Tichina Arnold and Cedric the Entertainer Make Career Moves Look Like a Walk in the Park, But They Have a Simple Secret.


Looks like things are about to change in the neighborhood. That’s one way to describe the theme behind the new CBS sitcom with Tichina Arnold and Cedric the Entertainer. They have new neighbors and let’s just say nobody saw this coming. They want to be welcoming but some things may have to grow on them.

That’s a way Arnold might describe her own career path. She’s been around the Hollywood block a few times. Some remember her on the show Martin. Others loved her on Everybody Hates Chris. Now she teams up with Cedric on a new show that’s gone from pilot to getting the green light for a full season.

Arnold and Ced have been making career moves that look like a walk in the park. What’s their secret? Maybe it’s in finding the right collaboration. They recognize when the right part needs the right partner. For Ced it’s doing the stand-up circuit with fellow comics. For Arnold it’s being with the right crew.


Over the years they’ve racked-up some major roles on the big screen and TV tube. Ced recently got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He’s even featured on a Network TV magazine cover. They’re hoping to keep the jokes coming and the money flowing as they continue to grow their body of work.

Arnold thinks back to when her heart told her that singing was something she wanted to do. After standing before a church audience she belted-out a song that was part gospel and part nursery rhyme. They both moved to Hollywood to make it big. But Arnold says she got advice that was sort of like:

  1. Find your hustle love

Arnold tells of an Uncle whose advice was to look in the classifieds for acting auditions. He thought she could tryout and maybe find her hustle love. Sometimes hustle is something you do. Other times it’s something you have. Arnold and Ced are show co-stars. They might as well be like hustle love partners.

  1. Develop your amazing talent

The audition line was where Arnold found herself week after week. She knew she had something to offer. It was just a matter of talent and timing. She couldn’t control the timing but she worked on her talent. In normal circles talent is what you bring. But in showbiz, talent is who you are and how your value is sold.

  1. Live with real purpose

Sometimes moments of pain in life can push us to live with real purpose. Arnold had a moment where she was locked-up for using a stolen credit card. Her sister who works as her manager has had some health challenges. These experiences have helped to shape how she serves some earthly good.

  1. Do good work

There’s good work she does in her starring roles. These have allowed her to keep the lights on at home and give back. There’s good work you do that makes the God in you shine through. Plus, there are different levels to being a showbiz star in Hollywood. Arnold and Ced want to keep rising to new heights.

They and the supporting cast are excited about the new sitcom. In the TV world the goal is 100 episodes. That magical number puts you in the running for syndication. With syndication the checks keep coming long after the show is done taping. Career moves that bring a body of work tend to payoff eventually.

Tip: The stars in showbiz make level-up moves in career by finding their hustle love, taking talent to new heights and going all the way to the bank.

Talkback: What’s it like having a workplace side-kick, co-star in showbiz or hustle love partner on your level?

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Cedric the Entertainer & Regina Hall Move from Past Standing to Main Street Rep Appeal #BigTimeUniversity

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

The Golden State Warriors have met a higher standing for their team single-season record. Now they’re getting ready for the playoffs just as others look forward to the Barbershop 3 movie. So Cedric the Entertainer and Regina Hall hope to move things from a past standing to higher main street rep appeal.

According to Cinema Blend, Ced said “I’m one to believe that you just can’t do sequels, just because they’re doing them. That was key for me, is to see, where was the story or where were these people 10 years later.” That’s impact visioning for raising the bottom line from an old standard to a higher box score.

It’s been over a decade since the last movie release. After lower than expected sales, there were some doubts about next steps. That’s why a message from the movie and Cedric is when life knocks us down we need to get back up stronger. A ‘next cut’ can help get us past personal lows and performance woes.

The producer shared how he ditched the fears by looking at the success of other urban-styled movies like The Best Man. So he figure-out how to convince Hollywood execs on taking things to the next level. At the barbershop or salon, that’s like seeing someone leave with a fresh look and wanting the same feeling.

Hall can relate, with many key roles since graduating from NYU. About her 20-year acting career and role in Barbershop, she told the Source “It’s just always wonderful to see people with a lot of talent do great work and expand what they do as artists.” Surely, their success has some next generation street value.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Golden State Warriors show what’s good. Meeting higher standing than others could. Single-season team record for the taking. Getting ready for the playoffs shaking. As folks look to new Barbershop movie. Lots of laughs to have life groovy. Cedric & Hall keeping things real. From old standing to higher rep appeal.

