Bubba Wallace and Dak Prescott Show That One Thing Career ‘Joes’ and Sports Pros Have in Common After a “Make or Break” Moment

Hot off the press! The sports wire reports that Zaire Wade, son of NBA great Dwyane Wade, plans to skip college and go pro. Word is he’ll set up shop with the G-league team of the Utah Jazz. That’s a major decision and gutsy move by the youngster. Gonna miss-out on having some college play under his belt.

He grew up in a household where winning is par for the course. He’s had a front row seat in watching his father win NBA Championships. So yea, he’s got a leg up on his peers. That’s not always the case for career Joes or sports pros in basketball or other leagues. Not always much of a legacy to follow.

It might be one reason why Bubba Wallace is getting so much attention. He’s the first Black driver to win the Nascar Cup in motor racing since 1957. The last time that happened, the black driver wasn’t even recognized in front of the fans. His trophy ceremony was done reluctantly after the stadium emptied out.

To get a sense for what this feat means outside of racing, think about Dak Prescott coming back from major injury last season. It was a lonely road to recovery, but he put in the rehab time to be back on his grind. There’s a lot that goes into winning in sports or life beyond just the physical demands.   

That one thing career Joes and sports pros have in common is mental toughness. Wallace dealt with blowback from calling out the confederate flag at Nascar events. Prescott had to believe he’d make it back from a potentially career-ending injury. You see this in how they handled two sides of a coin around:

  • Pressure (Side A)

When you know something hasn’t been done before or happened a long time ago, that’s a kinda pressure where lot’s riding on your shoulders. When you find a noose in your team garage after you put a spotlight on social justice issues, that’s a kinda pressure to take you off your game. But still, that didn’t stop him.   

  • Pain (Side B)

The image of seeing Prescott’s injury on the gridiron was hard to un-see. There was his foot pointing one way and his leg another. The physical pain must have been off the charts. But pain isn’t only tied to what you feel in the flesh, but also what you might feel in having to defy the odds to be back on your feet.

  • Pathfinder (Side A)

In the work world it can be tricky to make a name for yourself. There’s the idea of being a team player but at the same time being a go-getter. Balancing the two means being a pathfinder in carving out a lane for yourself or niche for your skillset, without diminishing what others are doing for themselves.       

  • Pioneer (Side B)

When it’s all said and done, many will look back and see Wallace as a pioneer. These are individuals who make such an impact in their field or the marketplace, that there’s a rush of candidates that follow in their footsteps. Many in the motorsport game see that as a potential silver lining in what Wallace achieved.   

The NBA pre-season is almost done. Wade Sr is now part owner of a team. Kyrie Irving seems bent on giving up his dream. And young Wade is setting his sights and going full steam. All that to say, he might have crossover dribble in his genes, but it’s mental toughness that makes you a winner in the game.

Tip: With mental toughness in career and the game, you can get past those make-or-break moments to secure the bag.  

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Lebron James and Dak Prescott Wanna Bring on Their Comeback Tour, But Life’s Got Things on Hold


It looks like Miami Vice is back! Not the TV show but the style though. The NBA restart’s in full swing and Lebron James stepped out looking like detective Tubbs as ‘The Don.’ Everybody knows he’s got game but dude’s ready to take his old Miami stomping ground by storm. One problem, Covid’s got him in the bubble.

Meantime, the NFL pre-season has been cancelled. The off-season drama and trade rumors have been low-key. Dak Prescott knows things aren’t the same as players opt-out from the upcoming season (if it happens). James and Prescott wanna bring on their comeback tour, but life’s got things on hold.


Before the TV coverage play-by-play of a game, we’re used to seeing players roll-in with their fashion avenue looks. Sometimes it’s formal being ‘suit to boot’ dressed. Other times it’s informal with a sport shirt and knee-length shorts. These days that kind of runway arrival isn’t possible because of social distancing.

The sports season is a different kind of animal with challenges to deal with. For example, players can’t leave or return to the bubble without getting ‘Covid-cleared.’ So what have they been doing? It seems golfing, video gaming and ‘social justice explaining’ are high on the list of fillers and off-day activities.

But for the rest of us still trying to get through this new reality, what’s on the agenda while life’s got things on hold? These days our mental health is being tested. For some, building wealth is being re-forecasted. But those that are built tough will survive and have lasted. How we get there depends on having:

  1. Open Mind

At first, James wasn’t sold on playing without fans. Throughout his career he’s been hearing cheers and jeers to motivate him on the court. But now it’s a different ballgame. He’s had to approach things with an open mind. Sometimes that’s needed to put your dreams or career trajectory on the open road.


  1. Inner Strength

Physical strength we understand when we exercise our muscles. But we appreciate inner strength when we’re bent and stretched emotionally. Sometimes that comes through loss whether it’s a family member or a missed opportunity. Prescott finds himself building inner strength after losing his brother recently.

  1. Game Flow

With the economic shutdown and sports cancellations that’s affected us all, we’ve had some extra time to reflect and recharge. Think of the ‘before and after’ picture for turning this around or taking it to the next level, like what happens after half-time. Teams that make a comeback find a way to get into ‘game flow.’

  1. Winning Spirit

As the old saying goes “winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Yes, winning isn’t everything. It’s the learning that happens along the way that’s turned into a winning spirit. It’s how James has been able to keep his performance at a high level by not just feeling the ‘high’ but finding new skill levels.

Folks say they’ve seen a change in Prescott’s off the field game, with a new cause around social justice. His gridiron game’s got room for turning inner strength into winning spirit and open mind into game flow. If a championship is in his future, he’ll know like James that the comeback tour starts with a person of one.

Tip: Whether after Covid-19, economic shutdown or social unrest, the comeback tour starts with a person of one before you get so fly.

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Dak Prescott is Newest NFL Superman; Beyoncé Fans Know She’s a Superwoman #BigTimeUniversity

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Another weekend of NFL games with lots going on. Some eyes are on Colin Kaepernick for his on-the-field play and off-the-field cause. Plus Dak Prescott is having a breakout year as the Cowboy’s rookie quarterback. He might be the newest NFL superman, but Beyoncé fans know she’s their superwoman.

According to USA Today, Prescott’s teammate Barry Church said “What makes him so impressive is that he is calm and cool…he is smart…he is beyond his years and I am excited he is with us.” Maybe those words are true for Bey too. They know reaching the goal line is less about status and more about stats.

It’s a case of great ones showing poise before tipping their hats. Recently, Beyoncé had to keep things going during a concert while suffering an injury on stage. In the back and forth of taking care of business Prescott’s handling those intangible assets. He’s made a believer in his teammates and they’re in him.

He’s also using game skills to score points. Prescott broke Tom Brady’s record for most passing attempts before an interception to start a career. Whether with skill points, style points, life points or paycheck decimal points, the great ones keep moving closer to the goal line. This makes their performance bounce.

The hot topic in football is if Dak will have to step back when Romo returns. We’ll see how things playout before the DakPac goes whack. They might take cues from the BeyHive. But for others trying to reach their goal line, Dak & Bey are reminders of how poise like the pros gives us the chance to strike a pose.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

It’s another weekend on the NFL front. Few teams make a run others punt. Eyes on Kaepernick for his on-the-field play. Wanting to hear what he’s got to say. Plus Dak Prescott showing he’s got the goods. No ifs, ands, buts or shoulds. He getting NFL superman applaud. Bey fans love their superwoman unflawed.

So Prescott teammate Barry Church has his take. For why Prescott is the real deal not fake. Calm, cool and smart on his feet. Beyond his years ready to compete. Excited to have him on the squad. Maybe true words for Bey’s musical iPod. Reaching goal line as celebrity cats. Less about status more about stats.

A case of great ones showing poise. Tipping their hats through the noise. Bey having to keep it together on stage. Even when injured rocking like a sage. In the back and forth of the field. Taking care of biz for a higher yield. Handling intangibles like a star. Made a believer in his teammates that he’s a star.

Using game skills to score points. Tight passing and shaking-up the joints. Broke Brady’s record for rookie starter. Most passing attempts without interceptor. Skill points, style points in doing his thing. Life points, check points towards the ring. Great ones close-in on goal line. Performance aged like fine wine.

Hot topic in pro football talk. If Romo gotta take a walk. Dak’s on a roll since QB took hit. When he returns will he be fit? Let’s see then how things playout. Before DakPac has to jump and shout. Taking cues from BeyHive crew. Buzz like bees let-out the zoo. Goal line poise as the pros. A good chance to strike a pose.


Tip: Getting closer to the goal line takes poise by striking a pose, whether going vogue or going rogue.

Talkback: Will Dak have to step back when Romo returns?

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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST