Ciara, Oprah, Their First-Name Status and The Big Rollout to Leave a Mark on the Marketplace with a Big Payback


Seems like the Spring season kicked-off with so many events for us to go all out. The March Madness frenzy is in full effect where fans get to raise the noise as teams raise their level of play. There was also a Michelle Obama sighting as she returned to her book tour to an arena fill with 18,000 guests.

Recording artist Ciara was in the house along with a few other big-time players in sports and showbiz. Not to be outdone, Oprah made a grand appearance at the Apple launch of their latest tech project. She says they’re partnering to leave the world a little bit smarter, kinder and better than they found it.

Ciara and Oprah with their first-name status and the big rollout, are looking to leave their mark on the marketplace. That’s not some new feeling/fad that’s got them pitching a ‘pie in the sky’ idea. It’s really them connecting with folks in ways that excite new ventures in technology along with hopes and dreams.

Outside of those times Ciara gets to shake, bounce and pop in music she’s giving talks to industry/sports groups on the challenges of life-role balance. Beyond those times Oprah gets to share content, impact culture and deliver entertainment, she’s big on spreading ‘aha moments’ to rev-up life.


What we see with them points back to times they took a chance, made a shift, or set a goal to stretch them from where they were to where they could be. This latest effort with Apple is one Oprah is gushing about. It gives her another way to show that achieving fulfillment in career and life is in how we affect:

  1. The Game

This takes some passion. For Oprah it started with her doing the local news. Her passion was working in journalism. Then she made the shift to hosting her own talk show which changed the game as we knew it. Oprah and Ciara show that passion is in how we master the game and how we level-up the career field.

  1. The People

Most folks remember the Oprah show episode when she said these words: “you get a car, you get a car, err’body gets a car.” That was one of those moments where she did something special for the audience. She’s been doing that not only with financial gifts but also serving in ways guided by a sense of purpose.


  1. The World

Ciara’s fans love her music and how she celebrates sexy. It sure lights-up the faces of many a guy and girl. Oprah says her calling is as a kind of teaching guru. That’s why she’s revamping her book club. She uses it to bring light to the world and maybe has a big payback by making God look good in the process.

  1. The Times

Along with her professional duties, Ciara is busy being a mom. She’s helping her kids get through their times-table so they can multiply faster. But Oprah chooses to multiply numbers faster with vision, passion and mission to affect millions. That’s how they and other major players affect the times and the ages.

Ciara and Oprah give us inspiring notes on how fulfillment means having our whole-self matter in the best ways possible. Not everybody gets to have first-name status in pop culture. But they do, maybe because they’re loved for what they represent and how they affect the game, the people, the world and the times.

Tip: There’s no greater sense of fulfillment from making a difference than how we bring love to affect the game, the people, the world and the times.

Talkback: Ready to get your game on, excite the people and impact the world for all times?

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Tyra Banks & Tyler Perry Spill the Beans on a New Season of Success for Any Career Path or Field of Dreams


The pre rollout of TVs fall season line-up has some new shows and returning favorites. The promos for Empire and Star, Chicago Fire and The Voice are already in regular rotation. Most advertisers have probably been lined-up. There’re lots of fans who’re thinking ‘I can’t wait’ for things to get popping.

As announcements unfold, so too will word on the new iPhone. The buzz is building as Apple is set to unveil its new gizmo. When you think about today’s modern tech devices it boils down to whether they’re powered by Android, IOS or some other smart system. So what does it mean to be powered by ‘#Flow?’

It’s a question Tyler Perry and Tyra Banks help us answer from their showbiz journey. Perry’s mojo went from the ‘ashes to the stashes’ in becoming a major player. The nitty gritty of their career path and field of dreams is in how they’ve experienced flow as ‘fuller levels of wow’ moments in their Hollywood rise.

Perry’s story relates to everyday folks in a simple way. His was built around strong faith and inner resolve. I’ve seen that in my own life in what I like to describe as ‘4th down and 10’ wow moments. It’s where when your back’s against the wall, the big ‘G’o-d (original divine) sends a play that moves your dream along.

These days Tyra’s been hosting America’s Got Talent, a program that helps others achieve their showbiz dreams. She took over hosting duties after making a name and brand for herself on America’s Next Top Model. The factor both TV shows have in common is getting us to ask the question, ‘what makes you lit?’

