Taraji P. Henson & Tyler Perry Give It Their All to Produce an Epic Movie Project like ‘Fatal Attraction’


Who was that little girl at the recent Art auction? The viral video showed Blue-Ivy Carter sitting with her celebrity parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z at a charity event. She placed a bid on a picture of Sidney Poitier that had folks laughing. It even caught Tyler Perry’s attention since he wanted to have that picture.

Perry told the story during media rounds for his upcoming movie Acrimony which stars Taraji P. Henson. The movie’s title turns out to be one of the most online-searched words this month. Perry teamed-up with Henson for this epic project because he envisioned her as the ‘black Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.’

You can imagine what it was like filming this movie in eight days. Word has it that the universe was created in seven days so this project may be of epic proportions coming on the heels of Easter. Henson also returns to the TV screen as Cookie on Empire for which she’s still about doing big things.

What it takes to be epic is a story Perry and Henson know well. In the professional world it’s about knowing your ‘main thing’ and supporting it with your favorite ‘sides’ or side-hustle. Think of it the way you enjoy a meal. There’s the main thing you’re good at and the supporting side-skills to round-out the work.


Perry and Henson have used their talents to land bigger roles, raising their market appeal to a higher level. In addition to working with the OWN Network, Perry has signed production deals with other outlets. It’s like an alphabet soup of TBS, OWN and BET. Their inspiring stories are rich in the success mix of:

  1. Faith for the next mountain to climb

Perry recently shared how the Black Panther movie was one of the many showbiz projects shot at his Atlanta studios. The site was an old military base that’s been transformed into ‘Hollywood South.’ How do you go from ‘dead to alive’ in any aspect of career, biz or life? Perry might say it takes mustard seed faith.

  1. Passion for the next road to travel

There were times life presented Perry and Henson with options for the next road to travel. It might be a new project assignment, a new lane in business or a new lease on life. They’ve found the passion for the next road to travel and even for the road less travelled. That’s a choice people make to become epic.

  1. Savvy for the next dollar to make

Perry shared how he was watching TV news and heard the word ‘acrimonious’ used in a certain context. He decided to look up the meaning. Then the light bulb went off in his head to put a different spin on the word for his movie title. Professional savvy is about using a skill or applying a concept in another context.

  1. Smile for the next advice to give

Sometimes when comedians tell jokes they do it with a straight face. There’s a certain seriousness that adds to the punch line. There’re also times when the impact is best made with a smile. Perry and Henson have a way of doing the same when sharing their stories with a little advice thrown in for good measure.

Maybe that’s what was memorable about Blue-Ivy placing her bid. From the looks on her parents’ faces and hers as well, folks weren’t sure if she was serious or playing. But Perry had his mind made up. Like his Madea role, he was seriously-funny about getting his hands on the picture and landing it with a smile.

Tip: When it comes to doing big things in 3 days, 8 days or the rest of your days you might need a mix of faith, passion, savvy and a smile.

Talkback: So who was it that bit Beyoncé in the face?

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The Inside Scoop for How Allyson Felix Schooled Ryan Lochte on Having Amazing Grace #BigTimeUniversity

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Al Roker may no longer be trending but recently he became a big Internet sensation. After more detail came out from the Ryan Lochte story, Roker wasn’t having it. While Lochte was cleaning up his story Allyson Felix was cleaning-up on the track. She schooled Lochte on what it takes to have amazing grave.

Leading up to and at the Olympics Felix had a series of gut-wrenching setbacks. In a recent tweet she wrote “When you feel broken. When you have nothing left to give. Remain faithful. Keep fighting. Joy comes in the morning.” She gave us 3 options for flashing A+ swagger in a performance crunch.

Felix missed-out on qualifying for the 200 meters at the US trials. She then lost the 400 meters Olympic final by a hair. Both times she was beaten at the line by a falling runner. She has a template for handling adversity. It’s in forgetting those things which are behind and pressing towards the mark of a champion.

Even when they dropped the stick in the 4X100 heats, Felix called on some ‘smile diplomacy.’ This pushed her teammates to finish the race before issuing a protest. If they hadn’t completed the initial race, they wouldn’t have had another chance. In the finals, the squad blew away the rest of the field.

When asked by the Today Show about how she moved from feeling devastated, Felix showed true character. “You’re going to have obstacles. There’s going to be adversity. Let your spirit shine through.” She displayed humility in ways that helped her turn a surprise setback into a history-making comeback.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Al Roker no longer trending. Since Internet sensation branding. After detail of Lochte’s story came out. Already begun to up-end Ryan’s clout. Tried to clean-up what he said. But damage already done Fred. Hoping for gold in last act. Felix cleaned-up on the track. And schooled Lochte on amazing grace in black.

A gut-wrenching moment in trials loss. Felix still planned to rock like da boss. In recent tweet she wrote. Words to embrace and quote. When broken with little to give. Remain faithful in how you live. Get back up and keep fighting. ‘Cause joy comes in the morning. 3 options for flashing A+ swagger and top billing.

Missed-out on 200 meter spot. Didn’t sit well in 4th finish slot. Lost 400 meters final by a hair. Winner falls across line in a scare. A template for handling adversity. Something to share at ‘Big Time University.’ Forgetting those things which are behind. Pressing towards mark of champion’s next find.

Even in relay when stick was dropped. Didn’t mean that passion had stopped. So she called on some ‘smile diplomacy.’ As if to trigger a distant legacy. Getting teammates to complete the race. Made a second chance fall in place. In finals, squad blew away the field. Taking home gold and ‘girl power’ shield.

How she keeps going from devastated? Tells Today Show it’s being pro-rated. With true character in her explanation. For how to handle the situation. Obstacles come from time to time. Dealing with adversity not a crime. Spirit of humility shone through next move. From setback to history-making comeback groove.


Tip: A+ swagger isn’t just about skill & status but handling adversity with patience, diplomacy & humility.

Talkback: Is Felix going to be remembered more for her relay race or her amazing grace?

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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST