Scott Drew & Jordan Spieth on How to Reach Your Goal No Matter the Field of Dreams or Slumps & Bumps with Your Team

The sports wire has been on fire! On the basketball court it’s due to the level of championship play. The men’s Final Four tournament lived-up to its billing. While Gonzaga didn’t come out on top, they gave the Baylor Bears everything they had. Bears Head coach Scott Drew is being hailed as a master in his lane.

Speaking of Masters, the annual pro golfing trip to Augusta won’t have Tiger Woods in the mix, who’s still recovering from his car accident. But it will have Jordan Spieth who’s coming off a recent tour win, after a 4-year winless streak. Spieth says his game has been off these past few years so he’s happy to be back.

Drew took the job of head coach almost two decades ago when Baylor’s men’s program was reeling from scandal. A player was killed by an ex-teammate. The coach at the time was cited for corruption issues around paying the tuition for a student. Drew applied for the job even though things looked bleak.

He approached the interview like he had nothing to lose. He might say that’s just one factor for him getting the job. He’d probably add that he shared a vision for the program’s turnaround. He wanted to move the culture in a new direction, as long as he had the time and support to flip the script.  

Fast forward to their recent wins and some might wonder how’d they do it? How did they get past the slumps and bumps in the road? How did they turn a period of bruising to now having the experience of cruising? They’d remember the long days and dark nights working at it with these things in mind:

  • Firsts

Spieth remembers the first time he put on the winner’s green jacket. He felt his game had hit the jackpot. But sometimes our ‘firsts’ can be beginner’s luck. So he’s been working at his game trying to recapture the grit and feeling of excitement like what Drew is feeling from winning his first national championship.  

  • Focus

Spieth took cues from the success he saw with Bill Belichick and the Patriots. During his first visit to their home stadium, he was struck by the commitment to preparation that was part of the team’s mystique. He’s been giving more attention to that not only as a player but also with his supporting golf team/staff.           

  • Faith

It’s been said that success comes with enjoying the journey just as much as the destination. For Drew it’s been quite a journey. In the early days of his tenure, athlete recruitment might have been a challenge. In trying to turn around a losing program, he ‘drew on’ something we probably all heard… to keep the faith.         

  • Family

This is Spieth’s first win as a husband, after getting married a few years ago. They both have reason to celebrate not just with their teams but also with their families. Spieth is grateful for how his wife hung in there during his game’s rough patch. For Drew it’s a generational family affair of “like father, like son.”       

In the “instant clout” world, it’s not normal for a coach to last that long with a college team, with mixed results. But Baylor gave Drew the room, space and time to deliver. Spieth says it’s true that his wife gave him the same. Now they’re riding on cloud nine and Spieth got back that smile.               

Tip: Destiny is sometimes where preparation takes you from beginner’s luck to pulling the big bucks.

Talkback: Is the Master anybody’s to win or can Spieth turn his recent win into a lucky charm?

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Hoda Kotb & Lionel Richie Make the Dream Stage Look Like a Place Where They Belong


The stage has been set with the return of American Idol’s rollout. A new slate of judges hit the road for the audition tour. Lionel Richie joins Katy Perry and Luke Bryan to give their two cents on making it in the music business. Richie as the elder of the bunch seems happy to share a hug with the contestants.

The Today Show studio was also set for the return of Hoda Kotb from the Winter Olympics. While doing the show from South Korea the studio got a makeover as they moved on from headline-making changes. Kotb got the nod as co-anchor, rising up the ranks from correspondent to guest-hosting duties.

Kotb and Richie make the dream stage look like a place where they belong. These days it’s where they’ve landed as they keep getting better at their game. It’s a kind of coming together of fate and focus that has helped to make them a force. Kotb even has things falling in place for her as a new mother.

The dream stage is where passion and style can leave us speechless for a while. The stories of Idol contestants create room for Richie to show some love. Plus, the performances are often reminders that it’s not just how they sing it or wing it but also how they bring it. Kotb can relate even for Olympic athletes.


Some industry watchers weren’t sure if Idol still had cred in the marketplace. Others weren’t sure if the Today Show would have staying power after the shake-up. But Richie and Kotb are showing young and old otherwise. Their stories of longevity and bounce-back-ability in the business are a case of turning:

  1. Talent into a unique identity

Richie first gained popularity as one of the Commodores. The group became a smash with R&B audiences. He later left the group for a solo career. He knows bringing it in your game means turning talent into a unique identity. In biz they call it USP – Unique Selling Point. My own USP is about ‘bringing more flow to life, putting more life in flow.’

  1. Timing into seizing opportunity

Kotb might not have been expecting to be named new Today Show co-host. She already had a hosting role in the ten o’clock hour where she’d be seen sipping on wine. But when the door came open she was ready to seize the opportunity. Timing isn’t just about the clock but also about delivering the right stock.

  1. Talk into more life-learning ability

Some Idol contestants show up ready to seize the opportunity. Some may be there to checkoff a bucket list item. Others are just there to get 15-seconds of buzz. But in any effort for going to the next level, the ones who move from unknown to making it on the dream stage are those who up their life-learning ability.

  1. Test into rising star-quality

When you hear the backstory of these contestants you get a sense of them taking-on life’s tests. It’s as if life was trying to separate the ‘men from the boys or the women from the girls.’ Making it on the dream stage is about using those tests to shape your unique identity and rising star-quality.

The numbers are in and Idol’s season opener pulled 10 million+ viewers. It seems the Today Show is also keeping its numbers strong. Most people start the dream journey unaware or less learned in some area of the game. But they push, pull or tear as they stretch their sail towards good times that never felt so good.

Tip: Making it on the dream stage is about how we push, pull or tear in stretching our sails towards good times that never felt so good.

Talkback: Which Singing Competition Show has created some of the best rising-star moments?

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Sloane Stephens & Drew Scott Know How Taking a Dream Idea or Career Move from Worst to First is Just a Dance Away


The next season of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) is ready to rock and roll. This year’s roster has the usual mix of ball players and entertainers. Some have retired from the game while others are trying to get their groove back. Even HGTV’s Drew Scott seems ready for the challenge to “breath, swing and move his feet.”

It so happens that those were the same words said to Stephens by her coach before the US Open Tennis final. The advice seemed to work well as she won in convincing style. The slogan of ‘Just Do It’ might work for Scott as he gets ready to strut his stuff on DWTS. But something else could also be a motivating factor.


It may be a case of ‘Just Dance’ for Scott as he prepares for Showtime, but Stephens showed that for winning it’s a case of ‘Just Flow.’ That might be the best way to describe how she went from worst to first over the past eight months. She was ranked as underdog earlier in the year but now she’s got top billing.

Stephens pulled off a stunner! She used injury time to rethink her game. This helped to make a big difference in finals play. She kept her nerves in check to ‘shake, battle and roll’ with a performance that took its toll on her opponent. When we rethink our game it helps us develop our own shake, battle & roll.

It’s a kind of ‘Just Flow’ system that she was able to reboot. Think about those times at the computer or smart phone when things get hung-up with an application. When all else fails, the best thing is to do a reboot so that the internal settings get refreshed. You’re able to reset a new ‘intel inside’ for work or play.

That played-out for Stephens as it has for me. When I left my full-time job as a computer engineer to pursue my dream it was my biggest career move yet. There were times I had to keep my nerves in check to keep moving towards the top deck. I’ve gained a new kind of ‘intel inside’ that helps me to ‘Just Flow.’

With a new ‘intel inside’ Stephens went from career crashing to career banking. She couldn’t believe the $3 million amount on the winning check. They say professional tennis is the best game to play as a woman because there’s a more level playing field to make that paper. Stephens is ready to collect!

One of the hardest things to do in a career move is to relearn your game or yourself. The good part is the professional makeover you achieve. That’s already happening for Scott. Before the first dance move on DWTS he’s been able to lose some weight. Sometimes it takes loosing ‘dead weight’ to be great.

Stephens was able to lose her ‘dead weight’ and is poised to build momentum. It’s her time to ‘Just Flow’ and to see where her goals and dreams go. Scott can show us what happens when the groove is back, or when the ‘feels’ is strong or when the rhythm hits you. You get turned-up in new and exciting ways.

A good way to describe their ‘Just Flow’ experience is being ‘in the pocket.’ Stephens was ‘in the pocket’ in how her game rose to the occasion. It’s the kind of thing that puts us in the running as a rising star. Things seem to flow so well that your game is ‘in the pocket’ and your life performance is ‘in the socket.’

Tip: A new kind of ‘Just Flow’ experience will put your game ‘in the pocket’ and your life performance ‘in the socket.’

Talkback: How was Stephens able to keep things loose and will Scott be able to get loose on the dance floor?

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Ice Cube & DJ Khaled Just Achieved New Dreams, Here’s How They Did It! #BigTimeUniversity

#BigTimeUniversity – “Small Talk, Street Dreams, Next Level”

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LOL Tube – Got Funny? (Or Just Fun!)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (Old-School Flava)

It was the first weekend in the official start of summer and things got hot! There were so many events from coast to coast that had stars in the building. There were Awards shows and other spots to choose from that were happening. Even Ice Cube and DJ Khaled achieved new dreams with their latest projects.

In launching this new 3-on-3 professional basketball league, Cube told USA Today’s For The Win “When I saw Kobe score 60 points in his last game, I knew that guy can still play basketball…and there’s no where I can ever see him play again.” Cube saw an opportunity to fill a void, serve a niche & roll the dice.

After giving it more thought he went with the 3-on-3 idea which is how most basketball pick-up games are played. Even though he was starting from scratch with the idea, he decided to recruit former NBA players who’re now retired. The concept has some buzz with strong attendance after the first weekend of games.

While that was happening on the East Coast, Khaled was mixing it up on the West Coast with a new album release. His social media feed was blazing with clicks and pics from some of his promotional pit stops. With Cube and Khaled you see their vision catch fire as they approach their dreams like pros.

What really stands out for both of them is how they make the situation special. Khaled gives nods and props to his production team and music collaborators with his Another One lingo. Cube lets players wear their street-side nicknames on their jerseys. It’s the way they make things funky, fun and catch feels.

Groove-Track: Tracie Spencer  – Make it Funky –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (New-School Flava)

First summer weekend start. Weather pretty much played its part. Things in show biz got hot. With so many events to hit the spot. Awards shows and so much more. Some things began as early as four. Lots of stars in the building to see. How Ice Cube and DJ Khaled let dreams come to be.

Launching new 3-on-3 pro hoops. Giving USA Today his dream scoops. Saw Kobe retire after scoring 60 in last game. Knew he could still do more with his fame. Why not see him play again. If he’s still can shoot jumpers when. A way to serve a niche, fill a void. Roll the dice for the retired and unemployed.

After thinking things through a bit. Cube thought his idea could be a hit. Most pick-up games happen the 3-on-3 way. That’s how most kids learn to play. Starting from scratch to move it along. Cube adding his own rhymes in a Hip Hop song. Concept has buzz from fan support. To see who still got game on the court.

That was sort of the East Coast swing. While Khaled on West Coast doing his thing. Mixing it up for his album release. Grateful for the fan love piece by piece. Social media feed blazing with clicks. Streaming music previews and promo pics. Many see their vision catch fire. Living their dreams about to go higher.

Something to make them standout then. The situation makes things feel like a ten. Khaled gives nods to his production team. Adding props for his collab-ready dream. As Another One helps him see more green. And stay front and center on the scene. Nicknames on jerseys to make it funky, fun and feel teen.


Tip: Achieving new dreams might involve filling a void, serving a niche and making the right pitch.

Talkback: What’s it going to take for 3-on-3 to become a regular part of the sports scene?

