Tony Gonzalez and Simone Biles are Special Because They ‘Crush It’ Which Makes Fans Give Them Their Props!


It’s the time of year again when season openers come at you fast and furious. There’s football on every channel. This week also saw the kickoff of two new talks shows. Tamron Hall and Kelly Clarkson aren’t strangers to the public eye. They’ve gotten new gigs to bring their personality to the daytime TV scene.

Some showbiz watchers and sport fans might still be talking about what happened over the summer. There was the NFL Hall of Fame induction of Tony Gonzalez, one of the best to have played the Tight End position. There was also Simone Biles and her other-worldly performance as a gymnastic champion.

These two, while in different sports, seem to have something in common. Gonzalez went from “shy-guy status” in high school to a major player in college. Biles went from rocky beginnings as a child to rock-solid performances as a gymnast. It’s not quite rags to riches, but sure seems like “impossible to possible.”


This helped put them on the map professionally and in people’s hearts emotionally. When Gonzalez made it into the hall of fame this summer, he had lots of pleasant memories to share. And when Biles did that first-ever ‘triple double’ routine, it sent the Internet into a full-blown pop culture “fire alert.”

They will tell you that it hasn’t all been peaches and cream. Gonzalez recently share how he dealt with being bullied in his early school days. Biles has had to deal with social media riff-raff comments after news about a family member. But they’ve showed nothing’s gonna hold them back because they go to:

  1. The huddle

Every football play starts with the huddle. It’s where the next-step gameplan is shared. But the huddle isn’t limited to sports. Folks in business and media do some kind of huddle in their office meetings. Gonzalez says he even does meditation as a kind of self-huddle with mind, body and spirit in the mix.

  1. The hurt

Both have had to deal with emotional hurts in their journeys. Gonzalez tells the story of hiding from his family when he realized that the bully showed up at his graduation. But he would gather himself and use that as a turning point. It’s a case of turning pain into gain, hurt into greater self-worth.

  1. The hustle


Back in the day there was a song call “do the hustle” that was as popular as the electric slide is today. Biles does her own hustle in the floor routine, but not a lot of people can match it. It’s hard to wrap your head around her doing the triple-double. She did two twists and three flips in one swoop.

  1. The heartstring

The hall of fame ceremony can be a tear-jerker for inductees and fans. Maybe Gonzalez held it together, but we’ve seen times when athletes reveal their soft, human, vulnerable sides. That’s where heartstrings sometimes get pulled. It’s where fans connect with their idols in ways that make them feel like family.

Gonzalez continues to shine off the field as an NFL sports analyst. The playing days of his career might be over, but his star-status hasn’t faded. Biles is a 2019 nominee of the People’s Choice Awards in the Game Changers category. They’re special in how they crush it which makes fans give them their props.

Tip: In sports, business or in everyday life people who rock the hustle, shake the hurt and rise to the occasion are special because they crush it.

Talkback: Who’s ready for those season openers that bring new goals, roles and excitement?

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Simone Biles & Steve Harvey Share Great Memories and Power Moves for ‘Woo Woo Wooing’ the Crowd


It’s a kind of on-again off-again story that some folks want to just go away. Whether Diddy and Cassie are back together has others guessing. But there’s no guessing these days as to who is seen as the sexiest man alive. Idris Elba is getting his time to shine in the hunk-a-licious spotlight. Yea he’s moved on up.

Lots of folks have different feelings about things we try to do to move on or move up in life. Maybe that’s where Simon Biles comes in. She recently became the first American to win a medal in every event at a World Championship. She even got the silver in the uneven bars, probably her least favorite routine.

Biles is the most decorated American Olympic gymnast in history. She recently pulled-off the feat of performing at a championship while suffering with kidney stones. She described the experience as “life wanting her to sit-out but she put that request on hold.” She got through it with sheer ‘hustle love.’

Whether rekindling a relationship or reinventing yourself in the game, two key factors are to feel the love and feed the brand. Add to that how Simone Biles and Steve Harvey share great memories and power moves for ‘woo woo wooing’ the crowd. A certain magic keeps them rockin’ & rollin’ on success street.


When you checkout how they and others keep ‘going to the well’ and finding their ‘money stream’ there’re things they know about being in the flow. But there might also be some things they learned at Big Time University. That’s where you go to reinvent yourself and level-up your game by having a new:

  1. Look

Every so often Harvey will post a throwback picture of his days doing standup. The laugh isn’t always in the joke as much as it might be in the suit he was wearing. Dressing in the ‘90s for success has a different look than dressing for success today. How we reinvent ourselves sometimes needs a new look.

  1. View

The look is something that happens on the outside. But the view also happens on the inside. Biles was dealing with kidney stones on the inside so she had to have the right attitude in order to come out on top. It can be hard to reinvent yourself or level-up your game without a new attitude or big-picture view.

  1. Push

Biles knows that it’s not an easy road to return to the next Olympics after her breakout performance the last time. She’s on a new push to make the team and rack-up the score. When you’re the one others have their eyes on, it could be a blessing or a curse. So her push helps her reach for more as a big timer.

  1. Promise

Harvey tells the story of finding himself in a bad spot in a past relationship. He also had low moments where he was ready to give-up on his dreams. At those times, one thing that helped to turn things around was a promise he made to himself and to God. A promise can help us move on or move up in life.

Harvey’s new-look website gives clues for where he’s trying to go in biz. Biles’ new push has her performing at a major level with two years left to go before the next Olympics. The way they go about reinventing themselves is a good reminder for how a new attitude can help us reach for something good.

Tip: When you reinvent yourself, it takes a new look and a new view to create a new you.

Talkback: Which one has you rollin’: Harvey’s throwback pics or Biles’ next-level push?

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Cardi B & Simone Biles Explain How Their Dreams Came Together Even Through Stormy Weather


Superbowl LII is in the bag and the Philly parade is set. The game might be over but it seems Cardi B and Simone Biles are just getting started. It’s hard to say which one’s the bigger pop culture icon right now. One’s getting ready to tour with Bruno Mars, the other’s back to training for the 2020 Olympic team.

Both have adoring fans who just can’t get enough of their style and story. For Cardi B it’s a case of “don’t judge a book by its backside until you get the backstory.” For Biles it’s a case of “when a dream is in you it’s gotta find a way to come through.” Then again maybe we can say the same thing for both.

Their journeys are somewhat similar in skipping out on college. Cardi B made it through two semesters and had enough. Biles chose to skip out on a UCLA scholarship and instead go pro to fulfill her dreams. Fast-forward their stories and you find them becoming their best by having a ‘no limit’ mindset.

Both did some ‘firsts’ in their game. Cardi B as the first rapper to have her first three singles in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100s. At the Rio Olympics Biles became the first female gymnast to win four gold medals in the same games. Now they’re both working on not being a one-time wonder or passing fancy.


Biles’ weakness is the uneven bars. She’s much better at gymnastic routines that use the power in her legs. But her electric personality fits well with her performance stick-ability. Cardi B turned her weakest times into breakout moments. Now her music career seems to be on a path of going all the way up.

Their road to glory also came with some ‘stormy weather.’ Biles had to bounce around in foster care until she was adopted by her grand-parents. Cardi B dealt with the separation of her parents and the challenge of finding it hard to get by. They showed courage to stay the course and soar by how they would:

  1. List the dream and make the hit list.

One year after barely missing out on making the National Team, Biles decided to regroup to do whatever it took to bounceback. She soon became a hit on the gymnastic circuit and went on to become three-time world champion. Then she decided to list the dream of making the Rio Olympics and the rest is history.

  1. Learn the ropes and trust the process.

Cardi B didn’t initially set out to be a rapper. But to move past her show-girl days, she began paying attention to some of the big stars in the game. She remembers thinking that she could do that by bringing her own swag and then some. Things went from there, after starting from the bottom and now she’s here.

  1. Bring the funk and raise the roof.

The funk for Biles is how she became a force on the floor. She’d find the zone where passion was just rolling towards perfection. The funk is that feeling of being in a good groove. It’s something fans can sense when it happens. The funk for Cardi B has her becoming a force where she gets to raise the roof.

  1. Spread the love and live the life.

Recently Biles shared that she was also the victim of sexual abuse. She kept those feelings repressed for years but now her healing comes from being able to tell her story and spread the love. Beyond a new boyfriend to talk about and fiancé to have and hold, these ladies are in a good place to live the life.

When you look at their life, your life or my life you see what you see. But after a while things seem to turn out fine. Biles and Cardi B’s stories remind us that even if you’ve had some downside, you can still reach the upside. These ladies are doing it big, making their mark and owning their place in the showbiz game.

Tip: When you have a dream in you it finds a way to come through by learning the ropes and trusting the process.

Talkback: Does Cardi B have it in her to be more than a one-time wonder?

