Denzel Washington & Michelle Obama Take Us to a Place Where Having that ‘It-Factor’ Showcases Their Hit-Factor


Sports and showbiz fans a buzzing with excitement. For some it’s the baseball World Series and their fav team. There’re also those who’re pleased that Nicki Minaj says she’s found love and happiness. Then there’re NBA fans who’re glad to get past some of the recent drama now that the season is underway.

We even heard from Michael Jordan in a rare TV interview. He’s getting high praise for his philanthropic work in the community. He’s also tried to explain how his career has shifted from scoring points on the court to producing slam dunk gains in biz. Plus, he’s grown on the socially conscious side of things.

Then there’s Denzel Washington and Michelle Obama, among the all-time favorites in pop culture. He was recently honored in NJ as a ‘living legend.’ Obama’s getting mad love on social media after posting a clip from her workout routine, with encouragement to women and folks in general on self-care.


When you think about the major acting roles that Washington has in his body of work, and the ‘ab-licious’ physique that Obama showed in the video, it might remind us of why they’re so loved, admired and respected. They take us to a place where having that ‘it-factor’ showcases their ‘hit-factor.’

Whether it’s delivering powerful drama or being ‘no drama Obama’ their work drips with passion and oozes with mojo. That’s made possible when work connects with inner genius, the way a person might connect with their soul-mate. Moreover, personally and professionally it’s how their story connects with:

  1. Wellness

Obama posted that video of her workout to remind us that good health is important for wellness. It’s not so much about looking like a supermodel as much as it is about knowing that ‘we get out what we put in.’ That’s true for our human parts and for our inner genius in how we grow doing things that make us tick.

  1. Wokeness

Washington and Obama are mindful of how their example affects and inspires others. For them it’s not just about cashing-in (although both have done well in ‘Benjamins’). Beyond that they bring a certain wokeness about giving back, paying forward, lifting up, and standing down on issues of the day.

  1. Boldness


In accepting his recent award Washington wasn’t shy about his faith or apologetic about his roles. Similarly, Obama isn’t shame about her past struggles around marriage counseling or about her road to ‘becoming.’ Their boldness is in knowing good things happen by working on their craft and their cause.

  1. Greatness

Washington will go down as one of the greatest modern actors. Obama is certainly seen as one of the greatest (maybe even finest) First Lady’s in modern time. In the same ways that a soul-mate might bring out the best in a spouse, it’s our inner genius that will bring out the greatness inside of us all.

So the World Series is known for having its ‘October surprise’ in playoff performance. Seeing Michael Jordan in an interview surprised many. A sure thing about Washington and Obama is their work isn’t much about trying to impress. But about doing things with style, grace & finesse to make new memories.

Tip: The thing about putting your inner genius to work is it turns your it-factor into a hit-factor with style, grace and finesse.

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John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Celebrate Showbiz, Motherhood and How They Refresh Their Shine for a Brighter & Wider Fanbase


Who remembers the fast-food chain that made famous the question ‘where’s the beef?’ It was a way of saying their burgers had more beef than their competitors. These days the question some are asking is ‘what’s the beef?’ Nicki and Cardi are still working on the answer. Drake and Meek Mill say they’re done.

Well there’s no ‘beef’ between John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. Actually, there’s nothing but love. Sometimes sexy love other times ‘hustle love.’ Teigen says she’s getting back into the sexy swing of things now that she’s upped her role in motherhood. With two mouths to feed ‘hit and run’ has new meaning.

Legend is busy doing the showbiz thing after winning an Emmy for his work with the ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ production. With this award he joins a select group of celebs who’re among the EGOTs. He’s the youngest and first black male to get an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony for his artistic roles.

This summer they spent a few weeks in Bali where Teigen appeared in social media posts wearing her ‘headband of the day’ while hubby John serenaded her with a song. That’s a long way from her days as a teenage catalog model and then gaining major fame as a Swimsuit cover model.


Whether it’s the sexy love between them or the ‘hustle love’ that fuels them, they celebrate how they refresh their shine for a brighter and wider fanbase. Teigen has a new cookbook while Legend is set to release new music. It’s the passion for doing their thing that tells us about how they up their game using:

  1. Script – learn the job, produce the work

Every job has ways for getting stuff done. It could be as simple as learning a script and executing the task. That’s how it goes for TV sitcoms and scripted programs. As a songwriter and singer, Legend knows the process. He uses that same skill to learn the job and produce the work with other projects as well.

  1. Sound – find your voice, rock the game

With most work assignments there’s usually a learning curve. It takes some time to get the feel and flow of things. After a while a rhythm develops. That’s how it happens in the music biz and in other lines of work. There’s the groove track to which you add lyrics. This way you find your voice and rock the game.

  1. Screen – stretch your sights, see the big picture

A beach trip or Caribbean vacation is often a time to slow down and chill. Some might even checkout the view as the sun rises and sets beyond the horizon. It’s like watching time pass on life’s big screen. You get to stretch your sights while seeing the big picture. This does wonders for R&R and helping dreams go far.

  1. Stage – do it up, bring the fun

The stage is where performance comes together. John Legend’s stage as a music artist is different from Teigen’s stage as a model. With your job or career, when things come together on the work stage there’s usually a sale, a promotion, a cheer or other forms of excitement as a return on commitment.

It seems like their celebrity side hustle of ‘headband of the day’ videos have taken a break. As they get back-to-the-grind they’re juggling work, kids and other steps that come with the role. And as they get out of bed to face another day they’re doing those things to shine in ways that moves fans and dollars.

Tip: As we get out of bed to face another day it calls for ‘hustle love’ which means doing those things to shine in ways that moves customers, fans and dollars.

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Cedric the Entertainer & Regina Hall Move from Past Standing to Main Street Rep Appeal #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

The Golden State Warriors have met a higher standing for their team single-season record. Now they’re getting ready for the playoffs just as others look forward to the Barbershop 3 movie. So Cedric the Entertainer and Regina Hall hope to move things from a past standing to higher main street rep appeal.

According to Cinema Blend, Ced said “I’m one to believe that you just can’t do sequels, just because they’re doing them. That was key for me, is to see, where was the story or where were these people 10 years later.” That’s impact visioning for raising the bottom line from an old standard to a higher box score.

It’s been over a decade since the last movie release. After lower than expected sales, there were some doubts about next steps. That’s why a message from the movie and Cedric is when life knocks us down we need to get back up stronger. A ‘next cut’ can help get us past personal lows and performance woes.

The producer shared how he ditched the fears by looking at the success of other urban-styled movies like The Best Man. So he figure-out how to convince Hollywood execs on taking things to the next level. At the barbershop or salon, that’s like seeing someone leave with a fresh look and wanting the same feeling.

Hall can relate, with many key roles since graduating from NYU. About her 20-year acting career and role in Barbershop, she told the Source “It’s just always wonderful to see people with a lot of talent do great work and expand what they do as artists.” Surely, their success has some next generation street value.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Golden State Warriors show what’s good. Meeting higher standing than others could. Single-season team record for the taking. Getting ready for the playoffs shaking. As folks look to new Barbershop movie. Lots of laughs to have life groovy. Cedric & Hall keeping things real. From old standing to higher rep appeal.

Word from Cinema Blend the other day. Cedric says sequels you don’t do for play. Just because it can mean more fame. That’s not how he sees the game. Key for him is in where story falls. For these people 10 years later calls. Bottom line between old-time reasoning. And higher box score from impact visioning.

Been over a decade since last pic. After low sales from last flick. Some doubts about next steps on the rung. So that future success was not unsung. A message for when life knocks us down. Get back up then wear the crown. Take the ‘next cut’ past personal lows. And flush those stubborn performance woes.

Producer shared how he ditched the fears. Over those up and down years. By looking at folks who had it made. Urban-styled movies were getting paid. Convincing Hollywood execs after a while. Turning things up on next level dial. A barbershop or salon’s good-look feeling. Wanting the same in fresher revealing.

Hall can relate on coming through. With some key roles after leaving NYU. A 20-year acting career since then. Looking back as if to remember when. Cool to work with lots of talent and artist skill. Doing great work to expand the thrill. Ready for the next-gen in street value. With more success on showbiz menu.


Tip: Doing great work and spreading the thrill brings higher street value and more success up the hill.

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@TaylorSwift Turns ‘1989’ into a Celebration of Her Career And Pop Music Reinvention – #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

The summer season’s in full swing. For some this means more sun and surf. For others it’s about concerts and cookouts. If there’s a ‘song of the summer’ stuck in your head, Taylor Swift understands. She’s turned her ‘1989’ album into a world-tour celebration of her pop music career reinvention.

As if to keep the party going, Swift has teamed-up with Keds footwear for a ‘Ladies First’ global rebrand campaign. Keds president Chris Lindner said it’s “A celebration of amazing women like Taylor Swift who are blazing new trails every day. From CEOing to BFFing, these ladies are doing it all.”

For Swift it’s just another example of what it takes to reinvent yourself. She started out her career as a country music artist. But she made the right moves to build her chops and rebrand her stuff in pop music. She might say it has been a journey of next step, then next chapter and arriving at the next level.

Her story has been one of learning from her mistakes. She spent a lot of time listening to music from before her time. That was a turning point for her next step in the creative writing process. Plus, when things went sour in her relationships she would just ‘shake it off’ and turn the page to her next chapter.

Swift says her music has been about “coming of age, maybe even coming undone.” Her reinvention has been about coming into her own. So here’s what execs’ quotes and celebs’ stories like Swift say about being career standouts or earning bonus handouts: Be realistic, pursue excellence, embrace greatness!

Groove-Track: The Heavy – ‘How You Like Me Now’

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Summer season in full swing. For some surf and sun is their thing. With others it’s concerts and cookouts. Or watching the race car blowouts. If there’s a ‘song of summer’ in your head. Taylor Swift understands, enough said. Turned her ‘1989’ album into a celebration. Of world tour and pop music career reinvention.

As if to keep the party going. With lots more show-gigs flowing. She teams-up with Keds footwear. On ‘Ladies First’ rebrand affair. Company president thinks it’s the right time. Saying “amazing women like Swift blazing new trails” in their prime. “From CEOing to BFFing” in the mall. These ladies are doing it all.

For Swift it’s another example. Of a ‘reinvent yourself’ biz sample. Started out her career as a country singer. Then made the move to pop music winner. As artist she makes a song catchy. As country girl she keeps it on the happy. A journey going from next step to next chapter. With more clout in the game ever after.

Her story’s one of continuous learning. As well as a pay-grade of higher earning. Spent lots of time with music of the past. Became a turning point for songs that will last. A next step in the creative process of writing. Even if personal relationships weren’t biting. She’d just ‘shake it off’ for her next chapter turning.

Swift says it’s about coming of age. And coming undone without the rage. Reinvention’s been about coming into her own. And carrying herself in ways she’s grown. So here’s to execs and celebs stories on career standouts. Be realistic, pursue excellence and embrace greatness for bonus handouts.


Tip: A good rule-of-thumb from Career Standouts: Be realistic, pursue excellence, embrace greatness!
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Lebron James Looks to ‘Stir the Pot’ for More Game and Contract Dollars #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Well Nicki Minaj won big at the 2015 BET Awards. She got her sixth consecutive best female hip-hop title. But Lebron James is about to win even bigger. The word from his camp is that he’s opting-out on the second year of his contract. James looks to stir the pot for more game and contract dollars.

He’s not planning to leave Cleveland. He’s just looking to raise his stake. James understands the money chain linking his strengths and his value. Some teammates might wonder “Will he let them break us apart?” TNTs Shaq might say it’s simply about striving for greatness as the NBAs ‘Royal Highness.’

James vows to fans he’ll get better by working on some things. During the off-season it’s also about raising his game. As a proven champion he knows striving for greatness means working on your next level of performing. That is often about what you produce in people and what people produce in you.

It’s no surprise then that James is willing to own the role of team leader. With playoff injuries to Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, it was asking a lot of him to win it all. The best he could do was to rally other players towards making an impact. So, are the Cavaliers poised to turn the letdown into the get-down?

James puts no limits on his game or market appeal. This is seen with the many products he endorses. His value at home or beyond the block grows leaps and bounds. His next level of performing, leading and branding is seen in an upcoming movie. Even in the downtime James stays on the run and ready to ride.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

At 2015 BET Awards Nicki Minaj won big. Sixth consecutive best female artist in her hip-hop gig. But Lebron James about to go bigger. Not just in paycheck but also with swagger. Opting-out of second year in contract dollar. Looks to stir the pot for game and gold around his collar.

Not planning to leave Cleveland you see. Just looking to raise his stock commodity. Understands the money link from strengths to market value. Whether on basketball court or other venue. Some locker-room chatter about breaking-up team. TNTs Shaq might say like Biggie “that’s all a dream.”

Vows to fans he’ll get better. Also working on some things as a jet-setter. During the off-season it’s about raising his game. A proven champion’s always mindful of his acclaim. Striving for greatness in how he’s performing. To produce in people as people produce in you adds to one’s rising.

No surprise then he’s willing to own the role. As team leader near and dear to his soul. With injuries to Irving and Kev Love. Had to rally others to rise above. James winning it all was asking a lot. But superstars know how to hit the spot. Poised to go from playoff letdown. Into next season stats getdown.

Puts no limits on his appeal. In being himself and keeping it real. As seen with the many products he plugs. Valued at home and beyond like tire lugs. Next level of performing starts with leading. Also add-in new movie trailer loading. Even in downtime James stays on the run. Ready for the ride and to have fun.


Tip: You ‘stir the pot’ of your game by developing your strengths and marketing your performance value.
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Shaquille O’Neal ft. Fu-Schnickens – ‘What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock)’ –

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Dr. Dre and Go Pro’s Nick Woodman Turn Eureka Moments into Billionaire Status


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (Old-School Flava)

It was announced as something like the “deal of the century” for a Hip Hop entrepreneur. That’s how some might see it as Apple paid $3 billion dollars to purchase Beats by Dr. Dre. Recently there was the Go Pro IPO launch. So Dr. Dre and Go Pro’s Nick Woodman turn eureka moments into billionaire status.

The word on the street was Dre had an interest in selling speakers, not sneakers. Woodman’s interest was capturing his surfing experiences. Their business vision leveraged marketing over manufacturing. It’s a lesson for job seekers wanting to “go pro” after college and those in industry with business innovations.

A new success model is to think social. Over the years, modern economies have moved from agricultural to industrial. They’ve shifted from tech industrial to tech informational. Now it seems we’re in the age of a social revolution. More people are engaging across various platforms and human relation experiences.

These days we’re “on the go” in many ways. Woodman realized people wanted to record their mountain climbs with friends or their bike rides on trails. He developed a camera that could be mounted anywhere. Dre saw the growing interest in music streaming. Their success model came out of thinking mobile.

Dre tag-teamed with Jimmy Iovine a record executive. Woodman got startup capital from his father, a former investment banker. The seed money and partnerships have achieved a return on investment in the billions. That might be due in part to some street smarts. But it might also have to do with thinking global.


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (New-School Flava)

Something like “the deal of the century.” As hot as a rise in the mercury. Hip Hop entrepreneur now biz icon. As Apple pays $3 billion dollars in bacon. For buying Beats by Dr. Dre. While those investing in Go Pro say “hip hip hooray.” Dre and Woodman turn eureka moments. Into billionaire status of investments.

Word on the street with gossip seekers. Dre had interest in speakers, not sneakers. Woodman saught pics of his surf board run. Visualizing the experience as documented fun. Their vision built around plain-old marketing. Than old-school-styled manufacturing. Good for those wanting to ‘go pro’ in biz branding.

A new success model is to think social. Economies have moved from the farm to industrial. And even from agriculture to tech informational. Now it seems we’re in the social media age. With people engaging various platforms on the human relations stage. Where hot products get featured on the main page.

Woodman saw people wanting to capture. Mountain climbs, bike rides and moments of rapture. So he came up with a camera for any occasion. That could be mounted and used for mass exploration. Dre saw the potential in music streaming. Their success model built around “think mobile” signal beaming.

A tag-team with Dre and Jimmy Iovine came together. Having stood the test of time in any weather. Woodman got startup capital from his father. Was like cash money from an investment banker. With financial returns in the billions of dough. Takes street smarts, thinking global and reaping what you sow.

Tip: As economies modernize the flow of commerce, innovation happens through “thinking shifts” in enterprise.

Talkback: How much of their success was about industry good standing versus creative brand marketing?