Signing-off From the Office: What the “Great Resignation” Did to Create a New Vision for Work, Career and Lifestyle

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In sports news, Tom Brady is on his way back! Retirement didn’t last long. Rumors kept swirling he’d maybe head to the 49ers since they’ve been his childhood dream team. But not this time, he’s staying put in a different ‘Bay’ area. Some weren’t surprised while others were annoyed that he just won’t step aside.

The numbers are major in his pro career. He’s been on more Superbowl winning teams than any other player in history. He has so many championship rings he could almost wear them on each finger. It seems Brady isn’t quite ready to sign-off, hang-up his cleats or “take the bridge” to an off-the-field role.

Tom Brady Rings

There’re some other stunning numbers though around news of the Great Resignation. That’s the large wave of folks who’ve been stepping out, moving up and shifting gears in their careers. The pandemic caused many to reassess what’s important in work, career and lifestyle.

What’s driving the job change numbers into the millions? Well, it’s a dream come true to be doing what they love. It’s a way of getting lost in the work and having fun. Plus, it’s about enjoying more time at the parks and 9-to-5 benefits in the perks which bring big energy, money and happiness.

Some opted to start a biz, grow a side-hustle or pause to redirect their passion. Some might have made the move from job to career, while others took the career to vocation route where “purpose in living” is priceless. A big takeaway from all this is in a new vision for work based on great résumés that:   

  • Crossover:- Some skills are tied to a job and some have crossover appeal. Life’s transferrable skills can move from job to job as easily as traveling over a bridge from end to end.
  • Connect:- Does your favorite song keep playing in your head? Is it the verse, chorus or vibe that connects with your core? Social & professional networks forge connections around a skillset core.
  • Callout Dreams:- Early education gives baseline knowledge. Then we go deeper within a subject area. The pandemic pushed folks deeper to callout goals, dreams and bucket-lists.  
  • Collaborate:- Adding two numbers gives us a sum. Multiplying two numbers gives us a product. A collab across two numbers creates greater visibility and a sum of products in the marketplace.    
Baseball Breaking News

Of-course there was more sports news with word the baseball season isn’t lost. Sports fans were full of joy knowing that the seventh-inning stretch will be in full effect. The athletes’ careers have a season’s window of games. Over time they get to showcase clutch performances, or even change teams.

Other careers have a season’s window too, maybe with promotion or crossroads decision. Those not ready to retire, whether “comeback jocks” like Brady or “bounce-back execs” like Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, are proof of times pushing us towards ‘joy & mojo’ at work or ‘gin & juice’ at Happy Hour.

Talkback: Alexa, did Tom Brady retire? Siri, is Howard Schultz back at Starbucks? Hey Google (or Cortana), is Colin Kaepernick still in shape?

Tip: On the road of career travels, pit-stops come and go but a dream is like fuel for the ride.

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Dak Prescott is Newest NFL Superman; Beyoncé Fans Know She’s a Superwoman #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Another weekend of NFL games with lots going on. Some eyes are on Colin Kaepernick for his on-the-field play and off-the-field cause. Plus Dak Prescott is having a breakout year as the Cowboy’s rookie quarterback. He might be the newest NFL superman, but Beyoncé fans know she’s their superwoman.

According to USA Today, Prescott’s teammate Barry Church said “What makes him so impressive is that he is calm and cool…he is smart…he is beyond his years and I am excited he is with us.” Maybe those words are true for Bey too. They know reaching the goal line is less about status and more about stats.

It’s a case of great ones showing poise before tipping their hats. Recently, Beyoncé had to keep things going during a concert while suffering an injury on stage. In the back and forth of taking care of business Prescott’s handling those intangible assets. He’s made a believer in his teammates and they’re in him.

He’s also using game skills to score points. Prescott broke Tom Brady’s record for most passing attempts before an interception to start a career. Whether with skill points, style points, life points or paycheck decimal points, the great ones keep moving closer to the goal line. This makes their performance bounce.

The hot topic in football is if Dak will have to step back when Romo returns. We’ll see how things playout before the DakPac goes whack. They might take cues from the BeyHive. But for others trying to reach their goal line, Dak & Bey are reminders of how poise like the pros gives us the chance to strike a pose.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

It’s another weekend on the NFL front. Few teams make a run others punt. Eyes on Kaepernick for his on-the-field play. Wanting to hear what he’s got to say. Plus Dak Prescott showing he’s got the goods. No ifs, ands, buts or shoulds. He getting NFL superman applaud. Bey fans love their superwoman unflawed.

So Prescott teammate Barry Church has his take. For why Prescott is the real deal not fake. Calm, cool and smart on his feet. Beyond his years ready to compete. Excited to have him on the squad. Maybe true words for Bey’s musical iPod. Reaching goal line as celebrity cats. Less about status more about stats.

A case of great ones showing poise. Tipping their hats through the noise. Bey having to keep it together on stage. Even when injured rocking like a sage. In the back and forth of the field. Taking care of biz for a higher yield. Handling intangibles like a star. Made a believer in his teammates that he’s a star.

Using game skills to score points. Tight passing and shaking-up the joints. Broke Brady’s record for rookie starter. Most passing attempts without interceptor. Skill points, style points in doing his thing. Life points, check points towards the ring. Great ones close-in on goal line. Performance aged like fine wine.

Hot topic in pro football talk. If Romo gotta take a walk. Dak’s on a roll since QB took hit. When he returns will he be fit? Let’s see then how things playout. Before DakPac has to jump and shout. Taking cues from BeyHive crew. Buzz like bees let-out the zoo. Goal line poise as the pros. A good chance to strike a pose.


Tip: Getting closer to the goal line takes poise by striking a pose, whether going vogue or going rogue.

Talkback: Will Dak have to step back when Romo returns?

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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST