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Jennifer Lopez Has Mastered Her Brand of ‘Sex Appeal and Keeping it Real’

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

It seems like she’s everywhere! She’s an American Idol judge and can also be seen on the big screen. Her music sells in the millions getting radio airplay from coast to coast and on pop/latino stations. In between time she’s also a mom. J-Lo has mastered her brand of ‘sex appeal and keeping it real.’

Many might remember her early days as a ‘fly girl’ dancer on the variety show In Living Color. Because of her passion she’s gone on to sing, act and serve as a commercial product endorser. Some might understand passion in the space of getting ‘layed.’ But J-lo might also see it in the face of getting paid.

She has used her big break in showbiz to become an international icon. Over the years she’s had a few sour notes along the way. Her success is also seen in how she ‘packages her pain.’ She shares more in her memoirs, not to complain but to explain that mistakes don’t have to be criminal nor bad-breaks final.

In a recent interview she reflected on her days growing-up in the Bronx. On the corner she’s seen as ‘Jenny from the block.’ But with Madison Avenue advertisers she’s more like ‘Jenny the brand.’ Her success reflects how she has embraced her passion as well as her pain to realize major progress.

J-lo has raised her game to the point where her career has bounce-back-ability. Even with the setbacks in failed marriages or missed opportunities she’s still a hot commodity. She has spread her passion far and wide. Even through the pain she has gone from ‘around the way girl’ to her own dream world.


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

It seems like she’s everywhere! A main attraction let’s make that clear. American Idol Judge front and center. Also the big screen and fashionista. Music that sells in the millions across nations. Radio airplay coast to coast on pop/latino stations. J-lo known for sexy brand appeal. As much as for keeping it real.

Let’s flashback to her days as a ‘fly girl’ dancer. The variety show In Living Color was her answer. Using her passion to also sing, act and do much more. You’ve seen her pics at the department store. Some see passion in the space of getting ‘layed.’ But others like J-lo might see passion in the face of getting paid.

Rising in showbiz to international icon. J-lo knows about bringing home the bacon. A few sour notes along the way. Packaging her pain in what she has to say. Memoir wasn’t written just to complain. But in her wising-up to explain. That a mistake doesn’t have to be criminal. And bad breaks don’t have to be final.

Imagine before stardom she was a law clerk. These days she’s getting paid for her celebrity work. On the corner she’s ‘Jenny from the block’ when you shake her hand. But with Madison Avenue she’s more like ‘Jenny the brand.’ Success is in how she’s embraced passion and pain. To turn progress into major gain.

J-lo raised her game to new heights. Career bounce-back-ability took her to new flights. Even with setbacks, failed marriages and missed opportunity. She still has it going on as a hot commodity. Spreading her passion as an ‘around the way’ girl. Between the scripts and tips in her own dream world.


Tip: Bounce-back-ability is in maximizing your passion, packaging your pain, not to complain but explain.
Talkback: What does it take these days to have bounce-back-ability or become a hot commodity?
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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST