Derek Jeter’s Retirement Letter: A Case Study for Rallying the Job Market Blues


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

It was another day at Yankees spring training. But this one will be remembered for Derek Jeter’s retirement press conference. The throngs of media that were there was stifling. Jeter has been a Yankee for his entire career. His retirement letter on Facebook is a case study for rallying the job market blues.

He answered questions on the thinking leading up to his decision. He was asked about his health and if that played a factor. Some in the room wanted to know how Jeter sees his legacy. He went on to talk about winning and that he was living his dream. He said “being a NY Yankee is good enough for me.”

The case study comes in when you consider the key points in his retirement letter. It was more about the team with family, friends and fans as a supporting cast. But it’s also in the attention given by the media to covering the story. What would happen if long-term joblessness were to get similar full-court press?

Think about those who’re fans, family or friends who’ve been cut-off from unemployment benefits? They also have a story to tell of wanting to live their dreams. It’s just that they’re not sports pros so maybe people don’t care as much. If asked they might say “earning a paycheck again is good enough for me!”

Jeter didn’t call his agent or PR rep before writing the letter. He simply spoke from the heart. Maybe this can spark a social reset moment for dealing with the drag of long-term joblessness. He wants to experience new things in life and that’s true for those looking to bounce back, get ahead or dream bigger.

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. is joining in unity to motivate progress so that working professionals who’re unemployed, underemployed or emerging self-employed can be appreciated for wanting to have the best life experience just like pros on the field of dreams.

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