Word from Cinema Blend the other day. Cedric says sequels you don’t do for play. Just because it can mean more fame. That’s not how he sees the game. Key for him is in where story falls. For these people 10 years later calls. Bottom line between old-time reasoning. And higher box score from impact visioning.

Been over a decade since last pic. After low sales from last flick. Some doubts about next steps on the rung. So that future success was not unsung. A message for when life knocks us down. Get back up then wear the crown. Take the ‘next cut’ past personal lows. And flush those stubborn performance woes.

Producer shared how he ditched the fears. Over those up and down years. By looking at folks who had it made. Urban-styled movies were getting paid. Convincing Hollywood execs after a while. Turning things up on next level dial. A barbershop or salon’s good-look feeling. Wanting the same in fresher revealing.

Hall can relate on coming through. With some key roles after leaving NYU. A 20-year acting career since then. Looking back as if to remember when. Cool to work with lots of talent and artist skill. Doing great work to expand the thrill. Ready for the next-gen in street value. With more success on showbiz menu.


Tip: Doing great work and spreading the thrill brings higher street value and more success up the hill.

Talkback: Which Barbershop character has the most hilarious role in the movie series or your own shop?

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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST


Surround Sound Playground: Steve Harvey’s Branding Moves Hit a New Groove (Part 6)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (Old-School Flava)

Friends come, friends go and some stick around for a lifetime! That’s one way to see relationships on the block, in business and in a pinch. Friendships usually develop from the social or work scene. You run into someone with whom you build a connection. Friendships are like surround sound from your playground.

That might make sense to Harvey who’s been around the block a few times. From his days doing laugh-a-lot gigs he ran into a host of people. Most friendships start out as casual and can become close or even a homie. Plus, BFFs know you well enough to give feedback that echo a deep base of validation.

Just think how Harvey turned friendship into a staging ground for success. He teamed-up with three friends who were fellow comics. They became known as ‘Kings’ on the circuit. Each person in the group has gone on to do big things. One of his best buddies Cedric is seen on the Millionaire TV game show.

So, want to get a handle on the happenings in an industry? Email a relative! Want to be in the running for urban planning? Linkedin a networking contact! Want to let your hair down or just chill? Phone a friend! Harvey’s seen personal/professional “surround sound” friendships become meaningful collaborations.

Friendships are like a two-way street. There’s give and take that create memories for old-time sake. A friend might come into your space for a reason. This means it’s not by chance. Sometimes they last for a season. They’re there in pre-school but a distant memory in grad school. Others last for a lifetime stretch.


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (New-School Flava)

Friends come, friends go. Some stick around for the big show. A way to see relationships on the block. In business or in a pinch time-clock. Shaking hands at the workplace. Or a friend connection in the social space.  Real friendships are like surround sound. With high cheers and deep cares from the playground.

Might make sense from Harvey’s trips. Been around the block and has a few tips. From his days doing laugh-a-lot gigs. Running into a host of people small and bigs. Most friendships start out as a casual thing. Becoming closer like a homie or round-the-way fling. With BFFs giving feedback that’s validating.

Think how he’s turned friendship into a staging ground. Taking his success from bottom to the top of the mound. Teamed-up with friends who were fellow comics. Became known as ‘Kings’ in Comedy funkadelics. They’ve gone on to be major players. Best bud Cedric quizzing Millionaire Show gamers.

Want to get the scoop on an industry? Email a relative who’s got the skinny! Want to be in the big city running? Linkedin a contact in urban planning! Want to let your hair down and just chill? Phone a friend, hangout and split the bill! Work and play friendships go a long way. Ask Steve, hear what he has to say.

Friendships are like a two-way street. The value of a good one is hard to beat. There’s one way of give and another of take. Creating lasting memories for old-time sake. A friend might be there for a reason. Some stay for a longer season. Not by chance but by divine sketch. As others last for a lifetime stretch.

Tip: Good friends are like surround sound that help bring out the best quality in the song your life sings.

Talkback: Before your homeboy/homegirl was a close friend or BFF they were…?