Dawn Staley and Lebron James: Fire-Brand Performers Who Push the Limits of Their Game and Help Light-up the Team Stats Frame

So where are folks headed on spring break these days? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some travelled south to the warm weather of Florida. It’s always been the spring break capital for college students. This year with folks wanting to get past Covid restrictions, things have kinda gotten out of hand.  

Same time, the NCAA March Madness frenzy has landed in Indy! Yea, on the women’s side it’s in San Antonio. March Madness is also a place people go on spring break to raise their praise for breakout performances. Of course, there’s always the Cinderella team that busts up the brackets.

For those wondering or asked the question, Where do folks go to understand greatness? Well, we see it in the play of Lebron James and the eyes of coach Dawn Staley. James has had to sit-out a few games after a high-ankle sprain injury. He’s missing the chance of the Lakers being positioned for a playoff run.

Staley recently called out the NCAA for disparities in supporting women’s teams. After pics went viral on social media showing a less-than-stellar setup for their facilities, Staley wrote an open letter calling out the diss. Her take was the NCAA message of “togetherness and equality” was just marketing jargon.

James and Staley bring focus on issues of social justice. They’re admired by peers, players and the hometown posse for using their platform to spur reform. While they get attention for putting their names to causes, it’s also how they put passion on the line, reminding us of how greatness is tied to:          

  • Gifting

A proverb says, “a man’s gift makes room for him and brings him in front of great people.” Well, think of that in universal terms and you can see why James at his age is still performing at a high level and Staley has such impactful coaching. Your gifting when tied to passion makes you do stuff that folks can’t teach.  

  • Branding

James doesn’t only marvel us on the court, he also has his hands in biz ventures and social projects. His career track might have started out with basketball, but his branding has reached new heights in media, fashion, entertainment and sports. He recently became part owner in the Boston Red Sox franchise.          

  • Networking

A recent story on Staley shared how much her success has inspired other women to consider coaching. Plus, there’s a whole eco system of black women in particular who’re plugged-in to what Staley has done throughout her career as a player, recruiter and U.S. head coach for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.       

  • Collaborating

After events of social protest prompted by the George Floyd killing, James rallied an investment group to purchase the WNBA Atlanta Dream. While he’s not the main figure in the new ownership structure, he’s the main player that helped bring together a collaboration of interested parties to secure the deal.   

The “Cinderella Team” stories will get told throughout March Madness. You might even hear some players being described as ‘supernova athletes.’ There’s room to do something special on the court or in one’s career for those whose performance push the limits of their game and light-up the team stats frame.               

Tip: You create your own “Cinderella Story” by how you bring passion to the table in ways that maximize your gifting, branding, networking and collaborating.

Talkback: Did the NCAA miss the mark or drop the ball on the women’s facilities in March Madness?

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Tony Gonzalez and Simone Biles are Special Because They ‘Crush It’ Which Makes Fans Give Them Their Props!


It’s the time of year again when season openers come at you fast and furious. There’s football on every channel. This week also saw the kickoff of two new talks shows. Tamron Hall and Kelly Clarkson aren’t strangers to the public eye. They’ve gotten new gigs to bring their personality to the daytime TV scene.

Some showbiz watchers and sport fans might still be talking about what happened over the summer. There was the NFL Hall of Fame induction of Tony Gonzalez, one of the best to have played the Tight End position. There was also Simone Biles and her other-worldly performance as a gymnastic champion.

These two, while in different sports, seem to have something in common. Gonzalez went from “shy-guy status” in high school to a major player in college. Biles went from rocky beginnings as a child to rock-solid performances as a gymnast. It’s not quite rags to riches, but sure seems like “impossible to possible.”


This helped put them on the map professionally and in people’s hearts emotionally. When Gonzalez made it into the hall of fame this summer, he had lots of pleasant memories to share. And when Biles did that first-ever ‘triple double’ routine, it sent the Internet into a full-blown pop culture “fire alert.”

They will tell you that it hasn’t all been peaches and cream. Gonzalez recently share how he dealt with being bullied in his early school days. Biles has had to deal with social media riff-raff comments after news about a family member. But they’ve showed nothing’s gonna hold them back because they go to:

  1. The huddle

Every football play starts with the huddle. It’s where the next-step gameplan is shared. But the huddle isn’t limited to sports. Folks in business and media do some kind of huddle in their office meetings. Gonzalez says he even does meditation as a kind of self-huddle with mind, body and spirit in the mix.

  1. The hurt

Both have had to deal with emotional hurts in their journeys. Gonzalez tells the story of hiding from his family when he realized that the bully showed up at his graduation. But he would gather himself and use that as a turning point. It’s a case of turning pain into gain, hurt into greater self-worth.

  1. The hustle


Back in the day there was a song call “do the hustle” that was as popular as the electric slide is today. Biles does her own hustle in the floor routine, but not a lot of people can match it. It’s hard to wrap your head around her doing the triple-double. She did two twists and three flips in one swoop.

  1. The heartstring

The hall of fame ceremony can be a tear-jerker for inductees and fans. Maybe Gonzalez held it together, but we’ve seen times when athletes reveal their soft, human, vulnerable sides. That’s where heartstrings sometimes get pulled. It’s where fans connect with their idols in ways that make them feel like family.

Gonzalez continues to shine off the field as an NFL sports analyst. The playing days of his career might be over, but his star-status hasn’t faded. Biles is a 2019 nominee of the People’s Choice Awards in the Game Changers category. They’re special in how they crush it which makes fans give them their props.

Tip: In sports, business or in everyday life people who rock the hustle, shake the hurt and rise to the occasion are special because they crush it.

Talkback: Who’s ready for those season openers that bring new goals, roles and excitement?

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Steph Curry and Jennifer Lopez Give Fans the Best Feeling for Stepping-up Their Game and Living Their Best Life


Lots of celebrations getting ready to happen over the next couple weeks. The office parties will have a little more ‘workplace buzz’ than usual. In college sports, the Heisman Trophy winner will be announced. But another winner, 9-year-old Riley Morrison, recently got the attention of NBA star Steph Curry.

She wrote a letter to Curry asking why she couldn’t find his sneakers in girls’ sizes. After making a quick check with the manufacturer, he got back to his young fan with great news. His response was good enough for helping her get those shoes. But he also threw in a few surprises that made for a nice story.

Another kind of story, maybe a ‘second act’ version, is what we see in the latest project by Jennifer Lopez. Lopez might say it’s never too late to bounce-back from a breakup or get a breakthrough after a setback. Curry and Lopez give fans the best feeling for stepping-up their game and living their best life.


Whether it’s the letter from Curry or lessons from Lopez on living your dreams, they know what it means to be on a winning team or star in the show. There’re some things you might have to do more of. There’re some things you might have to do less of. And there’re some things you might have to do ‘more or less.’

Curry wanted his young fan to see in real time that he heard her concern. He took a few steps to make it right. And he gave her more reason to work on her game. But even beyond the playing court, the office or the workplace of the day, Curry’s letter was good advice for young and old on how to:

  1. Fear less

Someone once said “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” Curry saw that in his young fan. Clearly, basketball is a major love for her. It probably fires-up her world. Why wouldn’t you fear less when something you love lights-up your soul, brings heat to your game and energy to your grind?

  1. Limit less

So what Curry did was have his shoe company update the website to show ‘boys’ sizes versus ‘girls’ sizes. That small change took the limits off who could order those shoes. Curry wanted her to see that if they can take those limits off the website, she can also take any limits off what she could achieve.

  1. Dream more

Lopez might see herself in that little girl. She’s been in showbiz from the TV screen to the Hollywood side of things. Her latest project reminds us that when we dream more good things can happen. Curry sent a similar message to Riley in his letter by giving her first-dibs on the next release of his sneaker line.

  1. Party more

He even invited her to a special Women’s Day celebration next year. He plans to have her attend the event and maybe even get prime seats at a home game. They say no good deed goes unpunished. But Curry’s good deed will likely light a bigger fire for his young fan to go on and celebrate even more.

Some might say there’s no party like a holiday party. Curry’s seen a few parties in recent years as back-to-back NBA champ. Lopez has gotten quite a few awards across film, music and television. She knows a good party makes the journey more fun. They’re ‘game’ about having no limits and living their best life.

Tip: When it comes to living your best life, those who fear less tend to dream more and those who limit less tend to party more.

Talkback: How’d you feel if Curry or Lopez singled you out for a party invitation?

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Beyonce ft. J. Cole – Party – https://youtu.be/XWCwc1_sYMY

Cardi B & Simone Biles Explain How Their Dreams Came Together Even Through Stormy Weather


Superbowl LII is in the bag and the Philly parade is set. The game might be over but it seems Cardi B and Simone Biles are just getting started. It’s hard to say which one’s the bigger pop culture icon right now. One’s getting ready to tour with Bruno Mars, the other’s back to training for the 2020 Olympic team.

Both have adoring fans who just can’t get enough of their style and story. For Cardi B it’s a case of “don’t judge a book by its backside until you get the backstory.” For Biles it’s a case of “when a dream is in you it’s gotta find a way to come through.” Then again maybe we can say the same thing for both.

Their journeys are somewhat similar in skipping out on college. Cardi B made it through two semesters and had enough. Biles chose to skip out on a UCLA scholarship and instead go pro to fulfill her dreams. Fast-forward their stories and you find them becoming their best by having a ‘no limit’ mindset.

Both did some ‘firsts’ in their game. Cardi B as the first rapper to have her first three singles in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100s. At the Rio Olympics Biles became the first female gymnast to win four gold medals in the same games. Now they’re both working on not being a one-time wonder or passing fancy.


Biles’ weakness is the uneven bars. She’s much better at gymnastic routines that use the power in her legs. But her electric personality fits well with her performance stick-ability. Cardi B turned her weakest times into breakout moments. Now her music career seems to be on a path of going all the way up.

Their road to glory also came with some ‘stormy weather.’ Biles had to bounce around in foster care until she was adopted by her grand-parents. Cardi B dealt with the separation of her parents and the challenge of finding it hard to get by. They showed courage to stay the course and soar by how they would:

  1. List the dream and make the hit list.

One year after barely missing out on making the National Team, Biles decided to regroup to do whatever it took to bounceback. She soon became a hit on the gymnastic circuit and went on to become three-time world champion. Then she decided to list the dream of making the Rio Olympics and the rest is history.

  1. Learn the ropes and trust the process.

Cardi B didn’t initially set out to be a rapper. But to move past her show-girl days, she began paying attention to some of the big stars in the game. She remembers thinking that she could do that by bringing her own swag and then some. Things went from there, after starting from the bottom and now she’s here.

  1. Bring the funk and raise the roof.

The funk for Biles is how she became a force on the floor. She’d find the zone where passion was just rolling towards perfection. The funk is that feeling of being in a good groove. It’s something fans can sense when it happens. The funk for Cardi B has her becoming a force where she gets to raise the roof.

  1. Spread the love and live the life.

Recently Biles shared that she was also the victim of sexual abuse. She kept those feelings repressed for years but now her healing comes from being able to tell her story and spread the love. Beyond a new boyfriend to talk about and fiancé to have and hold, these ladies are in a good place to live the life.

When you look at their life, your life or my life you see what you see. But after a while things seem to turn out fine. Biles and Cardi B’s stories remind us that even if you’ve had some downside, you can still reach the upside. These ladies are doing it big, making their mark and owning their place in the showbiz game.

Tip: When you have a dream in you it finds a way to come through by learning the ropes and trusting the process.

Talkback: Does Cardi B have it in her to be more than a one-time wonder?

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Shaq Went From Good to Great; Oprah Hopes T.D. Jakes Goes from God to His Greatest #BigTimeUniversity

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Shaq O’Neal brought the house down at the recent Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony. He had folks rollin’ in their seats. T.D. Jakes showed up at AOL’s Build Forum to talk about his new daytime Talk Show. Shaq went from good to great while Oprah hopes Jakes can go from God to reaching His greatest.

Jakes said his Oprah takeaway on success in biz is to “Surround yourself with a team that accessorizes your talents and who use their gifts not to compete with you but to complete the mission of what you’re trying to do.” It’s why some people make it big in the game and others make it bigger than folks expected.

Since retiring from the NBA Shaq has gone on to become a major branding icon. He’s seen on TV in ads and on TNTs basketball pre-game coverage. One thing for sure about Shaq is that he’s got a secure personality. He’s played on a few teams over his career, even joining with those who were once his rivals.

Many know how Oprah reigned as Queen of daytime TV for 25 years. She left that gig to launch her OWN cable network. It’s not surprising then that Jakes would be a fit for her channel. Beyond preacher insights, he’s done many things in uplifting entertainment. Now he’s ready to push a new door of possibility.

No matter where he played, teammates say Shaq kept things loose. For Jakes, one of his breakouts was “Woman Thou Art Loosed.” Shaq getting inducted and Jakes continuing to be a factor is a testament to their ingenuity. Maybe it’s these optimistic rules of the game that make us gracious and catch greatness.

Groove-Track: Sounds of Blackness – Optimistic – https://youtu.be/wlOVl6M88KY

Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

They say Shaq brought the house down. Doesn’t take much for him to clown. Hall of Fame fans rollin’ in their seats. Another scoop of Shaqtin-A-Fool treats. T.D. Jakes makes launch of new show. Doing it in the Oprah flow. Shaq went from good to great. Oprah hopes Jakes puts fresh greatness on his plate.

Jakes giving his Oprah takeaway. On what it takes to win at biz play. Surround yourself with a team. That can accessorize your dream. In using their gifts for the making. To complete the mission for the taking. What you’re trying to do. Is raise it big with your crew. Even bigger than what some folks can chew.

Since calling it quits from the court. Shaq’s gone on to be a good sport. As major branding icon reel. Seen on TV ads and TNT’s man of steel. One thing for sure he brings. A secure personality that zings. Having played on a few teams in his career. Joining with those who were rivals to bear.

Many know Oprah as once daytime queen. Now she’s got OWN as her new scene. Left gig going on to next chapter. Of her Talk Show ever after. Not a surprise for Jakes being a fit. On her channel where insights get spit. Beyond preacher and all the way up-lifter. To embrace new door of possibility muster.

No matter where he’s played. Teammates would have loved if he stayed. Saying he always kept things loose. As if sipping on grey goose. For Jakes a breakout moment was his. When “Woman Thou Art Loosed” did fizz. Being inducted & staying connected. Testament to optimistic ingenuity of the respected.


Tip: Making it big might take being connected, but making it great takes some ingenuity of the respected.

Talkback: Was Shaq calling-out Kobe in his speech just another way of keeping things loose?

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Michael Phelps vs. Michael Jordan: How Their Game Faces Gave Them a Sports Label #BigTimeUniversity

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

It’s been 25 years since Gatorade’s ‘Be Like Mike’ ad first ran. It became a catchy jingle and helped propel Jordan as a breakout brand. Soon we might see something similar for Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympic swimmer ever. Phelps & Jordan have had the game give them their own sports label.

According to CBS Sports, Jordan said about Russell Westbrook in a promo video “Thirty years ago, that’s me,” the attitude, trying to prove myself, showing so much passion for the game of basketball.” In those words you’ll find three things that regular folks and go-getters keep doing to become better at anything.

At first, Jordan and Phelps were just little scrawny kids. They weren’t as good in the early days as they became later in their careers. Then a glimpse of greatness flashed across their minds which kinda beamed their focus on growing their game. Phelps went on to win multiple championships, so did Jordan.

With Phelps we learn there were times he’d goof off. In one sense things started to come easy. But in another sense he was being pulled by distractions. Along the way he and Jordan found a fun and jazzy groove in their work ethic. Plus a renewed purpose changed their approach at practice and on game day.

When Jordan sees himself through Westbrook, you get a before-and-after snapshot of how to achieve top billing. He elevated his game and impact as a person. He gave all he had on and off the court. Westbrook can strive to ‘Be Like Mike’ (Jordan or Phelps) with no limit results beyond the stats & headlines.

Groove-Track: Soul II Soul – Jazzie’s Groove – https://youtu.be/Sz4rlEy3OtA

Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Been 25 years since Gatorade ad. ‘Be Like Mike’ went longer than fad. Catchy jingle before Mickey D’s ‘I’m Lovin’ it.’ Propelled Jordan to breakout brand summit. Soon to see the same for Phelps the human fish. He can sell dreams and greatest wish. Game gave them sports label. Best-of-the-best in their stable.

So Jordan had a rewind. From early days in his career grind. Seeing himself in Westbrook’s attitude. Trying to reach superstar altitude. Showing so much passion for scoring. Plus a little side-show without the boring. With three things regular folks do. As go-getters get better making dreams come thru.

First they were just scrawny kids. Then later came the six-figure bids. Not so good in the early days. But now they get mad praise. A glimpse of greatness scrolled across their screens. A beam to focus on their gangsta leans. Took them from being a decent nobody. To champs and a major league somebody.

With Phelps goofing-off was an attraction. But also came other distraction. Things kinda flowed easy after a while. So work ethic went out of style. Then came a fun and jazzy groove. Helped them do more to bust the move. Renewed purpose in how they approached the game. Seen in how they’ve handled the fame.

Westbrook as Jordan in fast-break motion. That might stir a fan commotion. Before-and-after snapshot of how to achieve. Top billing in the game they’d leave. Elevating their play to new heights. And impact as a person for equal rights. Westbrook sure can be his best self. With no limit results on the awards shelf.


Tip: Go-Getters keep moving towards their best self by striving for no limit results on the awards shelf.

Talkback: So is Russell Westbrook a Michael Jordan in the making?

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Jon Stewart Changed the Game, But Usher and Alicia Keys Want to Change the Players – #WUWECAST

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

After 16 years hosting The Daily Show, Jon Stewart called it quits. He’s stepping away to do new things. On the flipside, Usher and Alicia Keys want folks to not quit. He’s focused on a lower dropout rate, while she’s on keeping it real. Stewart changed the game but Usher and Keys want to change the players.

The New York Times says Stewart’s legacy “Challenged journalism in the public arena for the responsibility of educating adult Americans on the truths of their day.” Usher tells the Huffington Post that for him it’s about inspiring kids to find their spark, be entrepreneurial and give back to their community.

Stewart did for his audience what Usher wants to do for students. Their message is about how to shuffle the deck of their talent and thinking. It’s about elevating their hustle by loving something with a sense of purpose. In so doing, both have increased their shine which is an important lesson for young and older.

They are among the winners and leaders who rock the house and climb the charts. Stewart’s show was a mix of comedy, politics and journalism. It was traditional news and contemporary views, sort of like how Usher and Keys’ music are a mix of old-school and new-school. Their success-combo is in yin and yang.

Usher plans to double the number of students in his “New Look” project until “We’re One World, Powered by Service.” In his parting words Stewart said “Chaos can’t sustain itself. It never could.”  In a way, they remind us that ‘upgrading you’ takes embracing service, ongoing learning and a passionate lifestyle.

Groove-Track: TLC – ‘Waterfalls’ – https://youtu.be/8WEtxJ4-sh4

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

After 15 years hosting Daily Show. Jon Stewart felt it was time to go. Calling it quits on the same night. As the GOP debate fight. While Usher and Keys put folks in the know. Saying don’t quit or hideout on the low. Want to lower the dropout rate. As Stewart changed the game, they’re changing young folks’ plate.

New York Times talks about Stewart’s stature. A legacy of challenging the journalism specter. Believes it should educate on truths of the day. Giving citizen-America picture of a better way. Usher tells media it’s about spark and entrepreneurial spirit. So that kids flex their mojo and come with it.

Jon did for fans and his market standing. What Usher and Keys want for talent and thinking. A message about how to shuffle the deck. And to raise the roof for the heck. Elevating hustle & flow to heights above. With a sense of purpose for something they love. More color like a butterfly and grace like a dove.

They who rock the house as winners. Those who climb the charts as leaders. Stewart’s show a comedy-politics mix. And a pinch of today’s journalistic fix. Dabbling in traditional news. Showcasing pundits and contemporary views. UsherKeys’ old-school/new-school sound. A ‘yin yang’ success-combo to be found.

Usher to double students in the group. Teaching them good stuff rich like chicken soup. His “New Look” project built to persist. With “We’re One World, Powered by Service” gist. Stewart signs-off doing what he should. Saying “Chaos can’t sustain itself, it never could.” Telling folks to ‘upgrade you’ even in the hood.


Tip: Upgrading your skills, hustle and shine takes embracing service, learning and a passionate lifestyle.

Talkback: How has Jon Stewart’s take on politics impacted our culture?

Groove-Tracks: Alicia Keys – “28 Thousand Days” – https://youtu.be/Fslsxr-xknc

Beyonce ft Jay-Z – ‘Upgrade U’ – https://youtu.be/6nr8hPnZfMU

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Has Reason to Take His Techies to Wall Street for a Special Treat #WUWECAST

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

There was a big rumble on Main Street recently after word of the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight set for May. There was also some noise on Wall Street, not for the fight but for AT&T getting bounced by Apple on the Dow Jones. That’s why Tim Cook would have reason to take his techies to Wall Street for a special treat.

Cook is running things now but Steve Jobs was the innovator and game-changer. Some say he was a little irreverent at work. At times he was seen as trouble but made things that seemed irregular or unusual become popular. His secret was making them bounce, pop or shift in the marketplace and culture.

If Jobs were doing a TED Talk today he might have something to say about Wall Street and being added to the Dow. But he might also have a big announcement titled ‘The Secret on How to Make Your Market Value Bounce. Just pay attention to the buzz in media and technology for a few clues.’

So, leading the way for primetime TV viewership are Empire, CSI and Big Bang Theory. They fall in the categories of pop culture, crime drama and geek humor. Beyond iTunes and the iPhone there’s the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apply Pay. These biz/media portals are poised to pull numbers in the stratosphere.

When you look at the top-3 shows on television you get a sense for the social and entertainment landscape. When you consider Apple replacing AT&T on the Dow, you get a sense for where business is going. Put them together and there’s something there to becoming top-class in name and game.

Groove-Track: Iggy Azalea ft. Jennifer Hudson – ‘Trouble’ –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Sounded like a big rumble on Main Street. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao to compete. Also a little noise on Wall Street. Not for the fight but another feat. AT&T bounced by Apple for now. From the top-30 stocks on the Dow. Tim Cook has reason to take his techies. To Wall Street for a special treat with the bookies.

Cook now has his hand on the wheel. But Steve Jobs brought innovation and the game-changer feel. Seen as trouble while a little irreverent in his work. Helped a lot of people bring home the pork. Secret was making things shift, bounce or pop. In the marketplace and pop culture gift shop.

If Jobs to give TED Talk today. He’d have a word on the Dow to say. Think about his market-friendly style. Always a new gizmo with fans going wild. ‘Secret to Making Market Value Bounce.’ Giving all you’ve got ounce by ounce. Nobody can walk in his shoes. Buzz in media and tech give a few clues.

Leading the way for primetime viewership. CSI, Big Bang Theory and the Empire Mothership. In the categories of crime drama and geek humor. Also throw in a little pop culture. Beyond iTunes and the iPhone portals. Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple Pay as next mortals. Pulling numbers from their royals.

Top-3 shows on TV these days. A snapshot of the social and showbiz craze. Think about Apple kicking AT&T to the curve. Should that rattle our nerve? Maybe hints at where tech is going. As its popularity keeps growing. So, on becoming top-class in name. Means putting things together in your game.


Tip: The secret to a market value bounce is in things that seem unusual or irregular becoming popular.
Talkback: Apple Watch, Apple TV or Apple Stock, where’d you put your money?
Groove-Track: Shaggy Ft. Neyo – ‘You Girl’ –   

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