Jay Leno Says Goodbye to the Big Stage While Others Say Hello to Stage Fright


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

It’s been all over the media that Jay Leno was moving on from the Tonight Show. He’s hosted the show for 22 years after Johnny Carson retired. Leno has kept the #1 ratings spot in the Latenight segment for much of that time. Now he’s saying goodbye to the big stage while others say hello to stage fright.

That’s because the news was a bit scary for the long-term jobless. First, the Bill to extend unemployment benefits failed again in the Senate. Then we received the monthly jobs reports which economists believe might indicate signs of a slowing economy. What must the long-term jobless do to get through?

Maybe there needs to be a ground swell of concern and dismay by those who pull the political and business purse strings. It shouldn’t have to take the kind of street protests like in Bosnia for folks in Congress to take action. The NY Times has reported on how they take care of themselves between jobs.

The report shows how many in the congressional brigade find ways to go from “working on the inside” to lobbying from the outside. Whether there’re loopholes that need closing is reserved for another day. If they can job hop with ease, why can’t they at least see the plight of those for which it’s not as easy?

It’s said Leno will return to his first love of stand-up comedy. Nothing seems to be in the works for doing Latenight on another network. Jimmy Fallon who’s stepping into Leno’s shoes says Jay can visit the show anytime. Wouldn’t it be nice if more officials felt the same way about the long-term jobless situation?

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. says if government officials can provide themselves an express route to “greener pastures” they should at least be able to provide the jobless with an entry-lane of options to a frustratingly slow job-market.

Tessanne Chin Brought Down the House and Took Home the Crown on ‘The Voice’


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

”Jamaica is celebrating with the United States as Tessanne wins The Voice!” That’s how Carson Daley capped-off the evening of the season 5 finale. Chin was among three finalists in the competition. She wowed all the coaches during blind auditions. She brought down the house and took home the crown.

The reggae backup singer has worked with the likes of Jimmy Cliff and Shaggy. She even did a few duet performances on the show with industry superstars. Now she’s ready to do her own thing with a Universal Music recording contract. Her journey is full of inspiration for dreamers, career changers and job seekers.

Chin was one of a few who thrilled fans and coaches alike. She showcased her singing voice (without the accent) and her speaking voice (with the accent) to have crossover appeal. Chin used the power of having a passion-voice that spoke louder than just singing talent. This made the experience come alive.

There’s not much else she saw herself doing. Chin says singing has been her first-love. So she’s put in the time working on her professional goals. Where she saw herself years ago is moving closer to where she is now. Having a next-level vision has taken her from small-island dirt roads to big-country dreams.

Chin gave credit to her fans in Jamaica and the U.S. She also touched on the bond she developed with Adam Levine. Whether on a startup journey or the comeback trail it helps to have a co-sponsor in your corner, a vintage performance to standout from the rest and resilience like a rock to enjoy the love fest.


The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

“Jamaica celebrating with the U.S., Tessanne wins The Voice prize chest.” That’s how Carson Daley capped-off the show. After a season of singers going toe-to-toe. Chin among three season 5 finalists. The competition felt like pure bliss. Wowing fans as the show begun. Bringing down the house and having fun.

The reggae backup singer from yard. Worked with Shaggy and Cliff, not a bad card. Performed duets with many a superstar. Winning it all and a brand new car. Now ready to do her own thing. With a Universal Music contract as her ring. Lots of inspiration for today’s dreamers. Career changers and job seekers.

Chin seen early on as one of a few. Her melody fell over you like dew. Showcased her singing voice with a little twang. Speaking accent different from how she sang. Gaining more in crossover appeal. A glimpse of being the real deal. Her passion-voice louder than singing. In how talent comes alive in her bringing.

Not much else she wanted to do. Chin knows it’s important to ‘be you.’ With her first-love in the lead role. A way of working on her professional goal. Seeing herself years ago. Closer to being in today’s flow. Having a next-level vision gives her new streams. From small-island dirt roads to big-country dreams.

Crediting local and overseas fans. Touching on the bond with Levine’s hands. Whether startup journey or comeback trail. Dreamers don’t quit even if at times they fail. Good to have support from a co-sponsor. As someone who holds-down your corner. A vintage performance from the rest. Lets you enjoy the love fest.

Tip: Upping your game means moving past your past, working on your present and zooming into the future.

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