Scott Drew & Jordan Spieth on How to Reach Your Goal No Matter the Field of Dreams or Slumps & Bumps with Your Team

The sports wire has been on fire! On the basketball court it’s due to the level of championship play. The men’s Final Four tournament lived-up to its billing. While Gonzaga didn’t come out on top, they gave the Baylor Bears everything they had. Bears Head coach Scott Drew is being hailed as a master in his lane.

Speaking of Masters, the annual pro golfing trip to Augusta won’t have Tiger Woods in the mix, who’s still recovering from his car accident. But it will have Jordan Spieth who’s coming off a recent tour win, after a 4-year winless streak. Spieth says his game has been off these past few years so he’s happy to be back.

Drew took the job of head coach almost two decades ago when Baylor’s men’s program was reeling from scandal. A player was killed by an ex-teammate. The coach at the time was cited for corruption issues around paying the tuition for a student. Drew applied for the job even though things looked bleak.

He approached the interview like he had nothing to lose. He might say that’s just one factor for him getting the job. He’d probably add that he shared a vision for the program’s turnaround. He wanted to move the culture in a new direction, as long as he had the time and support to flip the script.  

Fast forward to their recent wins and some might wonder how’d they do it? How did they get past the slumps and bumps in the road? How did they turn a period of bruising to now having the experience of cruising? They’d remember the long days and dark nights working at it with these things in mind:

  • Firsts

Spieth remembers the first time he put on the winner’s green jacket. He felt his game had hit the jackpot. But sometimes our ‘firsts’ can be beginner’s luck. So he’s been working at his game trying to recapture the grit and feeling of excitement like what Drew is feeling from winning his first national championship.  

  • Focus

Spieth took cues from the success he saw with Bill Belichick and the Patriots. During his first visit to their home stadium, he was struck by the commitment to preparation that was part of the team’s mystique. He’s been giving more attention to that not only as a player but also with his supporting golf team/staff.           

  • Faith

It’s been said that success comes with enjoying the journey just as much as the destination. For Drew it’s been quite a journey. In the early days of his tenure, athlete recruitment might have been a challenge. In trying to turn around a losing program, he ‘drew on’ something we probably all heard… to keep the faith.         

  • Family

This is Spieth’s first win as a husband, after getting married a few years ago. They both have reason to celebrate not just with their teams but also with their families. Spieth is grateful for how his wife hung in there during his game’s rough patch. For Drew it’s a generational family affair of “like father, like son.”       

In the “instant clout” world, it’s not normal for a coach to last that long with a college team, with mixed results. But Baylor gave Drew the room, space and time to deliver. Spieth says it’s true that his wife gave him the same. Now they’re riding on cloud nine and Spieth got back that smile.               

Tip: Destiny is sometimes where preparation takes you from beginner’s luck to pulling the big bucks.

Talkback: Is the Master anybody’s to win or can Spieth turn his recent win into a lucky charm?

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Here’s What it Took for Idris Elba and Jennifer Lopez to Raise Their On-the-Job ‘Hit’ Average to Become A-Listers in Showbiz


Just about a year ago many were excited about the wedding of the century. It was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle whose fairy tale story had Hollywood royalty in attendance. There were other close friends among those sharing the moment. Idris Elba was one of them and now he’s got next.

Then there was news that Jennifer Lopez said yes to Alex Rodriguez. Their public romance and recent engagement now put them on deck. Elba is set to tie the knot next month while for J-Rod it might not be too far out. Theirs could be the next wedding of the century for all the fashionista that would be there.


They’re clearly A-listers and have come a long way since their days behind the scenes. Elba remembers those times when acting roles were hard to come by. But after landing a gig on HBOs the wire, his market appeal began to rise. He’s got so may projects in the works that even Saturday Night Live came calling.

Both get high marks for building a brand around being a triple threat. They’ve put out music albums, starred in big screen movies and varying TV show roles. They share a kinda of hunger for their craft that keeps them on top of their game. It’s not something you can teach as it is that which makes them reach.

They are good at what they do. But they’re also good at the business of doing what they do. That’s the difference between being on top of your game and being a top performer in the game. It’s in how they’ve gone about raising their on-the-job ‘hit’ average to become A-listers that gives them an edge as:

  1. Creators

If you’ve ever had to make something from ‘scratch’ you know the feeling it brings. It’s an ‘inner genius’ feeling of accomplishment in going from nothing to something. That’s probably the feeling Lopez gets watching the many acts on her latest World of Dance episode. The performers are artistic dance creators.

  1. Producers

Elba would prob give props to Lopez who’s turning out projects on many artistic fronts. He’s looking at more than just acting roles to add to his ‘hit’ list. He started a production company to develop projects around his other passions. That means turning his creative genius into a broader development process.

  1. Promoters


Not many people knew that Elba was the DJ at Harry’s wedding. He says he got the job after working as a DJ at prior events for Harry’s Dad’s (Prince Charles) social events. As if life’s imitating art, now Elba is promoting his new comedy project on Netflix based on a struggling DJ who becomes a male nanny.

  1. Collaborators

Beyond their many production efforts, the big-time success has also come from working as collaborators. Lopez shows what that looks like with the judging panel of her show. She’s teamed up with other showbiz players to make the overall production even more widely appealing.

We’re yet to see what will come when Lopez and A-Rod join forces not just as a family but as an enterprise. For Elba, maybe there’s something in his future like the James Bond franchise that would bring together creators, producers, promoters and collaborators on a project to light it up!

Tip: Creators and producers are good at what they do. They become like promoters and collaborators by being good at the business of doing what they do.

Talkback: Will J-lo and A-Rod put on the next wedding of the century?

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Dak Prescott is Newest NFL Superman; Beyoncé Fans Know She’s a Superwoman #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Another weekend of NFL games with lots going on. Some eyes are on Colin Kaepernick for his on-the-field play and off-the-field cause. Plus Dak Prescott is having a breakout year as the Cowboy’s rookie quarterback. He might be the newest NFL superman, but Beyoncé fans know she’s their superwoman.

According to USA Today, Prescott’s teammate Barry Church said “What makes him so impressive is that he is calm and cool…he is smart…he is beyond his years and I am excited he is with us.” Maybe those words are true for Bey too. They know reaching the goal line is less about status and more about stats.

It’s a case of great ones showing poise before tipping their hats. Recently, Beyoncé had to keep things going during a concert while suffering an injury on stage. In the back and forth of taking care of business Prescott’s handling those intangible assets. He’s made a believer in his teammates and they’re in him.

He’s also using game skills to score points. Prescott broke Tom Brady’s record for most passing attempts before an interception to start a career. Whether with skill points, style points, life points or paycheck decimal points, the great ones keep moving closer to the goal line. This makes their performance bounce.

The hot topic in football is if Dak will have to step back when Romo returns. We’ll see how things playout before the DakPac goes whack. They might take cues from the BeyHive. But for others trying to reach their goal line, Dak & Bey are reminders of how poise like the pros gives us the chance to strike a pose.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

It’s another weekend on the NFL front. Few teams make a run others punt. Eyes on Kaepernick for his on-the-field play. Wanting to hear what he’s got to say. Plus Dak Prescott showing he’s got the goods. No ifs, ands, buts or shoulds. He getting NFL superman applaud. Bey fans love their superwoman unflawed.

So Prescott teammate Barry Church has his take. For why Prescott is the real deal not fake. Calm, cool and smart on his feet. Beyond his years ready to compete. Excited to have him on the squad. Maybe true words for Bey’s musical iPod. Reaching goal line as celebrity cats. Less about status more about stats.

A case of great ones showing poise. Tipping their hats through the noise. Bey having to keep it together on stage. Even when injured rocking like a sage. In the back and forth of the field. Taking care of biz for a higher yield. Handling intangibles like a star. Made a believer in his teammates that he’s a star.

Using game skills to score points. Tight passing and shaking-up the joints. Broke Brady’s record for rookie starter. Most passing attempts without interceptor. Skill points, style points in doing his thing. Life points, check points towards the ring. Great ones close-in on goal line. Performance aged like fine wine.

Hot topic in pro football talk. If Romo gotta take a walk. Dak’s on a roll since QB took hit. When he returns will he be fit? Let’s see then how things playout. Before DakPac has to jump and shout. Taking cues from BeyHive crew. Buzz like bees let-out the zoo. Goal line poise as the pros. A good chance to strike a pose.


Tip: Getting closer to the goal line takes poise by striking a pose, whether going vogue or going rogue.

Talkback: Will Dak have to step back when Romo returns?

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DJ Khaled & Nia Long Keep Turning Heads by How they Make Things Pop on Screens #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

The Snapchat King was in the building. Well, maybe that wasn’t quite how it was said as DJ Khaled attended the White House Correspondence Dinner. He posted pics with other celebs who brought the look. It seems Khaled and actress Nia Long keep turning heads by how they make things pop on screen.

In discussing her body of work Long tells Uptown Magazine “No matter what level you’re on in this industry, you’re expected to be excellent. Being excellent—when the material isn’t—can be challenging.” They reflect on 3 things people own that give them the right stuff in PPM – passion, purpose and moxie.

Khaled might poke fun at the idea that Nia has been at it for a ‘Long’ time. She takes pride in owning a sense of balance, inner beauty and bringing excellence in her work. That’s all good when talent shows up and passion goes in. They’re using passion to grow talent the way an investment account grows money.

Even with the many roles she’s played over the years Long has a knack for her lane. Khaled has been driving his lane in hip hop too. But these days it’s his ‘street nuggets’ that have people talking. They remind us of how going to the next level is less about making excuses and more about building stories.

That might explain why he attended the event with media empress Arianna Huffington. He said he used the time for “talking mogul talk.” Long and Khaled work at being a master at the game and living the life they were made for. It’s a case of when talent shows up and passion goes in then greatness shows out.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

The Snapchat King was in the building. Took a break on social media winning. Maybe not quit how it was said. But DJ Khaled brought his cred. As White House Correspondence dinner guest. There among celeb’s best. He and Nia Long keep turning heads. Making things pop on screens & rap spreads.

Talking ‘bout her body of work. Tells Uptown Magazine about showbiz perk. Keeping it excellent is what people expect. A challenge in what script might reflect. Showing the 3 things people tend to own. As they go from youth to being grown. To have the right stuff in PPM rating. Passion, purpose & moxie breaking.

Khaled might say Nia’s been around ‘Long.’ But not yet singing her swan song. She takes pride in balance and inner beauty. Excellence in work her duty. All good when talent shows up big. As passion goes in for a jig. Passion to grow their own talent tune. The way investment takes money to the moon.

With many roles she’s played so far. Long has knack for her lane like a car. Khaled driving his success in hip-hop too. Posting pictures from his music studio zoo. These days his ‘street nuggets’ got people talking. Reminds us how next level stories sends excuses walking.

Might explain the event invitation. With media empress Arianna Huffington. Used the time for “talking mogul” stuff. Wearing shiny jewels in his sleeve cuff. Khaled and Long as masters of their game. Living the life made for their name. A case where talent shows up right. As passion & greatness show out tight.


Tip: Having the right stuff is a case where you get to bring more than enough of yourself.

Talkback: What’s a memorable ‘street nugget’ from Khaled or favorite movie role of Nia Long?

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