Oprah and Tim Cook: Two Master Leaders Working with Others to Turn Personal Crossroads or Career Setbacks into Life Skills for the Ages

This isn’t a sequel, but it might as well be now that the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan has landed. The much-anticipated sit-down with them had its share of ‘ooh and ahh’ moments. Oprah is known to celebrate aha moments too, but those will come later as she reads the media tea leaves.

Then there’s the story of Malala Yousafzai who is now a college graduate and working her way into the biz world. She’s teamed-up with AppleTV+ and CEO Tim Cook in developing human-interest stories that bring hope and connects with hearts. Malala sees him as a mentor and he sees her as a walking miracle.

The Orpah interview attracted 17 million viewers. That’s just for starters as folks who missed it are likely to stream it. The ‘tea spills and bombshell kills’ from them has royal watchers gasping for air. But there’s a growing divide between those who think they were brave and those who think it was attention crave.

In Malala, Cook sees someone who has already created a shift in her home country. It’s the kind thing where “if people can see it then they can believe it even more.” That’s what Malala represents to girls in her recovery for near human tragedy. If was a kind of personal crossroads that she had to face head on.

With Harry and Meghan, it’s confusing if they left the Palace or the Palace left them. He gave up his military role and lost his royal title. She gave up her partnership with his many causes. But once folks get pass the Palace intrigue and tabloid drama, their life skills lessons for the ages include what they:  

  • Learn

How they got here isn’t just about what happened to them, but also what happened in them. For Harry it’s probably what he learned watching how his mother was treated when he was a child. For Malala it’s in how she found strength, courage and wisdom during recovery, even with the threat of further harm.  

  • Share

Meghan tried to dance a delicate balance in what she shared and how she dropped some nuggets. Those nuggets provided insight but might even bring some foresight for how she plans to make a difference from the experience. Sometimes what we share is invaluable, especially for others in the same boat.        

  • Plant

Everyone understands the idea of “you reap what you sow.” But the pain of loneliness that Meghan mentioned isn’t something she brought on herself. Nor were the multiple surgeries that Malala had to go through. They’re turning those personal crossroads and career setbacks into a bigger field of dreams.    

  • Sell

At the top of the interview, Oprah made clear that they weren’t getting paid for the ‘tell-all.’ But that’s not where the story ends. She asked Meghan how she plans to apply lessons learned to the company they formed. Her answer of “using the company to capture stories” wasn’t only a tell but also a sell.  

The total footage of the interview was three hours plus. They had to pare it down to around 80 minutes. There’s probably other stuff that didn’t make it to the highlight reel but might be important life lessons on how to heal. How they get there is as much about feelings of melancholy and not to sweat the technique.              

Tip: How we move past personal crossroads and career setbacks might mean handling feelings of melancholy and working through things but not sweat the small stuff.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Has Reason to Take His Techies to Wall Street for a Special Treat #WUWECAST

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

There was a big rumble on Main Street recently after word of the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight set for May. There was also some noise on Wall Street, not for the fight but for AT&T getting bounced by Apple on the Dow Jones. That’s why Tim Cook would have reason to take his techies to Wall Street for a special treat.

Cook is running things now but Steve Jobs was the innovator and game-changer. Some say he was a little irreverent at work. At times he was seen as trouble but made things that seemed irregular or unusual become popular. His secret was making them bounce, pop or shift in the marketplace and culture.

If Jobs were doing a TED Talk today he might have something to say about Wall Street and being added to the Dow. But he might also have a big announcement titled ‘The Secret on How to Make Your Market Value Bounce. Just pay attention to the buzz in media and technology for a few clues.’

So, leading the way for primetime TV viewership are Empire, CSI and Big Bang Theory. They fall in the categories of pop culture, crime drama and geek humor. Beyond iTunes and the iPhone there’s the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apply Pay. These biz/media portals are poised to pull numbers in the stratosphere.

When you look at the top-3 shows on television you get a sense for the social and entertainment landscape. When you consider Apple replacing AT&T on the Dow, you get a sense for where business is going. Put them together and there’s something there to becoming top-class in name and game.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Sounded like a big rumble on Main Street. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao to compete. Also a little noise on Wall Street. Not for the fight but another feat. AT&T bounced by Apple for now. From the top-30 stocks on the Dow. Tim Cook has reason to take his techies. To Wall Street for a special treat with the bookies.

Cook now has his hand on the wheel. But Steve Jobs brought innovation and the game-changer feel. Seen as trouble while a little irreverent in his work. Helped a lot of people bring home the pork. Secret was making things shift, bounce or pop. In the marketplace and pop culture gift shop.

If Jobs to give TED Talk today. He’d have a word on the Dow to say. Think about his market-friendly style. Always a new gizmo with fans going wild. ‘Secret to Making Market Value Bounce.’ Giving all you’ve got ounce by ounce. Nobody can walk in his shoes. Buzz in media and tech give a few clues.

Leading the way for primetime viewership. CSI, Big Bang Theory and the Empire Mothership. In the categories of crime drama and geek humor. Also throw in a little pop culture. Beyond iTunes and the iPhone portals. Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple Pay as next mortals. Pulling numbers from their royals.

Top-3 shows on TV these days. A snapshot of the social and showbiz craze. Think about Apple kicking AT&T to the curve. Should that rattle our nerve? Maybe hints at where tech is going. As its popularity keeps growing. So, on becoming top-class in name. Means putting things together in your game.


Tip: The secret to a market value bounce is in things that seem unusual or irregular becoming popular.
Talkback: Apple Watch, Apple TV or Apple Stock, where’d you put your money?
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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST