Scott Drew & Jordan Spieth on How to Reach Your Goal No Matter the Field of Dreams or Slumps & Bumps with Your Team

The sports wire has been on fire! On the basketball court it’s due to the level of championship play. The men’s Final Four tournament lived-up to its billing. While Gonzaga didn’t come out on top, they gave the Baylor Bears everything they had. Bears Head coach Scott Drew is being hailed as a master in his lane.

Speaking of Masters, the annual pro golfing trip to Augusta won’t have Tiger Woods in the mix, who’s still recovering from his car accident. But it will have Jordan Spieth who’s coming off a recent tour win, after a 4-year winless streak. Spieth says his game has been off these past few years so he’s happy to be back.

Drew took the job of head coach almost two decades ago when Baylor’s men’s program was reeling from scandal. A player was killed by an ex-teammate. The coach at the time was cited for corruption issues around paying the tuition for a student. Drew applied for the job even though things looked bleak.

He approached the interview like he had nothing to lose. He might say that’s just one factor for him getting the job. He’d probably add that he shared a vision for the program’s turnaround. He wanted to move the culture in a new direction, as long as he had the time and support to flip the script.  

Fast forward to their recent wins and some might wonder how’d they do it? How did they get past the slumps and bumps in the road? How did they turn a period of bruising to now having the experience of cruising? They’d remember the long days and dark nights working at it with these things in mind:

  • Firsts

Spieth remembers the first time he put on the winner’s green jacket. He felt his game had hit the jackpot. But sometimes our ‘firsts’ can be beginner’s luck. So he’s been working at his game trying to recapture the grit and feeling of excitement like what Drew is feeling from winning his first national championship.  

  • Focus

Spieth took cues from the success he saw with Bill Belichick and the Patriots. During his first visit to their home stadium, he was struck by the commitment to preparation that was part of the team’s mystique. He’s been giving more attention to that not only as a player but also with his supporting golf team/staff.           

  • Faith

It’s been said that success comes with enjoying the journey just as much as the destination. For Drew it’s been quite a journey. In the early days of his tenure, athlete recruitment might have been a challenge. In trying to turn around a losing program, he ‘drew on’ something we probably all heard… to keep the faith.         

  • Family

This is Spieth’s first win as a husband, after getting married a few years ago. They both have reason to celebrate not just with their teams but also with their families. Spieth is grateful for how his wife hung in there during his game’s rough patch. For Drew it’s a generational family affair of “like father, like son.”       

In the “instant clout” world, it’s not normal for a coach to last that long with a college team, with mixed results. But Baylor gave Drew the room, space and time to deliver. Spieth says it’s true that his wife gave him the same. Now they’re riding on cloud nine and Spieth got back that smile.               

Tip: Destiny is sometimes where preparation takes you from beginner’s luck to pulling the big bucks.

Talkback: Is the Master anybody’s to win or can Spieth turn his recent win into a lucky charm?

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Steph Curry and Tiffany Haddish on Turning Good Breaks into Dance Shakes While Keeping Their Game On High Performance


The NCAA Final Four teams are set with a few one-seed upsets. The two Carolina teams Duke & UNC are out of the dance. Virginia is still in the mix while Texas Tech beat west coast favorite Gonzaga to reach the Final Four for the first time. For die-hard fans, some of those games were hard to watch.

Another North Carolina boy has his eyes set on a different upcoming series. Steph Curry is gearing up for the big push of the NBA playoffs. He’s been on a run lately that is simply other-worldly. Meantime, Tiffany Haddish is trying to reset her comedy game after a New Year’s Eve show that went off the rails.

They know something about turning good breaks into dance shakes. You see it when Curry runs a fast break or hits a 3-point shot so far out he might as well have taken it from the parking lot. Haddish does her dance shake when she pinches herself and realizes the path taken to becoming a hit in Hollywood.


Curry says he’s still working on some things in his game. That’s why when he named his top-5 NBA players in the past 20 years, he says his name wasn’t on the list because he’s still a work in progress.  Haddish says she learned the reason why her show bombed. She partied too much the night before.

What drives them is the stuff they’re doing to make their game and life story come alive even more. Curry remembers times when people said he was overrated. He puts in the work to silence the doubters. Haddish says she’s back to doing comedy right. They’re keeping their game on high because of the:

  1. Dream

Your dream is deeply-rooted in some inner vision for your best self or is connected to someone else’s dream for a better product, service or world. Curry’s dream probably came from watching his dad play ball in the NBA. As a kid, he’d be on the court learning the plays of the game and the tricks of the trade.

  1. Flow


When you watch Haddish she seems like a boundless flow of energy. When you watch Curry, he’s just hitting shots in the flow. Everybody’s got their own flow. But one reason why fans might attend their games or stand-up comedy shows is to experience and enjoy the magic of their flow.

  1. Brand

Curry started his own production company to work on other projects that help fulfill his true calling and broader purpose. What he does in the game is good for scoring points and celebrating championships. What he’s doing off the court is good for building his brand and defining his life’s work.

  1. Destiny

Usually in the professional game folks are driven by something to prove. Maybe Curry felt doubted and had to prove he’s got game. Maybe Haddish felt slighted as a child and had to prove that ‘she ready.’ But even beyond having to prove to others in the game, is their hope to fulfill their destiny.

Once the NCAA tournament is done the NBA playoffs begin. Curry’s looking to do something not done since Kobe Bryant and the Lakers with a three-peat. Haddish is working on her stand-up game for Netflix projects. They keep performance on high, driven by the dream, flow, brand and destiny ‘cause they’ll be around.

Tip: Great achievers keep performance on high, because of the dream, flow, brand and fulfilling their destiny.

Talkback: Who you’ve got for taking the crown at the NCAA Big Dance?

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Villanova & North Carolina Teams Put on a Show that was So Good it Seemed Unreal #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

How would it feel to have a holiday named in your honor? Well, most don’t know because it never happens. But after a thrilling NCAA Final Four finish, Villanova students were given a holiday from classes. Their Wildcats and North Carolina Tar Heels put on a show that was so good it seemed unreal.

After the game, Villanova point guard Ryan “Arch” said “We work on that play every single day in practice. I was trying to be aggressive. It’s about me making the right read. I think I did that.” This speaks to what it takes for teammates and ‘mojo workers’ to turn-up strong at the ready and show-up big in the end.

Whether at the office or on the court it’s smart to start with a goal or two in mind. For college basketball the ultimate goal is getting to the big dance and taking home the championship trophy. The game started as a back-and-forth with a close score at halftime. So it was still anyone’s to win with 20 minutes left.

The Wildcats began the second-half down five points. They found their mojo, got in a groove and opened a 10-point lead. It gave them momentum for a relentless stretch of endurance. Then as the clock wound down it was a dream-shot moment that put Kris Jenkins’ 3-point game clincher in the history books.

Fans were in disbelief. Some sports analysts think this was one of the most exciting game endings ever. Plus, for the everyday person on a work team it was a reminder of how having a goal and getting in a groove means working on some things every day. This gives us the get-up for being able to live large.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

How’d it feel to have a named holiday? To take off time without losing pay? Most don’t know how it would be. That won’t happen for them or me. NCAA Final Four finishes high. A few players let-out a cry. Wildcat students had no classes. Good for them and the masses. As game was unreal with loud applauses.

After buzzer ‘Nova star heard saying. What we practice is what we were playing. In pushing the ball up the court. Making right read and being good sport. Aggressive in hustle and his dribble. Little time to waste or to nibble. Teammates came ready to show-up strong. With a big-time ending not after long.

Whether at work or play it’s smart. To have a goal or two at the start. Ultimate goal in making it to the dance. To take home trophy and bragging stance. Game started in back-and-forth fashion. As players soon stepped-up their passion. Halftime saw a close score. Anyone’s to win next 20 minutes on the floor.

Wildcats began five points behind. Got back to the uphill grind. Mojo working didn’t disturb their groove. Opened-up 10-point lead and a move. Had momentum shifted in their favor. A win is something they could savor. Dream-shot moment in Kris Jenkins’ looks. Putting 3-point game clincher in history books.

So fans in disbelief. Call emergency crew for relief! Some analysts say best game ending ever. Another way to show not to give up never. Plus, for every person on a work team. Having goal and groove in a dream. Doing some things daily puts us on the verge. Of rocking the get-up and being able to surge.


Tip: Working on a goal and finding a groove gives us the get-up for being next top dog at work or play.

Talkback: What’s your take on the big game? Was it their “endurance groove” that made the difference?

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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST