LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Might Soon be out of a Job, Well Sort of


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The NBA playoffs are in full swing. A few teams have already advanced to the second round. There are some that found themselves in a seventh deciding game. Meanwhile, there’re other issues of interest happening off the court. Some think that LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling might soon be out of a job.

The league’s financial/advisory committee consisting of team owners has begun discussion on forcing Sterling to sell the team. The way things play out could fall under “the good, the bad and the ugly.” At the end of the day there may be some good to come out of this after the irreverent things Sterling said.

Even if he has to sell the team he’ll come out ahead. The team’s value has skyrocketed since he first bought it. The same might not be said about others in the workforce. The recent Jobs Report also had its “good, bad and ugly.” The good is the bump in new hires and the revision to the past month’s numbers.

But the report shows about 3 million who’re disengaged, discouraged or disconnected. Maybe the job market has the “donut-hole” effect. Donut holes used to get no respect and were seen of no value. Then someone had the idea of marketing Munchkins. This brought more consumer bang in the marketplace.

Opinions in the court of public opinion vary on whether Sterling should lose ownership of the team. His peers will make the final decision. Either way, Sterling will be in good shape financially. However, when more people drop-out of the workforce than are hired, maybe there’s bigger fish to fry than Sterling.

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. sees the workforce dealing with “the good, the bad and the ugly” that leaves some experiencing the donut-hole effect. In overcoming this condition Operation J.U.M.P. is focused on creating new value or marketing a new value proposition.

Nancy Pelosi Raises Eyebrows with Her Statements on the Recent Jobs Report


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

There’s lots of buzz in Washington these days. Some are gearing-up for the Cherry Blossoms bloom. Others are hoping that unemployment benefits return for the long-term jobless. The Senate has taken up a bill, the House, not sure. Maybe that’s why Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows with her recent statements.

The Jobs Report made headlines but Pelosi went one-up on the news. The report shows that private sector employment has surpassed pre-recession levels. Pelosi pinned the tail on the Bush Administration past. While the private sector numbers sound like progress, the unemployment rate was unchanged.

Bloomberg and the Economic Policy Institute made some notes. EPI suggests that the private sector has a shortfall of 5 to 6 million jobs, meaning economic activity hiring has not kept pace with newly added workers to the job market. Bloomberg shows that the long-term jobless are just as good a hire as anyone.

So, there’re social gaps in what could have been. When you study some of the other facts you see almost double the national average in unemployment for one demographic and high underemployment across the board. This calls for an Affirmative Jobs Action program. This calls for Operation J.U.M.P.

You’ve heard of ACA as in the Affordable Care Act. Pelosi might say it achieved its rollout goal. Now we must shift our attention to Affirmative Jobs Action (AJA). If we approach the long-term jobless and AJA with the same gusto as ACA, we’ll make millions of people happier like those who now have healthcare.

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. is like an Affirmative Jobs Action program that’s focused on engaging policy makers, incentivizing business leaders and empowering 21st century workers for a comeback in the job market.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Breakup Gives New Meaning to an Economic Paradigm Shift


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

It seems in the space of one week we went from relationship hookup to relationship breakup (not with the same couple). First it was news of NBCs Savannah Guthrie tying the knot and adding that they’re expecting. But it’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s breakup that’s giving new meaning to an economic paradigm shift.

After 10 years of marriage to musician Chris Martin, Paltrow announced that they’re parting. It’s not the first time that celebrities have called it quits. But it’s the first time that a separation has been referred to publicly as a “conscious uncoupling.” Who knew that there was a more sophisticated way to say divorce?

Apparently, while the term is new to the cultural zeitgeist, it’s not new to the marriage therapist who coined the phrase. The idea is to approach the separation with mutual respect and human sensibilities. This way they can minimize the level of feelings getting hurt and pocketbooks getting burnt.

Wouldn’t it be nice if another approach were to be tried when dealing with the long-term unemployed? They have been experiencing a job market separation for a long time. Operation J.U.M.P. might call it a “conscious re-coupling” into the job market where they can re-connect with a sense of economic worth.

For Paltrow and Martin things are coming to a bitter-sweet end. So their “conscious uncoupling” will hopefully make the money decisions less painful. In the case of the long-term unemployed they’d like to see an economic paradigm shift that moves their self-worth from “bitter-sour to dollars per hour.”

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. is a new sophistication in human resources that provides a social change and empowerment approach of advancing public policy initiatives and professional incentives for jobs, justice and unsung dreams.

Can Pharrell Williams’ Happy Song Teach Us Anything About Landing a Dream Job?


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

Every so often there’s an artist who’s on the hot list. That person seems to be everywhere or have collaborations with lots of industry stars. Maybe it’s just Pharrell’s time as he’s getting his day in the music biz spotlight. So can Pharrell Williams’ happy song teach us anything about landing a dream job?

Well, oftentimes it’s more a journey than an arrival. He’s been working on his craft behind the scenes with a host of artists. These days it’s his song Happy from the Despicable Me soundtrack and on his own album titled Girl that’s raising his mainstream appeal. He even had a chance to perform it at the Oscars.

For those who just want a job or a better one right now it might be hard to clap along. The recent Bureau of Labor Report had mixed reviews on the jobs front. It’s been like a seesaw in new hires with some months a lot better than others. Maybe the job market could do with some “dreamscaping services.”

Imagine a homeowner trying to keep a green lawn. After using different off-the-shelf products the decision is made to contact a landscaping or lawn treatment service. The experts recommend a “weed and feed” program to enhance deeper root growth and thicker turf consistency. This will help bring the “green” back.

Landing your dream job or getting the job market back might take some “weed and feed” too. This means zapping social, political, professional and personal “weeds” to employment. It might also mean providing hometown motivation tips to feed a new sense of purpose/optimism leading to a happier market feeling.

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. is like a “weed and feed” program for the job market. It’s about zapping the weed forces that contribute to employment gaps/disconnect and feeding the roots of dreams that will help to trigger new growth in career turf and bring the green back.

Derek Jeter’s Retirement Letter: A Case Study for Rallying the Job Market Blues


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

It was another day at Yankees spring training. But this one will be remembered for Derek Jeter’s retirement press conference. The throngs of media that were there was stifling. Jeter has been a Yankee for his entire career. His retirement letter on Facebook is a case study for rallying the job market blues.

He answered questions on the thinking leading up to his decision. He was asked about his health and if that played a factor. Some in the room wanted to know how Jeter sees his legacy. He went on to talk about winning and that he was living his dream. He said “being a NY Yankee is good enough for me.”

The case study comes in when you consider the key points in his retirement letter. It was more about the team with family, friends and fans as a supporting cast. But it’s also in the attention given by the media to covering the story. What would happen if long-term joblessness were to get similar full-court press?

Think about those who’re fans, family or friends who’ve been cut-off from unemployment benefits? They also have a story to tell of wanting to live their dreams. It’s just that they’re not sports pros so maybe people don’t care as much. If asked they might say “earning a paycheck again is good enough for me!”

Jeter didn’t call his agent or PR rep before writing the letter. He simply spoke from the heart. Maybe this can spark a social reset moment for dealing with the drag of long-term joblessness. He wants to experience new things in life and that’s true for those looking to bounce back, get ahead or dream bigger.

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. is joining in unity to motivate progress so that working professionals who’re unemployed, underemployed or emerging self-employed can be appreciated for wanting to have the best life experience just like pros on the field of dreams.

Jay Leno Says Goodbye to the Big Stage While Others Say Hello to Stage Fright


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

It’s been all over the media that Jay Leno was moving on from the Tonight Show. He’s hosted the show for 22 years after Johnny Carson retired. Leno has kept the #1 ratings spot in the Latenight segment for much of that time. Now he’s saying goodbye to the big stage while others say hello to stage fright.

That’s because the news was a bit scary for the long-term jobless. First, the Bill to extend unemployment benefits failed again in the Senate. Then we received the monthly jobs reports which economists believe might indicate signs of a slowing economy. What must the long-term jobless do to get through?

Maybe there needs to be a ground swell of concern and dismay by those who pull the political and business purse strings. It shouldn’t have to take the kind of street protests like in Bosnia for folks in Congress to take action. The NY Times has reported on how they take care of themselves between jobs.

The report shows how many in the congressional brigade find ways to go from “working on the inside” to lobbying from the outside. Whether there’re loopholes that need closing is reserved for another day. If they can job hop with ease, why can’t they at least see the plight of those for which it’s not as easy?

It’s said Leno will return to his first love of stand-up comedy. Nothing seems to be in the works for doing Latenight on another network. Jimmy Fallon who’s stepping into Leno’s shoes says Jay can visit the show anytime. Wouldn’t it be nice if more officials felt the same way about the long-term jobless situation?

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. says if government officials can provide themselves an express route to “greener pastures” they should at least be able to provide the jobless with an entry-lane of options to a frustratingly slow job-market.

Mark Zuckerberg Might Have a Plan for Making Businesses More Socially Grounded


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

A few years ago The Social Network movie was released with rave reviews. It was based on the book The Accidental Billionaires covering the rise of Facebook. The film went on to achieve major success as has Facebook. Now Mark Zuckerberg might have a plan for making businesses more socially grounded.

He describes in an upcoming Today Show interview that he often thinks about what made Facebook blow-up. He remembers having pizza with friends at Harvard on the day after the demo was first released to students on campus. Zuckerberg says his success is due in large part because “we just cared more.”

He could have said it was due to his tech-savvy or his position of privilege. But Zuckerberg’s statement shows another path for business success. That might be what President Obama has been emphasizing in his recent meetings with CEOs. It’s certainly true for Sam Polk a former hedge-fund manager.

Polk landed a job on Wall Street at age 22 and was making loads of cash. He made $3.6 million in bonus one year and thought it wasn’t enough. But his eyes were opened wide when he realized he made more money in one check than his mother made in a lifetime. So he quit his job to become a social-preneur.

Zuckerberg took a social-media path in building wealth. Polk redirected his socially-connected path to spread the wealth. Zuckerberg was driven by passion while Polk was moved to compassion. Polk’s career shift was the most difficult one he’s made in his life. But it’s one that brings dividends to society at-large.

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. says if America wants to address long-term joblessness and income inequality then politicians and business leaders alike need to care more.