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Steve Harvey Starts New Season on the Race, Michael Strahan Joins GMA on the Regular #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

There it is…the return of the Macks! While some kids get set for new math, other folks can watch Michael Strahan & Steve Harvey. Over the summer there was a break from doing their shows. But Harvey kicked-off a new season with Simone Manuel on her Olympics race and Strahan joined GMA on the regular.

In ABC interview he said “I think we all get so tied up in what’s going on in work and all these other things that we forget that life is supposed to be fun. I try to bring that same attitude, as much fun and play you can bring to a job.” That’s what it means for them to connect with passion full-time and dreams full-speed.

It’s easy to lose count of how many gigs they got. Strahan does NFL Sunday on FOX. Then he’ll shuttle back to NY for his weekly GMA co-hosting duties. No wonder his book is entitled Wake Up Happy. You can’t run like this without loving what you do. These guys are sure to mix fun with getting back in the flow.

Harvey is no slouch either. When he’s not on syndicated radio, he’s cutting-up on his TV talk show. Then there’s Family Feud and Little Big Shots for extra measure. In between tapings he tries to share with his audiences a few nuggets from what’s on his mind. He too is raking in the dollars and sharing good sense.

They inspire us to keep it movin’. In a Huff Post Op-ed Harvey wrote “If you keep your faith… there is an appointed time for you and it’ll bust open for you. This journey we’re on isn’t about who gets there first, it’s about who hangs in there until the end.” As celebrity Hot Steppers they want to see folks living good!

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

There it is, enough jumpin’ jacks. Time for return of the Macks! Kids get set for new math class. Michael Strahan & Steve Harvey take a pass. Summer’s over from being on break. After visit to the ocean or the lake. Harvey kicked-off new season on Olympics race. Strahan joined GMA as a regular in the place.

In ABC interview he once said. Not to let work and stuff drive us dead. Tied-up in the goings on at the job daily. Forgetting life’s supposed to be fun really. That same attitude taken from the playground. As seen on TV with fun all around. What it means to have full-time passion. And full-speed dreams in rotation.

Easy to lose count of the gigs they got. And the many ways they stay market hot. Strahan on FOX NFL Sunday show. Covering tackles and hits blow by blow. Then back to NY’s GMA set. Getting there fast on red-eye jet. Wake Up Happy his personal book thing. For how he brings fun and flow to the work ring.

Harvey’s got some get-up too. No slouch like animals tend to do. When not radio then it’s TV talk. There’s Family Feud and the Little Big Shots walk. In between he tries to share a nugget. To audience members’ goals on their bucket. Raking in the dollars, sharing good sense. For extra measure boosting confidence.

They inspire folks to keep it movin’. If nothing else just keep on groovin’. Reminding us to keep the faith and jump. At the appoint time to get over the hump. Journey not so much about who gets there first. But for those who hang in there past the thirst. As celeb Hot Steppers wanting to live good, not worst.


Tip: Working with passion full-time, pursuing dreams full-speed keeps us wanting to live good, not worst.

Talkback: With Strahan now on GMA full-time, who’d be good to replace him on Live with Kelly?

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Simone Manual & Ibtihaj Mohammad: What it Took for Them to Become Barrier Breakers #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
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Why chase women or waterfalls when you can chase destiny? That’s a question Usain Bolt might have asked (get back to that in a moment). Other major Rio headlines include how the U.S. women are kicking butt. It’s a great story of what it took Simone Manuel and Ibtihaj Mohammad to become barrier breakers.

At the post-event presser Manuel said “The title ‘black swimmer’ makes it seem like I am not supposed to be able to win a gold medal – I work as hard as anybody else and I love the sport and I want to win, just like everybody else.” Here are 2 more reasons why goals can T-up talent, D-up dreams and F-up futures.

Manuel is the first African-American to win gold in Olympic swimming. For Mohammad who won bronze in fencing, she’s the first to win a medal wearing the Hijab head scarf of her Muslim faith. They have a lot to say about breaking through the noise, the no’s and the ‘it’s never been done before’ writings on the wall.

They’re ‘first-ever’ winners who add discipline, build determination and chart destiny to D-up dreams. They know first-hand how to fame-up one’s future and fortunes. It’s the grind of working through some goals that allowed them to T-up their unique talents. This formula is true whether for women or men.

Mohammad might agree with Manuel who said “I hope I can be an inspiration to others so this medal is for those who come behind me and get into the sports and hopefully find the love and drive to get to this point.” Like Bolt, barrier breakers ‘change their name’ (or the game) in how they’re known or remembered.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Why chase women or waterfalls. When chasing the sky is where duty calls. A question in the mind of Usain Bolt. Something to motivate his Olympic jolt. Other Rio highlights on the wire. Where U.S. women are girls on fire. Kicking butt and taking stock. Is how Manuel and Mohammad break barriers and rock.

At post-event presser chat. Manuel shared feelings without a spat. As ‘black swimmer’ seems a bit weak. Where her winning made to seem bleak. Works hard as any lover of the game. Wants to win just like every other big name. Two more reasons why goals help us sail. Even after coming back from a near fail.

Manuel first black to win gold. Hopes in swimming that’ll soon be old. Mohammad takes the bronze medal place. With Hijab-wearing scarf across her face. Has a lot to say about breaking thru noise. And how it took doses of poise. Some no’s that might make peeps fall. ‘Never been done before’ writings on the wall.

‘First-ever’ winners add discipline to the mix. Then build determination with the fix. Charting destiny to D-up dreams. On work or playtime teams. Knowing first-hand what it takes. To flame-up future fortunes & T-bone steaks. The grind of working through goals thick & thin. True for brothas or sistas on success spin.

Mohammad & Manuel might agree. Good things in life set talents free. Hoping to inspire and connect. With those in the city or urban Project. In finding love and drive to the end. Going where they don’t break but bend. Like Bolt, barrier breakers are better than average fare. By being known for the fruits they bear.


Tip: Barrier breakers change the game by being better than average fare in the fruits they bear.

Talkback: Is Bolt going to be the kind of legend like a Bob Marley?

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Simone Biles & LeBron James Turned the Breakfast of Champions into GOAT Ratings #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

It was the block shot many will remember. LeBron James came soaring back to prevent a layup. Then Kyrie Irving hit a 3-point shot. These two plays sealed the win. There’s also Simone Biles and her high-flying gymnastic routines. James & Biles have turned the breakfast of champions into GOAT ratings.

Biles’ teammate Aly Raisman told USA Today “Even when the coaches talk to us, they’re like, ‘Don’t even count Simone. She’s just in her own league.’” Maybe James and Biles are the ‘greatest of all time’ in their sport? They give us 5 keys for bringing our A-game in ways that rub-off on teammates and co-workers.

It’s as if James and the starting-5 understood what it would take to be great. So they brought their skills to the court to match the stakes of the game. Some brought grit while James brought an overriding sense for the goal. After losing the first two games many sports commentators began to think it was over.

Then it seemed group chemistry kicked-in. James gathered himself and took a big gulp of belief. Almost anyone who’s had to step-up their game knows about responding to a defining moment. This shift had him playing at a higher level. He put his stamp on the series with stats that were other-worldly like Biles.

A recent tweet from Steve Harvey said “Discipline determines your destiny!” That message comes through in the performances of James and Biles. This helps to raise their stock like money in the bank. Plus, it’s another ‘Harvey nugget’ that makes you wanna stomp for next-level dreams.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

The block shot many will remember. Didn’t happen in September. LeBron James came soaring back. To prevent a layup on the rack. Then it was Kyrie’s 3-point shot. Sealed their win and history’s spot. There’s also gymnast Simone Biles flying high. James & Biles take breakfast of champions to the sky.

Biles’ teammate had her say. Telling USA Today Biles don’t play. Even when coaches pump them up. They say Biles is drinking from another cup. In her own league on the mat. Her and James might be GOAT fat. Giving us 5 keys for A-game readiness. For teammates and co-worker steadiness.

As if James and starting-5 knew what’s on their plate. In order to take it to being great. Skills to the court not just by name. But to match the stakes of the game. Some brought grit and guts to the floor. James saw the goal for raising his score. Losing first two games on the road. Some thought Warriors had it sold.

Then Cavs group chemistry kicked-in. Made them come away with a win. James took a big gulp of belief. While fans had a sigh of relief. Stepping-up their game with commitment. And responding to the defining moment. In making a higher level playing shift. James and Biles do things that give others a lift.

Tweet from Steve Harvey media deck. Says “Discipline determines destiny,” heck! Message comes through with James and Biles. In work ethic and radiant styles. Helps to raise their stock appeal. And how they keep it real. That’s another ‘Harvey nugget’ for sure. Makes you wanna stomp for more.


Tip: Our A-game becomes a plus by how we make a performance shift and give others an emotional lift.

Talkback: Is Simone Biles or LeBron James the GOAT in their respective sport?”

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