Usually, the things that make us ‘lit’ are found in our gifts and talents. Plus, they also make us flow. For Tyra as a former model, beyond the physical beauty appeal, the thing that makes her lit is her presence. For Perry, the thing that makes him lit is his writing genius. These ‘lit factors’ keep serving them well.

Just think about the ‘lit factors’ in music, movies and mainstream culture and how flow plays a big part. So for example, whether it’s about sex, sports or success, we get our juices flowing from envisioning, practicing and performing our best moves. That’s where memories get made and dreams get paid.


For Perry, he tells the story of producing his first stage play where nobody showed up. He could have decided to shut down his dream but didn’t because of his faith and resolve. He went back at it a few more times with similar results. Fast forward to things today and we see the outcome and wisdom he’s gained.

As if to remind me of my own career path and field of dreams, I’ve seen some of those moments too. I’ve held events at venues where no one showed. I’ve been using my gift for years writing blogs where no one talks back. But these experiences have helped me find flow from faith to lit to outcome to wisdom.

Among the moments of hit or miss, win or loss there’re those exciting times in ‘fuller levels of wow.’ The wisdom gained has helped me see flow similar to how Perry & Tyra might tell it. Whether on the career path or field of dreams, it’s about experiencing moments of bliss on the road to a life of happiness.

Tip: A new season of success on the career path or field of dreams means envisioning, practicing and performing your best moves with your juices flowing in the grooves.

Talkback: What does it take to improve your ‘lit factor’ in order to experience fuller levels of wow moments?

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Dr. Dre and Go Pro’s Nick Woodman Turn Eureka Moments into Billionaire Status


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (Old-School Flava)

It was announced as something like the “deal of the century” for a Hip Hop entrepreneur. That’s how some might see it as Apple paid $3 billion dollars to purchase Beats by Dr. Dre. Recently there was the Go Pro IPO launch. So Dr. Dre and Go Pro’s Nick Woodman turn eureka moments into billionaire status.

The word on the street was Dre had an interest in selling speakers, not sneakers. Woodman’s interest was capturing his surfing experiences. Their business vision leveraged marketing over manufacturing. It’s a lesson for job seekers wanting to “go pro” after college and those in industry with business innovations.

A new success model is to think social. Over the years, modern economies have moved from agricultural to industrial. They’ve shifted from tech industrial to tech informational. Now it seems we’re in the age of a social revolution. More people are engaging across various platforms and human relation experiences.

These days we’re “on the go” in many ways. Woodman realized people wanted to record their mountain climbs with friends or their bike rides on trails. He developed a camera that could be mounted anywhere. Dre saw the growing interest in music streaming. Their success model came out of thinking mobile.

Dre tag-teamed with Jimmy Iovine a record executive. Woodman got startup capital from his father, a former investment banker. The seed money and partnerships have achieved a return on investment in the billions. That might be due in part to some street smarts. But it might also have to do with thinking global.


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (New-School Flava)

Something like “the deal of the century.” As hot as a rise in the mercury. Hip Hop entrepreneur now biz icon. As Apple pays $3 billion dollars in bacon. For buying Beats by Dr. Dre. While those investing in Go Pro say “hip hip hooray.” Dre and Woodman turn eureka moments. Into billionaire status of investments.

Word on the street with gossip seekers. Dre had interest in speakers, not sneakers. Woodman saught pics of his surf board run. Visualizing the experience as documented fun. Their vision built around plain-old marketing. Than old-school-styled manufacturing. Good for those wanting to ‘go pro’ in biz branding.

A new success model is to think social. Economies have moved from the farm to industrial. And even from agriculture to tech informational. Now it seems we’re in the social media age. With people engaging various platforms on the human relations stage. Where hot products get featured on the main page.

Woodman saw people wanting to capture. Mountain climbs, bike rides and moments of rapture. So he came up with a camera for any occasion. That could be mounted and used for mass exploration. Dre saw the potential in music streaming. Their success model built around “think mobile” signal beaming.

A tag-team with Dre and Jimmy Iovine came together. Having stood the test of time in any weather. Woodman got startup capital from his father. Was like cash money from an investment banker. With financial returns in the billions of dough. Takes street smarts, thinking global and reaping what you sow.

Tip: As economies modernize the flow of commerce, innovation happens through “thinking shifts” in enterprise.

Talkback: How much of their success was about industry good standing versus creative brand marketing?