Tyra Banks & Tyler Perry Spill the Beans on a New Season of Success for Any Career Path or Field of Dreams


The pre rollout of TVs fall season line-up has some new shows and returning favorites. The promos for Empire and Star, Chicago Fire and The Voice are already in regular rotation. Most advertisers have probably been lined-up. There’re lots of fans who’re thinking ‘I can’t wait’ for things to get popping.

As announcements unfold, so too will word on the new iPhone. The buzz is building as Apple is set to unveil its new gizmo. When you think about today’s modern tech devices it boils down to whether they’re powered by Android, IOS or some other smart system. So what does it mean to be powered by ‘#Flow?’

It’s a question Tyler Perry and Tyra Banks help us answer from their showbiz journey. Perry’s mojo went from the ‘ashes to the stashes’ in becoming a major player. The nitty gritty of their career path and field of dreams is in how they’ve experienced flow as ‘fuller levels of wow’ moments in their Hollywood rise.

Perry’s story relates to everyday folks in a simple way. His was built around strong faith and inner resolve. I’ve seen that in my own life in what I like to describe as ‘4th down and 10’ wow moments. It’s where when your back’s against the wall, the big ‘G’o-d (original divine) sends a play that moves your dream along.

These days Tyra’s been hosting America’s Got Talent, a program that helps others achieve their showbiz dreams. She took over hosting duties after making a name and brand for herself on America’s Next Top Model. The factor both TV shows have in common is getting us to ask the question, ‘what makes you lit?’

Usually, the things that make us ‘lit’ are found in our gifts and talents. Plus, they also make us flow. For Tyra as a former model, beyond the physical beauty appeal, the thing that makes her lit is her presence. For Perry, the thing that makes him lit is his writing genius. These ‘lit factors’ keep serving them well.

Just think about the ‘lit factors’ in music, movies and mainstream culture and how flow plays a big part. So for example, whether it’s about sex, sports or success, we get our juices flowing from envisioning, practicing and performing our best moves. That’s where memories get made and dreams get paid.


For Perry, he tells the story of producing his first stage play where nobody showed up. He could have decided to shut down his dream but didn’t because of his faith and resolve. He went back at it a few more times with similar results. Fast forward to things today and we see the outcome and wisdom he’s gained.

As if to remind me of my own career path and field of dreams, I’ve seen some of those moments too. I’ve held events at venues where no one showed. I’ve been using my gift for years writing blogs where no one talks back. But these experiences have helped me find flow from faith to lit to outcome to wisdom.

Among the moments of hit or miss, win or loss there’re those exciting times in ‘fuller levels of wow.’ The wisdom gained has helped me see flow similar to how Perry & Tyra might tell it. Whether on the career path or field of dreams, it’s about experiencing moments of bliss on the road to a life of happiness.

Tip: A new season of success on the career path or field of dreams means envisioning, practicing and performing your best moves with your juices flowing in the grooves.

Talkback: What does it take to improve your ‘lit factor’ in order to experience fuller levels of wow moments?

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Tyra Banks & Steve Harvey: Taking the Showbiz Stage in Different ‘Hosted by’ Roles #BigTimeUniversity

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LOL Tube – Got Funny ( or Just Fun!)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (Old-School Flava)

Looks like another ABC Bachelor got hooked, well, sort of. The finale of potential lovers was filled with the usual ceremonies. Many romance hopes got dashed but other opportunities got cashed. Not to be left out is America’s Got Talent and Little Big Shots with Tyra Banks & Steve Harvey in different ‘hosted by’ roles.

Banks is set to replace Nick Cannon and shared with E! News that “I love how AGT brings that feeling into everyone’s home, capturing the best of people who come out and give it their all to make those big, fierce and outrageous dreams come true.” It’s a case of being born to be wild or born to be awesome.

Both Harvey and Banks started their rise on different tracks, he as a comic and she as a model. They’ve gradually built their reputations in showbiz proving what can be achieved by being good in your lane. They might even agree that competition is no sweat, threat or fret when you ‘just do you’ in a freeing way.

Banks is best known for her days as a Talk Show Host and as ‘smize queen’ on ‘Next Top Model.’ Meanwhile Harvey has turned his Standup Comedy days into a TV hosting bonanza. They’ve spread their wings and made career moves by taking their main gifting and creative positioning to new market levels.

Harvey’s had visible mess-ups in the public eye and Banks had hers too. About her new gig she says “Since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with grandiose acts and performers who make the seemingly impossible possible.” They bloom by going from imaginary to legendary and being good for the long haul.

Groove-Track: India Arie – Just Do You – https://youtu.be/qXpaJMg3q8I

Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (New-School Flava)

Another ABC Bachelor gives the look. Another wife-to-be gets the hook. Well, sort of is what some think. As the season finale ended on a blink. Many romance hopes got dashed. Other opportunities got cashed. AGT and Little Big Shots for sure. Tyra Banks and Steve Harvey are back for more.

Banks taking Nick Cannon spot. And bring her dose of hot. Saying how AGT gives that feeling. In everyone’s home floor to ceiling. With the best from people we dig. Giving their all to make it big. Fierce, outrageous dreams and then some. Born to be wild or better yet awesome.

Both started on different tracks. How far they’ve come with the punch each packs. He as a comic, she a model in & out. Makes people wanna jump and shout. Built showbiz game by doing. How being in your lane’s good for wooing. Where competition is no threat or sweat. Just ‘do you’ in a freeing way, no fret.

Banks from her Talk Show days. Getting her share of industry praise. As ‘smize queen’ from ‘Top Model’ gig. Not letter talent die as cursed fig. Harvey from standup comedy shows. To TV hosting bonanza rows. Spread their wings with career moves. That put them in new grooves. What gifting & positioning proves.

They’ve had visible public mess-ups. Didn’t stop them from their bless-ups. In her new AGT fam Banks sees. Caring celebs that aim to please. As a little girl she obsessed in those. Whose grandiose acts were beauty like a rose. Performers who make the impossible possible. And bloom into doing the incredible.


Tip: It takes a mustard seed of talent to bloom into a beautiful rose and become the ‘next top something’.

Talkback: Which gets your vote for being the best unscripted: AGT or Little Big Shots?

Groove-Tracks: Wale ft Stokley Williams  – The Bloom – https://youtu.be/lRBDzoEeDPw

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This production of “Wise-up Weekly” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST