Gabrielle Union and Taraji P. Henson Describe What They Did to ‘Bring It’ Which Helped Them Move into the Spotlight


The Forbes list of ‘Top 400’ richest people in America is out. Guess who’s again #1? It’s not someone in real estate. Instead you might be reading this from a Microsoft-powered gizmo he made famous. Then there’re those on the list who’ve made their names in the retail, media, and financial services sectors.

Going from ‘loss to boss’ is something they may have experienced. Along the way they figured-out how to find their power, turn the tide, shift their stride and rock a new pride. That’s true for Gabrielle Union & Taraji P Henson as their careers and dreams look to celebrate with a toast; wine or champagne anyone?

They describe what they did to ‘bring it’ which helped move them into the spotlight. Union is on a book tour talking about going beyond the bumps and stumps. For Henson, it’s been a journey of believing and delivering the goods in ways that when she looks back she might say to self “I always knew I could.”

It’s kinda like now you see them and then you see them even more. They’re in a zone for sure that has something to do with more than their celebrity. They’re bringing it like an athlete who’s got things working in his or her favor. The ball just responds to their every move. The effort seems to roll in a good groove.

Their stories of ‘pomp and circumstance’ are the lessons that got turned into blessings. Union spent her early years as a modeling agency intern. That helped open the doors to her passion and ‘sista girl’ appeal. While it seems to some like they’ve taken us by storm, they’re really becoming a market force.


At times it took meeting the right people and getting the right breaks to move them into the spotlight. But in between those times, it took powering their game the way we charge our devices. They made themselves plug-compatible to career situations that would either make that money or break that barrier.

Union has been sharing her personal take on some of the social issues of our time. But she’s also been giving us a peak into her infertility struggles. Henson spent some time sharing the loss of her long-time pet. But it’s the parts of their stories that hit dead center that can be a charging source to push us further.

I remember years ago when a co-worker shared feedback that hit me dead center. It took a while to get what they were saying with these words: ‘You’re good at speaking to and speaking through people.’ That comment was a great charging source on my journey. Since then I’ve been using it to power my dreams.

Plus, the feedback put things on a course where I’d ‘bring it’ with a new flow. I’d see how going through the motion wasn’t enough for a promotion. There’s a time for going through the motion just like there’s a time to blink. But Union and Henson saw how to turn their flow into a source, a force and showbiz course.

They might tell us what work, play and everyday are about. It’s starting off sexy, keeping things alive and doing their best to strive. When it’s all said and done we may remember a line from their movies. But the things that tend to move us most are people’s storylines of doing something brave or achieving the rave.

Tip: Making work, play & the everyday come alive is about doing something brave or achieving the rave.

Talkback: What’s the part of their story that hits you dead center?

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J.K. Rowling and Bethany Mota Used Social Media to Spill their Guts on Living the Dream – #WUWECAST

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Some of the big names in entertainment went from Vegas to New York. First they watched the big fight on Saturday and then were at the Met Gala on Monday. Their private jets were parked on the runway ‘wing to wing.’  Meanwhile, J.K. Rowling and Bethany Mota have been spilling their guts on living the dream.

Rowling has been responding to her Twitter fans about characters on the Harry Potter series. She wishes she hadn’t dropped a few of them from the plot. She looks back on her own journey and might relate to words from Maya Angelou who once said “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story.”

This fits with how the Harry Potter series came into being. Rowling was stuck on a train during her commute and decided to start writing. After getting home she spent the next five years building the story. Since that travel delay Rowling has developed her unproven writing skill in creating a mega-force empire.

While for Rowling there was also the pain of depression, it was the pain of bullying that helped Mota forge ahead. She saw Youtube as a way of expressing herself through fashion, beauty and spreading hope to teens. If not for the support from family and friends they would otherwise have been unsung stars.

One of the more recent milestones for Rowling is the Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios in Orlando. She’s also released a novel and is working on a screenplay. Moto has a teen fashion line and a new music single. They’ve turned their pain into gain, skill into thrill and guts into glory.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Some big names in entertainment. Went from Vegas to New York appointment. Watched the big fight from the front row. Then to the Met Gala for Monday show. Private jets parked ‘wing to wing.’ Fashion statements wearing ‘bling to bling.’ Meanwhile J.K. Rowling and Bethany Mota keep doing their thing.

Rowling responding to Twitter fans. About Harry Potter series and future plans. Wishes she hadn’t scratched a few. From the plot for others that are new. Looks back on her journey and might relate. To words from Maya Angelou’s slate. Saying there may be no greater agony. Than bearing an untold story.

Good point when one thinks about the series birth. And how much Rowling is now worth. After being stuck on a train commute. Decided to start writing, just couldn’t refute. Spent next five years building the content. So for some the books are heaven-sent. Turning unproven skills into dollars that pay the rent.

For Rowling there was pain from depression. For Moto a matter of bullying confession. Saw Youtube as a place of expression. Sharing fashion, beauty and memorable impression. Spreading hope to many a teen. Building brand and clothing line green. So if not for family and friends. May have had different ends.

Recent Rowling milestone that says bravo. Is Harry Potter ride in Orlando. Her writing pen’s ready for more pay. Having released a novel and screenplay. Moto with fashion line and new music single. With little time as a teenager to mingle. Pain into gain, skill into thrill. And guts into glory that’s their fill.


Tip: Winners know how to turn pain into gain, skill into thrill and guts into glory for a top story.
Talkback: So who really won the ‘fight of the century’ or was the best dressed at the Met Gala?
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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST