Can Pharrell Williams’ Happy Song Teach Us Anything About Landing a Dream Job?


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

Every so often there’s an artist who’s on the hot list. That person seems to be everywhere or have collaborations with lots of industry stars. Maybe it’s just Pharrell’s time as he’s getting his day in the music biz spotlight. So can Pharrell Williams’ happy song teach us anything about landing a dream job?

Well, oftentimes it’s more a journey than an arrival. He’s been working on his craft behind the scenes with a host of artists. These days it’s his song Happy from the Despicable Me soundtrack and on his own album titled Girl that’s raising his mainstream appeal. He even had a chance to perform it at the Oscars.

For those who just want a job or a better one right now it might be hard to clap along. The recent Bureau of Labor Report had mixed reviews on the jobs front. It’s been like a seesaw in new hires with some months a lot better than others. Maybe the job market could do with some “dreamscaping services.”

Imagine a homeowner trying to keep a green lawn. After using different off-the-shelf products the decision is made to contact a landscaping or lawn treatment service. The experts recommend a “weed and feed” program to enhance deeper root growth and thicker turf consistency. This will help bring the “green” back.

Landing your dream job or getting the job market back might take some “weed and feed” too. This means zapping social, political, professional and personal “weeds” to employment. It might also mean providing hometown motivation tips to feed a new sense of purpose/optimism leading to a happier market feeling.

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. is like a “weed and feed” program for the job market. It’s about zapping the weed forces that contribute to employment gaps/disconnect and feeding the roots of dreams that will help to trigger new growth in career turf and bring the green back.

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