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Tiger Woods Not Ready for the Major Greens While Jane Pauley’s Back on TV Screens #BigTimeUniversity

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at age 83 is back on the Supreme Court. She ruffled some feathers over the summer but is trying to lay low. Also back is Jane Pauley as new host of CBS Sunday Morning. While Pauley is good for another round on TV, Tiger Woods says he’s not ready for a major golf tournament.

In a statement to fans Woods said “I will continue to strive to be able to play tournament golf. I’m very close, taking my game from the range to the course is the final hurdle, and with your continued support, I know I’ll get there.” He’s ready to get his groove back, but it’s gonna take more than a finger snap.

It’s getting kinda hectic as Woods went from top ranking to complete halt. But he’s pumped about taking his mojo from lame to game by not feeling defeated. After working day and night on his swing he hopes to return to past performances. He’s patiently focused on having power and magic again.

Pauley has had media ranking slips and slides too. In her mid-twenties she landed the co-host spot on NBCs Today Show. Since leaving the show there’ve been some lows and highs along the way. Now forty years later she’s got her groove back in a role that feels like going from last to having a wide-cast.

Pauley said to an AP writer “I was told that the word most consistently associated with my name was ‘authenticity.’ If they had said anything else, I would have gone ‘pooh.’ But authenticity? I said, ‘Yeah!’ For better or worse, I just didn’t know how to be anything but myself.” No matter what, that works every time.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Justin Ginsburg’s back on the block. Trying not to say anything to shock. Supreme Court back in session. A few ruffled feathers but still a lesson. Jane Pauley also on the upswing. CBS Sunday Morning her new thing. Good enough for doing TV again. While Tiger Woods not ready for stellar career to end.

Saying to fans in a statement online. Continuing to strive as health is fine. Not able to play the big game yet. But no need for folks to fret. Getting closer to go from range to course. That’s coming from him the main source. Ready to cross the hurdle, reinvent and rise. With a snap, crackle and pop surprise.

Gettin’ kinda hectic around here. Woods’ ratings went from top to fair. Now rough and ready to take his mojo. From scratch to hatch or lame to game flow. Working day and night on his swing stroke. Making sure his performance is woke. Focused on getting back the power. With game-time magic at any hour.

Pauley’s seen her own media slip. As rankings slide and a network skip. In her mid-twenties being Today Show host. Something she might cherish the most. Lows and highs along the way. Now she’s back on CBS Sunday. Forty years later taking on new role. From last to wide-cast, feeling good in her soul.

Pauley tells AP writer. How she kept going as a fighter. Word most used to describe her then and now. Was one of authenticity worn on her brow. If anything that hit her happy spots. For better or worse to connects the dots. No matter what it works every time. Mark her words for dropping wisdom and a dime.


Tip: The best way to reinvent your game and rise just the same is letting authenticity be the major reward.

Talkback: How much longer will it take before Tiger Woods gets his golf groove back?

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Usain Bolt & Isaiah Cooper Can Fly, Check the Record for How They Blazed New Trails #BigTimeUniversity

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Two weeks ago a Compton teen took off in a single engine plane to fly around the U.S. He’s back home now after doing just that. In two weeks the world’s attention will put the Rio Olympics on the radar. It’s clear that Isaiah Cooper & Usain Bolt can fly, when you check the record for how they blazed new trails.

Cooper and Bolt shared how they put their goals in flight. Bolt told Foot Locker’s Eastbay Magazine “I have to really push myself to make sure to stay in the shape I want to be in when the time comes.” These guys give us two stories on how the next level of many things starts with the three laws of project rising.

At 16, Cooper’s in the news as the youngest African-American to achieve this feat. But he remembers being on a path in life that wasn’t productive. The shift came about from visioning what could be. He avoided self-destruction by pushing the right buttons. That’s a good thing to learn as a budding pilot.

Who knows, they might have similar experiences when in flight. For Bolt it happens somewhere around 60 meters. Commentators like to say that his top-end speed got him cruising. Whether on the track, in the cockpit or at the office, they know this game time ‘cruising feeling’ means having passion at top-end.

Bolt has a big task ahead, hoping to make history by winning the sprint events at a third Olympics. Cooper also has sights set on new heights. In two years he hopes to be the youngest to fly around the world. As Bolt chills in the tropics he reminds us “If you put the work in, it will show at the end of the day.”

Groove-Track: R. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Two weeks not long ago you see. Compton teen took off to be. Flying around U.S. coast to coast. Now back home to a hero’s toast. In two week not that long or far. Rio Olympics to be on world’s radar. Isaiah Cooper in single engine plane sails. He and Bolt have blazed new trails. Check the record it’s off the rails.

Cooper and Bolt put goals in flight. Got people saying Alright Alright! Bolt knows he’s gotta keep pushing. To be in shape for world-class running. So that when the time to perform is here. He can turn on the jets and go there. Two stories on how next-level steps get rolling. Kinda starts with three laws of project rising.

A 16 year-old in the news is Cooper. Doing something that makes him super. Youngest African-American to achieve this feat. Come-on Mr. DJ, pump up the beat. Flashback to times of being un-productive. Now on a path of vision constructive. Pushing right buttons as a pilot avoids the destructive.

Bolt & Cooper share feelings of gold. With stories that get told and sold. For Bolt it’s around the 60-meter mark. For Cooper it’s by the cloud-line dark. Top-end speed got them cruising. To a place of the after-burning. Whether on track, in cockpit or office space. That ‘cruising feeling’ means passion’s in its place.

It’s a big task ahead for the sprinter. Hoping to make history in Brazil’s winter. By winning events three Olympics in a row. While Cooper sets sights on higher air flow. Fly around the world at age 18 or so. Will make him youngest ever amigo. As Bolt chills in the island sun. Putting in the work before end-of-day fun.

Photo Credit: David Gonzales/CBS

Tip: The key to blazing new trails is in turning on the jets so that after a while cruising time gets you there.

Talkback: What kind of amazing things might we expect at the Rio Olympics?

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Hillary Clinton and Jordan Spieth Raise Their Game Using the Softer Side of Success – #WUWECAST

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Hillary Clinton – Politician. Jordan Spieth – Golfer. Both have been all over the news cycle. Clinton made it official that she’s again running for President. Spieth made history at the recent Masters Golf Championship. Interestingly, Clinton and Spieth both raised their game using the softer side of success.

USA Today quoted Phil Mickelson who said “Spieth doesn’t overpower the golf course, but he plays the course strategically well. And he has the ability to focus and see things clear when the pressure is on and perform at his best. That’s something you really can’t teach.”  It’s as if his game is built on simplicity.

Meanwhile back at headquarters, Clinton staffers were told they should be guided by humility, discipline and unity. The TV talking-heads feel she’s avoiding the mistakes from her last presidential run. She wants to be seen not so much as “well established” but for being “wide awake” to people’s concerns.

Then there’s the human-touch factor. Clinton said that she’s been wearing a “grandmother glow” after the birth of her grand-daughter. For Spieth, he attributes his success to appreciating some of the little things (and the joy they bring) in life. So his younger autistic sister keeps him grounded beyond the golf course.

Spieth’s Masters victory is a dream come true. Plus, Clinton knows what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. They’ve had times when success was about overdrive dreams, career fast-track and being a master blaster at the game. And then they’re those times when it’s about simplicity, sincerity and humility.

Groove-Track: Katy Perry – ‘Wide Awake’ –

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Hillary Clinton – Politician. Jordan Speith – Golfing Magician. Both making the news cycle. For being at their pinnacle. Clinton says it’s official she’s again running. Spieth’s golf performance just stunning. Taking top spot at the Masters and in political name. With the softer side of success added to their game.

USA Today gets Phil Mickelson’s opinion. He said Spieth doesn’t overpower golf course with dominion. Plays strategically with ability to see things clear. Suppressing the pressure and any rising fear. To perform at his best from the get go. Something you can’t teach, he lets simplicity flow.

Meanwhile back at Clinton campaign HQ. Staffers told let humility, discipline and unity shine through. TV talking-heads say she’s avoiding mistakes of old. Prior presidential run started off cold. Being seen as “well established” moved to the background. Instead “wide awake” to people’s concerns in foreground.

Then there’s letting the human-touch show. Like Clinton wearing her “grandmother glow.” For Spieth, success is leaving room for little things. And the joy that inner satisfaction brings. Clinton’s new grand-daughter being top of the list. While Spieth’s younger autistic sister makes his eyes mist.

Masters victory a dream come true. In a matter of days his fame grew. What doesn’t kill makes you stronger. So Clinton’s career could last a bit longer. Success seen in overdrive dreams and career fast-track. And the master blaster game you pack. Simplicity, sincerity and humility for folks white or black.


Tip: The simplicity in success comes with sincerity and humility for those who’re masters at their game.
Talkback: How much does age or experience matter when dreams are on the line?
Groove-Tracks: India Arie – ‘Little Things’ –

Kelly Clarkson – ‘Stronger’ –   

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The Business of Sports: Marshawn & Serena Getting Paid for Games Played – #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

There were lots of highlights in sports over recent days. The biggest was likely how the Superbowl ended. With less than a minute in the game, the Seahawks decided to pass. We’ve heard the breakdown of the big game and TV commercials. So will Marshawn Lynch get fined and what about Serena’s fat check?

The game was a thriller down to the end. The commercials had their fare share of ‘hits and misses.’ This year’s Superbowl was the most watched TV program in history. Lynch didn’t get the call to run the ball. But his branding success beyond the big game says something about how to ‘coin a phrase.’

His approach to media has put a dent in his wallet. But he’s been able to turn that around into a branding ‘phrase that pays.’ This is also true for ads that are a hit. They appeal with humor or to the heartstring or by being hip. That’s how a favorite song, movie or commercial can empower our days in unique ways.

Some fans were drawn to the Nissan 90-second spot about ‘Daddy love’ while others were drawn to the Budweiser tale about ‘puppy love.’ To empower our days means trying to see something we didn’t see before, or experiencing something in ways we haven’t before. Isn’t that how the pros up their game?

Serena Williams continues to do that on the court. She’s now won 19 grand slams as one of the oldest ever. Her success is less about how she coins a phrase. It’s more about how she empowers her days and picks a next-level trail to blaze. Win, lose or draw, Lynch and Williams are laughing their way to the bank.


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Lots of highlights on the sports page. The Superbowl finish had some in rage. With less than a minute left on the clock. Seahawks coach paused to take stock. Decided to pass instead of run. That’s how they lost and the Patriots won. So will Marshawn Lynch again get fined? Or Serena’s check get nickel & dimed?

A thriller down to the end. Unclear who would rise or bend. Commercials had their share of ‘hits and misses.’ Most watched TV program without the kisses. Eventhough Lynch didn’t get the call. Seahawks could have run the ball. Lynch making waves beyond news wire. Coining a phrase in ‘beast mode’ attire.

Talking to media not his first love. Puts a dent in his wallet not glove. Runs over athletes with his backfield plays. Turns things around with a phrase that pays. True for ads that are a hit and pop. Using humor, heartstring or a little hip-hop. A favorite song to empower our days. Or movie-showing in unique ways.

Some drawn to Nissan’s ‘Daddy love’ spot. Others think Budweiser’s ‘puppy love’ was the shot. To empower our days means seeing things in a new light. Or even experiencing things at a new flight. Isn’t that how the pros keep upping their game? Just like them we can enjoy reaching the same.

Serena doing that on the court for sure. At 19 grand slams she’s ready for more. One of the oldest in the game to do so ever. Less about coining a phrase that’s clever. It’s in how she empowers her days. And picks a next-level trail to blaze. Win, lose or draw in the tank. They’re laughing their way to the bank.


Tip: Upping our game and empowering our days mean seeing and experiencing things in new ways.
Talkback: Will Marshawn Lynch or the Patriots get fined and how might Serena spend that fat check?
Groove-Tracks: Katy Perry ‘Roar’ – and Bruno Mars ‘Uptown Funk’ –

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