Live Your Passion: Steve Harvey’s Branding Moves Hit a New Groove (Part 1)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (Old-School Flava)

Can you see Steve Harvey as an Insurance Salesman? Or car assembly lineman? Well, Ebony Magazine says it’s true. Harvey, the comedian turned radio personality has spread his wings a lot further. He even launched his own daytime talk show. Harvey wants you to think like a mogul and live your passion.

Many know him as the current host of the long-running game show Family Feud. Harvey now has more clout on the media airwaves. He shared his story of being ‘sick and tired,’ feeling like he wasn’t living up to his potential. His dream journey started when he left his day job for the comedy circuit.

Harvey says the fire burning inside keeps him striving to be the best in his game. He’s had ups & downs, trials and setbacks but found the courage to bounce back. His story shows how success is about giving your best no matter the test. It’s about living your passion and serving something bigger than yourself.

Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed or self-employed, Harvey wants you to think like the best. People who’re ‘best-in-class’ mix success-thinking and fear-squashing to make them rise, shine and dominate in the game. ‘Just do you’ on the job or in the marketplace and let your passion sizzle through.

During sporting events we see some amazing scores. Sometimes trophies are won, records broken and memories made to last a lifetime. But if there’s anything we can take away from star athletes and from Harvey, it’s that higher achievement comes to those who do everything they can to learn from the best.


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (New-School Flava)

Steve Harvey as Insurance Salesman? Or car assembly lineman? Ebony magazine says it’s true. Harvey might have worn uniform blue. Comedian turned radio personality. Spreading his wings with brand originality. Launching his own daytime TV show. Thinking like a mogul brings more lanes to grow.

Some know him from Family Feud. Others see him as that “bald head dude.” Grabbing more of the media airwaves. Hoping to reap the benefits and fan raves. His story of being ‘sick and tired’ became crucial. Feeling like he wasn’t living to his potential. So he left his day job to start a comedy revival.

Harvey says there’s a fire that’s burning inside. Striving to be the best with pride. Even with life’s ups & downs, trials and setbacks. He’s found the courage to deliver major comebacks. Showing how success is about giving it your best. No matter the cost or the test. Serving something bigger and living to the fullest.

Unemployed, underemployed or self-employed? It’s really hard to feel overjoyed. Maybe you plan to give-up or take a rest. Harvey wants you to think like the best. To be ‘best-in-class’ takes success-thinking. Along with a dose of fear-squashing. Makes you rise, shine, not be the same. And sizzle in the pro game.

Sporting events provide some amazing feats. Many heard cheering in their seats. Trophies won, records broken. Memories made from things unspoken. So inspired by these star athletes. And Harvey’s lessons from the streets. Achievement means working like a pest. And learning everything you can from the best.

Tip: Achievement comes as you go after goals like a pest and learn everything you can from the best.

Talkback: How has a life-changing event or celeb like Harvey inspired you to not give-up, to think differently or to raise your game?

Senator Cory Booker and Others Cry Foul About Superbowl Spoils


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

Recently, New Jersey has been in the media spotlight. First it was the Bridgegate scandal which has Governor Christie on his heels. The Governor put on a show at his almost two-hour press conference. It seems not everybody is sold. Now Senator Cory Booker and others cry foul about Superbowl spoils.

They say the NFL and its TV jocks are giving NJ the slight. With all the press coverage favoring NY, it’s as if the game is not being played at the NJ Meadowlands. Booker was joined by other elected officials in saying to the NFL, “come-on man! There’s enough to go around but you gotta make it go around.”

Well, NJ also made news for other reasons. The statewide jobs numbers show that NJ lost 36,300 jobs in December 2013 almost more than it gained the whole year. Hopefully, this is not a trend but it’s certainly cause for concern. It’s like taking three steps forward with almost the same number of steps backward.

That’s basically how the jobless might feel in their job search and about how Congress allowed benefits to expire. This could also explain why so many give-up, stop looking and fall through the cracks. If NJ officials feel left out of Superbowl spoils, imagine how the jobless might feel about losing their benefits?

The NFL chimed-in saying they’re not treating NY any more favorably. The Superbowl is a NY/NJ affair. Well, that’s true, but NJ might be getting the short end of the stick. So Operation J.U.M.P. is serious about speaking-up for those in the shadow. The question as with other situations like this is.. will anyone listen?

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. in speaking out for the jobless is saying to elected officials “common man, there’s enough to go around but you gotta make it go around.”

“King vs. King,” in an Epic Tale Between Then and Now (Rated G for Great)


“Some things change but some things remain the same!” That might have been the opening line of a King speech if he were here with us celebrating his 85th birthday. Dr. King is remembered during the national holiday as a champion of social justice. But “King vs. King” is an Epic Tale Between then and now.

A look back in time shows periods of high drama forcing a nation to wake up and smell the coffee. This moved things along where opportunities in education, employment and enterprise were no longer restricted by dark lines. We have more clarity in laws, though there isn’t similar parity of income gains.

Back in the day Dr. King took a look at the state of affairs like how the President takes a snapshot of the State of the Union. After surveying the social landscape he came up with a picture of a better America to advance what the founding fathers called a more perfect union. Dr. King called it “I Have a Dream!”

The dream of Dr. King was rooted in the American Dream. The American Dream is rooted in lessons from the founding fathers. So Dr. King wasn’t too far off when his messages were built around economic evangelism. It’s just that he had to flip the script on the doctrine from revolution to non-violent protest.

He was in the trenches with garbage workers and garment workers. He was a leader on the home-front and international scene. He spoke out against some of the things that had to change. His call for social activism applies today as communities deal with violence, economic un-ease and political shenanigans.

But it is his mountaintop experience that speaks the loudest and maybe the strongest. This might have begun with a divine encounter followed by some telescopic look into the soul of a nation. Even after what he saw, Dr. King still chose hope over skepticism. That is testament to a deep love for his fellow man.

Dr. King inspired us to make his dream real from the Stone Mountains of Georgia to the Appalachian Trails. This also means looking at urban centers of big cities to suburban villages and the countryside. What you’ll find today requires new solutions to old problems in order for his dream to take greater hold.

Footnote: Celebrating the anniversary of his legacy is good but reflecting on the impact of his life’s work should at least inspire us to take action for

Chris Christie’s Aide Now Unemployed for Reasons Blamed as Her Own


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

It’s been the talk of the town for a few days. NJ Governor Chris Christie held a press conference to explain the situation. He says he was blindsided by reports of traffic problems in Fort Lee back in September. He took action by playing Donald Trump. Now his aide is unemployed for crazy reasons.

This might cause some elected officials to think politics and others economics. In the recent Jobs Report many long-term unemployed have become so sick and tired they’ve given up looking. They feel neglected since their situation is not self-inflicted. Wonder if Chris Christie was unaware of this problem as well?

Now that this hits closer to home, maybe other elected officials and community leaders will see the need for a full-court press on jobs, justice and unsung dreams. For starters, a response to long-term joblessness needs to consider the fear people have about job prospects or not receiving their benefits.

They need to know they’re not forgotten. One stat says there’re about 4 million long-term unemployed while the Economic Policy Institute says there’re about 5 million who’ve fallen off the charts. So a response must engage most to reinvent themselves with purpose and passion around a paycheck.

In NYC many a tourist will visit the Rockefeller Tree during the holiday. That tree sits a block away from Sixth Avenue, also known as “Avenue of the Americas.” The latter name symbolizes a place where many ideas, nations and opportunities for commerce exist. It pays homage to the coming together of dreams.

Well, maybe a response to the long-term jobless situation needs to take an “Avenue of Americas” kind of approach. Operation J.U.M.P. sees this as a way for exploring new avenues of employment and entrepreneurship in a “blue, white, green or pink collar workforce” fueled by our tech-social revolution.

There’s no chance Christie’s aide will get her previous job back. Also, there’s little chance that many of the long-term jobless will be back at their last job either. So, Operation J.U.M.P. is focused on rallying those affected to look forward so that looking back and giving up doesn’t become a final option.

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. says unemployment is to the economy as stalled cars are to a bridge traffic-jam.

A New Year’s Toast to The ‘Selfie’ with a Celebrity Photobomb!


A new year rolled in on hump day this year. So did some cold weather and talk about making resolutions. Some people think it’s a waste of time. Others see it as a way to jump-start the year. The most popular resolution is probably dropping some pounds. So here’s a new year’s toast to the “before and after” selfie.

Some “selfies” provide a view that would otherwise be hard to see. Others take on a larger-than-life look and feel. But what’s good for the “photo selfie” might also be good for the “resolutions selfie.” That’s because psychologists suggest it’s better to have a theme that helps to get you through the year.

So where to start in setting ourselves apart? Maybe more smarts, braver heart. That’s right, learning something new or doing something old in a new way. They say the more you know the more you realize what you don’t know. So turning curiosity into luminosity is a good way to stay current or get ahead.

It may be that to lose weight or kick a habit some will need to burn more sweat. Even if not doing so in a physical sense, then maybe in a “sweat equity” sense. It’s like what happens when teams go from regular season to playoffs or BCS Bowl. It’s the same game but a different level of effort as in “oomph.”

Don’t overlook the value of having more faith. This is not simply about a belief system or religious fervor. It’s about having a “system of beliefs” where as Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” A belief system is good for inspiration. A system of beliefs is good for motivation.

There’s also a significant benefit to having more purpose. You might have seen the Exxon/Mobil ad which talks about gasoline having a higher energy density. That’s why a car’s fuel tank need not be extra large. Driving your new year’s resolutions fueled by purpose gives your life goals more energy density.

OK, back to the “selfie” seen with President Obama, Pope Francis and maybe even the Duck Dynasty. One way to get your resolutions theme going is by having a “selfie perspective” with your favorite sports, biz or showtime icon looking over your shoulder. That just might help get you going or keep you on point.

Footnote: A New Year’s resolution with a theme might make it easier to lose some weight, kick the habit or breakout the dream of a champagne life.