Breakout School: Jimmy Butler has Lessons to Teach and Taysom Hill Has New Heights to Reach


The Superbowl is behind us and the dust just ‘bout to settle on the halftime show. With two Latin divas on stage, let’s say it was for some ‘too hot to handle.’ They continue to rack-up views on Youtube even as Jlo reminds fans that the performance was more that just sizzle, it had some steak (message) as well.

While Taysom Hill and the New Orleans Saints didn’t make it to the big game, he’s considering what might be his next move. As a restricted free agent, he’s able to test the waters to see if any other team wants to sign him. At this stage he says he’s ready to be a starter as a franchise quarterback.


Jimmy Butler has been through this before as a basketball pro athlete. The last few seasons have seen him bounce around between Chicago, Minnesota, Philadelphia and now with the Miami Heat. Butler seems to have found his groove and is having a breakout performance as a franchise player.

Since Butler has been to ‘breakout school’ as a free agent, he may have something to teach. And since Hill is ready to be a starter, he has new heights he wants to reach. Hill hopes that a decision by Drew Brees on whether he’ll return for another season, will hopefully help to work out the details.

Butler’s been doing some soft recruiting to get Joel Embiid his former teammate, to join him. Maybe team chemistry isn’t working on the homecourt. But Hill doesn’t have that problem. Whichever way things playout with Butler’s court magic and Hill field presence, time at breakout school is spent building your:

  1. Genius

The thing that makes Hill special is his versatility. He’s played multiple positions on the field including quarterback, tight-end, wide receiver and kickoff return. Will that genius make him more marketable as a free agent? It depends on whether teams worry about him losing that edge if he became a starting QB.

  1. Flow

Hill was an undrafted player after college. He did tryouts for the Green Bay Packers but didn’t make the cut. Then the Saints pick him up for their squad which got him in the flow of the league. Sports commentators wonder if Hill will be like a Tim Tebow in terms of the impact he can have as a starter.

  1. Niche

Usually when a player gets traded like happened before to Butler, they’re bringing a certain skill set to a team. Sometimes it’s a one-for-one replacement and other times it might involve multiple players. It can be filling a position on the team or a niche in the game based on the value they bring to the mix.


  1. Bliss

Butler probably has spent time off-season and after practice working on his shot. He’s had to expand his game to boost his stats. For some players it’s about working on free-throw percentage. For others it might be a mid-range or three-point shot. The breakout seems to come when skill plus thrill bring more bliss.

Hill is hoping one way or another that he has a chance to prove himself. This might depend on whether Brees returns for another season or if Hill gets a shot as starter elsewhere. Whichever way the wind blows he’ll come to see like Butler that breakout school is learning how to bring the juice.

Tip: A breakout performance is about getting your chance to flow by building your strengths on the job, juice in the game and bliss for the fans.

Talkback: Is Hill ready to be a starter and are the Miami Heat for real?

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Eminem and U.S. Soccer’s Christian Pulisic Bring Their Star Power and American Dream to a New Level of GB – ‘Game Bonafide’


Wait, how’m I gonna start this blog? That’s a question that gets asked every week. With so much to write about in celebrity pop it’s a matter of bringing the right vibe. It makes sense then how Eminem would start his freestyle rap that way. For him it’s a case of lyrical content with the right touch of street cred.

When it comes to US Men’s Soccer star Christian Pulisic some say he’s got next. Not in the rap game but as the face of the game. It’s true, professional dreams in the biz world don’t all take rap skills or great foot-work. But there’s usually something that moves star power to a new level of GB – ‘Game Bonafide.’

That’s kinda what went down with Eminem’s rap cypher on the BET Awards. Some think he’s on a comeback after being off the radar for a minute. He’s not retired, he’s just re-wired. Maybe this says something about what happens when your flow gets bumped. Things either become a hit or take a hit.

In political terms it’s said that after a good debate performance a candidate is likely to get a ‘bump’ in their poll numbers. It usually means more people are feeling the message or the messenger. That happens in how they might make a strong point or deliver a wow-like performance.

Folks are raving on social media how Eminem did that. He brought strong points and a wow performance that left memorable moments. He even shows how to move your career track or biz dream forward by having a spinoff of your vision. Shady hasn’t let his mojo get stumped or his mass-appeal get dumped.

It’s interesting that his rap cypher is called ‘The Storm.’ That’s a metaphor of-course for the current political climate. But it might also be how Pulisic and his teammates are feeling after not qualifying for the soccer World Cup. If they could have even pulled-out a draw in the match they would have advanced.

Soccer federation honchos are probably looking at how they’ll ‘right the ship’ after the disappointment. It’s like when a biz dream or project team goes through some kind of setback. Who knows if it’s just a matter of taking care of the little things that has had Eminem staying low. But now he’s back for another go.

One of the biggest setbacks in my dream journey was while hosting a community radio show on a college station. It was in year five as things were coming together. Then one morning some dude shuts down the power while I’m on air. It was where I not only took a hit but decided I was no longer gonna take that..


Pulisic might be having a similar ‘sick feeling’ right now. The sting of disappointment is sometimes felt for a while. But there’s something that happens in those down times that moves things from the brink to a place of clearer think. Plus, it’ll pave the way for Pulisic to bring more edge to his game as with Eminem.

In pro sports you hear players being sent down to the minor leagues or brought up from the practice squad. Those who’re sent back have things to work on while those brought up are ready for the big-times. But along the way you’ll either take a hit or become a hit especially when you put your dreams on the line.

Tip: As you upgrade the flow in your career or dreams you’ll either take a hit or become a hit.

Talkback: How’d you describe the edge that Eminem or Pulisic bring to make them ‘Game Bonafide?’

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Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney Bring Style, Smarts & Star-Power to the “B&B” Factory #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

A well-known Brit comes to America. A classy American goes to Britain. That describes Amal Clooney and Angelina Jolie’s latest moves. Clooney is serving as a visiting professor at Columbia University, Jolie heads to the London School of Economics. They bring style and smarts to the “Beauty & Brains” factory.

In Variety Jolie said she was “looking forward to teaching and learning from students as well as sharing my own experiences of working alongside governments and the United Nations.” Jolie & Clooney get to imagine life in a Game Show as: Press Play, FF or Pause Here: Guess What Happens to Your Career?

Clooney is sharing her experience as a human rights lawyer to the Ivy Leaguers. Jolie plans to bring her expertise on women’s issues. They’re models of service excellence. This is seen in how they make their hearts sing, passion felt and greatness soar. That’s more than just being viewed as eye-candy.

Jolie has developed her acting chops to land among Hollywood’s royalty. She continues to expand on professional goals to achieve service greatness. These feats come from tapping into her talents, purpose and super gifting. For Clooney and Jolie that’s more than just being married to George & Brad.

Recently Jolie had to take a pause for health reasons. She did beat it and is back stronger. Her career has also seen times when things happened in fast-forward. But their love for what they do comes through as they press play in the workday. For them “service star-power” is more than getting rich in their niche.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Brit comes to America. To teach at Columbia. American goes to Britain. To raise women’s issues curtain. Angelina Jolie on a mission. To counter some confusion. Amal Clooney sharing notes. That might serve as quick quotes. So they bring style and smarts. To the “B&B” factory training hearts.

Telling Variety about her desire. To pop and burn just like fire. So students get a real sense. Of living past, present and future tense. For working alongside others peeps. In making United Nations bold  leaps. Imagining life in a Game Show. Press play, ff or pause with career mojo.

Clooney as human rights lawyer. Building-up tomorrow’s scholar. Jolie as women’s issues advocate. Building-up glass ceiling syndicate. Models of service excellence for sure. For those of fame or the poor. In making their hearts sing. Passion felt and greatness ring. More than just an eye-candy thing.

Jolie with acting chops specialty. Lands her among Hollywood royalty. With goals for service greatness. Better now forget the lateness. Feats putting talents on the rise. Purpose and gifting win the prize. For them more than just what’s had. Or being married to George & Brad.

After Jolie paused for health scare. As women became more aware. Did beat it and back stronger. A case of persevering longer. Seen times of fast-forward career move. Which put things in new groove. Love for the work by pressing play. Comes through in their workday. Now that’s service star-power hear them say.


Tip: Service in the marketplace isn’t about more bling but about pressing play and letting your heart sing.

Talkback: Unlike Mariah Carey towards Jennifer Lopez, could Jolie say nice things about Clooney?

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President Obama Brings KoolAid While Beyoncé Sells ‘Lemonade’ on the World Stage #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

It seems President Obama is in legacy mode. It’s a bookend to those earlier days of being in campaign mode. So he recently addressed youth activists in London, sharing his take on making a difference. It might be said he’s bringing the KoolAid while Beyoncé is selling ‘Lemonade’ on the world stage.

In his cool-cat manner he told the activists “You have a responsibility to prepare an agenda that is achievable —that can institutionalize the changes you seek and to engage the other side.” Prez and Bey show us how game changers add the price tag of hustle and the cost of living to grow their ranking.

As his presidency unwinds, he shared some good pointers for workers, movers & shakers. He reflected on the difference between making noise and making waves. Just as the ocean teaches us, there’s a consistency that flows from the deep to the shallow. So it’s more than making a living, it’s modeling a life.

With her newest album release in a HBO video-diary, she’s a game changer who reminds us that it’s more than just making music but also making others wiser. As millennials pass baby boomers in census numbers maybe there’s a shift in using her own journey and story to stir-up a stream of consciousness.

The buzz since the album release has been off the charts. Both Prez and Bey are using their work to make it worth something. Things can feel stuck when we just get by or if the soul don’t dream no more. They show us how our efforts become worthy of more by moving from merely brand force to soul force.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Seems Prez Obama in legacy mode. Before his term hits the road. A bookend to those earlier days. When his campaign the roof did raise. Telling youth activists in London spot. On making a difference and doing it hot. On world stage Obama brings KoolAid. While Beyoncé sells her brand of ‘Lemonade.’

A cool-cat telling activists as Prez. To have an agenda he says. Something achievable in change they seek. Not for the faint of heart or unduly meek. A way to bring it to the masses. So they don’t look like asses. Prez and Bey add hustle to cost of living. As game changers who grow their ranking.

His term during its unwind. Sends message for the work grind. Not just about making noise. Even if doing it with poise. But also in making waves. That’s the stuff that attracts raves. As the ocean teaches us all. Consistency flow from deep to shallow fall. From making a living to modeling a higher call.

With newest album release as video diary. Beyonce brings it to the Beyhive community. A game changer’s next groove beyond the music. Lose yourself but be wiser beyond the tunic. Forget ‘bout Becky who others want to see. In setting a stream of consciousness free.

Album buzz been off the charts. As she reaches music lover’s hearts. Prez and Bey using their work track. To be worth something more than being black. At times things can feel stuck. Trying to get by on making a buck. A move to be worthy beyond brand force. To efforts being guided by soul force.


Tip: Great achievers move things in life from brand force to soul force as if going from regular to rock star.

Talkback: How’s ‘Lemonade’ a new Beyoncé or a new version of the old Bey?

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Lebron James and Angela Bassett Let Their Guards Down To Bump Their Sizzle Up #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Lebron James and actress Angela Bassett have been given new crowns. Bassett will debut next month as the first female character in the Rainbow Six Siege video game. James was a crowd favorite for his Halloween costume as Prince. It seems James and Bassett let their guards down to bump their sizzle up.

On movie roles she tells Huff Post “When someone is open enough to show their vulnerability, it gives others the strength and courage to show theirs. It’s not always all about power or the roar.” That’s how the best & brightest use their ‘creative bone’ or act as a superstar clone to shine on the greatness stage.

As he works to be more and do more on the court James shows how to ‘lose yourself.’ He flexes his creative muscle by fast-breaking in his lane. Other times it’s an alter-ego role that’s like fun for the soul. Bassett says playing Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to do with it was the most fulfilling yet most difficult.

To dress-up as Prince, James had to take-off his high top sneakers and put on a jerry-curl wig. To step-up as Tina Turner, Bassett had to walk in the shoes of a person who felt beat-down and un-loved. But the more they’re true to form in their role as athlete or actress, the more they experience the sweet spot.

‘Top 10 Weekly’ says James won’t get an Oscar or Grammy any time soon. But Prince gave him props for keeping it real. It’s not every day a 6ft-9 superstar is seen air-playing the guitar. We look-up to them as role models in their game because they come ready to be in the flow and put on a show.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Lebron James and Angela Bassett big in their towns. These days they’ve been given new crowns. She debuts next month as first-time chick. In Rainbow Six Siege video-game flick. James a Halloween fav in Prince hair and flash. Letting their guards down to bump up sizzle and cash.

Bassett says her vulnerability is key. People see what they get and get what they see. Gives strength and courage for others to be. Open enough to show their humanity. Not always all about power and might. Or roar of a street fight. Best and brightest use ‘creative bone.’ Shine on greatness stage as superstar clone.

He just works to be and do more. As he keeps raising his box score. Shows how to ‘lose yourself’ is good. On the court or in the ‘hood. Flexes creative muscle in fast-break lane. With dunks that’s on another plane. Other times in alter-ego role. It’s like fun for the soul. Bassett as Tina Turner her most fulfilled poll.

James as Prince in taking-off high top shoes. Bassett as Turner in relationship blues. His act meant wearing a jerry-curl wig. Hers meant needing a hole to dig. But being true to form in their showbiz game. Is what helps make them a household name. They experience the ‘sweet spot’ almost the same.

‘Top 10 Weekly’ says no for James reaching the moon. Or for Oscars and Grammys anytime soon. Prince gave props for keeping it real. A sense for how others did feel. Not every day we see a 6ft-9 superstar. Rocking-out on his air-guitar. They come ready to be in the flow. And set to put on their best show.


Tip: Shining on the greatness stage takes creativity that moves us closer to hitting the sweet spot.

Talkback: Where might ‘Top 10 Weekly’ rank your favorite athlete, TV show or music artist?

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