Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey Bring a Dose of Laughs and a Drop of Reality to Get Folks Juiced-up for the Holidays (and Beyond)!


No more drama! No more Madea? If fans had to choose they might say ‘No more drama for $200’ as Tyler Perry says he’s retiring the Madea character. It might be easier for them getting rid of the drama in life than for seeing the end of Madea. But at least Perry threw-in the fact that their layaway got pre-paid.

More Family Feud! More Little Big Shots! That’d be no-brainer for Steve Harvey. He’s set to host an upcoming holiday special where kids get to say and do their talent thing. While Perry and Harvey enjoy doing those projects, they know that in showbiz you gotta find ways to reinvent yourself.

In their work, they deliver a dose of laughs on stage and a drop of reality off stage. Even if it doesn’t get everybody excited for the holidays it might get some fans juiced-up for the new year. Either way, there’s enough good times and good vibes that can take us into next year for going from pre-lit to major hit.

Harvey says his wife loves to decorate for the season. Whether that means going with a pre-lit tree or starting from scratch is anyone’s guess. But the path we take to being fully-lit personally & professionally means embracing the things in life that come pre-lit: gifts, talents, calling, purpose, passion and dreams.

Perry and Harvey might explain in their tweetable moments that they’ve done the same in their careers. The holiday trees at home and across the country get to standout by adding some decorations. A good mix of ornaments, ribbons, tinsel and a tree-topper. So, success in going from pre-lit to major hit takes:

  1. Skill

While talent is something that usually comes naturally, skill is doing it with your eyes closed. Perry and Harvey spent years developing their skill by turning an ability into a capability. While talent gives us the ability to shine, skill gives us the capability to elevate things that come naturally to a level of superiority.

  1. Smarts

Harvey jokes about how his new beard has made him look and feel smarter. Well at least in the eyes of his grandkids. They keep quizzing him and he keeps answering. The smarts that makes folks lit professionally comes with more knowledge (as in book-smarts) and insight (as in street-smarts).

  1. Social


Perry was a recent presenter at an event honoring the legacy of Nelson Mandela. You remember, it’s where Beyoncé graced the stage like an African goddess. What he’s doing by supporting everyday lives at home and abroad shows a level of care and influence that brings social impact.

  1. Soul

Perry and Harvey give props to the God-side in them reaching new heights. Sometimes the things that hold us back are tied to F.E.A.R. – a case of ‘Fool’s Error Acting Ready’ to kill your hopes and dreams. But when God stirs your soul you get juiced-up with a new vision for going from pre-lit to major hit.

The Madea winddown tour is set for next year. Perry believes it’s time to bring new things to life. That’s also true when the holiday season ends and the resolutions-rollout begins. When we hit the stage for the upcoming 2019 wind-up it’s a good time for ‘no more drama’ and celebrating a ‘new you, new woo.’

Tip: Going from pre-lit to major hit personally and professionally means you don’t stop ‘til you get enough skill, smarts, social and soul.

Talkback: What’s in-store for your holidays, for your new year?

Tracks: Mary J. Blige – No More Drama – https://youtu.be/em328ua_Lo8

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough – https://youtu.be/yURRmWtbTbo

Tom Brady & Steve Harvey Turn Their Work Muscle and Side Hustle into a Formula for Rocking Their Game


As the ‘lazy hazy crazy’ days of summer get ready to roll on, fans at home and abroad will be cheering their sports teams. Whether it’s at the College World Series on the baseball diamond or the World Cup on the soccer field, they’ll be watching for that big play while chewing on their favorite snack foods.

These days, Oprah’s summer reading is giving some press to Tom Brady’s new book. On a recent interview on OWN he talked about his ‘winning ways’ and approach to peak performance.  Meanwhile, the summer TV ratings are getting a big kick out of Celebrity Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey.

Some people ‘feel the love’ for Brady and Harvey for how they’ve risen to the occasion time after time. In a sense, they’ve turned their work muscle and side hustle into a formula for rocking their game. Brady’s a 5-time Superbowl champion. Harvey’s hosting so many TV shows that bring laughs to young and old.


They enjoy the best work life ever in their field of dreams as masters of their game by acing the process. Plus they act like a player, think like a brand and keep taking their game to the next level. They work at getting the best out of themselves while inspiring peers, teammates and fans to reach higher and higher.

In a few weeks Brady will be spending a little less time on the golf course and more time in training camp. Harvey on the other hand just wrapped-up quality time spent with young boys at his mentoring camp. Both seem to practice the things needed for peak performance and market appeal by balancing:

  1. Main hustle vs side hustle

When you think of an entrée menu item there’s usually a main thing and some ‘sides.’ Similarly, on the success menu there’s usually a main hustle and some ‘sides.’ Brady’s main thing is football skills. Harvey’s main thing is comedy skills. But they have ‘sides’ like author and philanthropist to go along.

  1. Heart & soul vs silver and gold

Some fans might have a love/hate relationship with Brady or Harvey. It’s as if one day folks love them, another day not so much. But most won’t deny that it’s the heart and soul they bring to the game that adds to the party. They show us how heart & soul gives more ‘feeling and meaning’ to our silver & gold.

  1. Grow in score vs grow in service

Brady says he wants to play a few more years as long as he’s still competitive and having fun. While doing that he wants to be able to grown in score and in service. One deals with putting points on the board that leads to a win. The other deals with putting points on the map that leads to a legacy.

  1. Shine with mojo vs shine with flow

The joy in what they do shines through. Brady might not always carry a smile on his face but there’s an excitement he brings to fans when he’s on his game. Harvey’s known for making faces especially when talking with kids. They use their personal strengths to shine in ways that spread mojo and stir market flow.

So how’d Brady go from being drafted 199 of 200 to having one of the highest QB ratings? How’d Harvey go from stand-up to having the highest ratings on ABC’s Fun & Games Sunday line-up? They chose well from the success menu and now they get to shake their groove thing on the playing field and big stage.

Tip: Choosing the right entrée from the success menu means balancing your main hustle and side hustle in a way that adds heart and soul as well as silver and gold to your game.

Talkback: Did the Oprah Interview show another side of Tom Brady?

Tracks: Peaches & Herb – Shake Your Groove Thing – https://youtu.be/FafIty_-08c

Kelly Clarkson – Meaning of Life – https://youtu.be/BspHjvU11y4

Steve Harvey & Kenan Thompson: Too Hot To Trot, Tame or Slow Down Anytime Soon #BigTimeUniversity

#BigTimeUniversity – “Small Talk, Street Dreams, Next Level”

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LOL Tube – Got Funny? (Or Just Fun!)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (Old-School Flava)

The NY Media world is trying to keep a steady hand these days. With different personalities coming and going, the industry shot callers are busy shifting things. There’s word that Megyn Kelly will soon be back on air. While Steve Harvey and Kenan Thompson are too hot to trot, tame or slow down anytime soon.

Harvey’s busy moving and shaking while Thompson is holding it down at SNL. In a HuffPost interview he said “I thought that SNL was just going to be that bridge into being an adult actor. They’ve not only been a bridge. They’ve been a [beep] highway for me.” A little bend and big break have helped their careers rise.

They know ‘top-dog’ ratings can be good for business. Harvey recently announced the return of Showtime at the Apollo as a weekly show coming soon. He plans to re-launch his daytime Talk Show from LA this fall. Thompson is one of the longest-running SNL performers, all of this from turning talent into comedy.

But what seems to add to their longevity is a knack for turning talent into options. Thompson plays different sketch-comedy stage roles on SNL. Harvey’s gone from the stand-up comedy stage and now hosts different roles on TV. It’s like that old story of putting talent to work so that it multiplies and flies.

One of the signature skits by Thompson is playing Harvey on Family Feud. It’s art imitating life in a fun and natural way. That’s how they use their talent to pull on the purse-strings in the marketplace. Their comedy is more than pulling a puppet on a string. It’s in how their skills brings praises many people sing.

Groove-Track: Kool & The Gang  – Too Hot – https://youtu.be/TbXjX6-YNNY

Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (New-School Flava)

NY Media world trying to be steady. These days they gotta be ready. Different folks coming and going. Industry shot callers doing the wooing. Word that Megyn Kelly set to appear. Back on mainsteam TV air. While Steve Harvey & Kenan Thompson keep rollin. Too hot to trot, tame or keep from slowin’.

Harvey busy moving and shaking. Thompson holding it down at SNL taping. Telling HuffPost about his days. Before people knew the role he plays. Thinking SNL could be a bridge in time. To adult actor in his prime. Not only has it been a start. But also a bend, big break to raise career part.

With ‘top-dog’ ratings in the biz. Going from nobody to somebody, gee whiz. Showtime Apollo return coming soon. Weekly show on Harvey-TV tune. Re-launch of daytime TV show. From Chicago to LA studio. Thompson as an SNL act for years. Using talent to climb the comedy stairs.

Longevity seems to be their knack. Turning talent into options pack. Thompson in different sketch-comedy roles. Harvey from stand-up to inspiring souls. Thompson as characters into which he flows.  Harvey as host on so many shows. Like the old story where talent multiplies. One gig at a time it flies.

Signature skit Thompson might score most.  Is playing Harvey as Family Feud host. Art imitating life in fun way. As natural as it gets any given day. Talent to pull purse strings in marketplace. Comedy to put a laugh on people’s face. More than pulling a puppet string. Their skills bring praises many people sing.


Tip: A ‘top-dog’ in biz knows hot to turn talent into options for pulling purse-strings in the marketplace.

Talkback: What SNL actor/skit takes the prize for having the most wit & laughs?

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Steve Harvey Builds Brand Identity (And a River of Dreams) With Comedy & Personality – #WUWECAST

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LOL Tube – Got Funny?


Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

The graduation season might be winding down. Many have walked across the stage to collect their diploma. Now they’re ready to take things to the next level. This is true even for those long done with formal education. Case in point, Steve Harvey continues to build brand identity and a river of dreams.

He’s heard on radio, seen of TV and has become a best-selling author. More recently he’s expanded his Family Feud hosting gig with a celebrity edition. He leads his mentoring program that pours into a river of dreams. All of this has come about by building brand identity around comedy, personality and serenity.

Harvey might say living the dream is all about packaging your passion. Some in comedy build their passion around jokes for making people laugh. Others do so by making a fool of themselves or like Amy Schumer making silly salty. But full-throttle passion for most folks is where skills and thrills runneth over.

Then there’re people who package their dream around their pain. Richard Pryor was one of the best at making people laugh at times he may have cried. Others like Iyanla Vanzant package their dream around explaining their pain. Harvey jokes about embracing his pain during the three years he was homeless.

Dream achievers remind us that when passion and pain are in the mix it opens up new possibilities. In some sense this is what they learned from living their dream. You might have to test the waters or go to “a place without no name.” When you get there your story will be one that moves people and the market.

Groove-Track: Billy Joel – ‘The River of Dreams’ – https://youtu.be/hSq4B_zHqPM

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Graduation season winding down. Parties had in many a town. They took the stage for their diploma. Went out to eat and savor the aroma. Putting things on a next level track. Knowing there’s no turning back. True for those in careers or on teams. As Steve Harvey builds brand identity and river of dreams.

Heard on radio, as seen on tv. And best-selling author respectfully. Lately hosting Family Feud celebrity edition. Put together like a man on a mission. Leads mentoring program for turning boys to men. Living his dream as a top ten. All this by building his brand identity. With comedy, personality and serenity.

Harvey might say it’s about packaging your passion. Whether in comedy or other profession. Some do jokes just for laugh-a-lots. Others build around a certain life plot. Making a fool of themselves or being salty. Maybe all of the above and a little naughty. Where skills and thrills runneth good under or over forty.

Some package their dream around pain. Richard Pryor among the best when sane. Making people laugh about how he cried. Stretching the punchline in ways he didn’t hide. Other like Iyanla explain their pain. In letting it support their gain. Harvey jokes embrace homelessness. His pain for three years of restlessness.

Dream achievers know the score. Passion and pain opens them up for more. So the possibilities are awaiting. That’s what dreams are good for teaching. Having to test the waters and the game. In going to “a place without no name.” What you’ll gain is a story. That moves people, the market and personal glory.


Tip: People who move the market build brand identity that leads to a river of dreams and money streams.
Talkback: Which moves the market more, people’s passion or people’s pain?
Groove-Tracks: Michael Jackson – ‘A Place Without No Name’ – https://youtu.be/YlJvMU-5NyA

Lianne La Havas – ‘Unstoppable’ – https://youtu.be/YFic-xaLsPs

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Steve Harvey’s Story Shows How to Keep Your Dream Alive by Any Means Necessary


Remember the game ‘Simon Says’ we played as kids? We listened and responded to instructions that began with those words. Let’s imagine that Steve Harvey’s new book ‘Act Like a Success’ represents Simon’s voice. Then Harvey’s story shows how to keep your dream alive by any means necessary.

He makes clear that we show-up in life with a gift and related talents. In computer lingo, our gift is similar to a computer chip. It’s like our ‘intel inside.’ It’s our unique intellect or God-given success factor. That gift allows us to go from nothing to something or from zero to sixty in whatever area we focus our passion.

The book reminds us that the gift is freely given and cannot be bought, sold or stolen. It represents something we do almost effortlessly that can bring lasting value. When we put our gift to work like Oprah, Steve Jobs and Harvey, at home, in the marketplace or community, it leaves a ‘gift mark’ as our legacy.

It’s one thing to discover our gifts but we also have to develop our goals. This becomes the vehicle for getting from here to there in our dreams or career. Harvey talks about S.M.A.R.T. goals that take us out of our comfort zone but not cause us undue harm. It’s a way to stretch towards the horizon of our dreams.


Goals guide our growth personally and professionally. So if folks had a choice which would be preferred, a half-baked potato or a twice-baked one with all the fixings? Based on Harvey’s success we should consider the same thing. Would we prefer a half-baked life or a twice-baked one with all the blessings?

Life has a way of taking us down roads we didn’t see coming. Sometimes we have a choice of taking the road less travelled. Keeping the dream alive by any means necessary involves driving confidently towards our greatness. We have to let the onboard navigation get us there using the gift as our GPS for success.

The GPS in our cars works by having a chip in the device that sends/receives signals with the satellite. This way we can get to our destination because the device can handle east, west, north and south at the same time. When we use our gift as GPS for success it moves us in the direction of our greatness.

Our human greatness varies from person to person just as the houses on a block aren’t the same. They might have different colors or windows or sizes. In living up to our full potential or keeping our dream alive we’re not distracted if we remain committed to the gift and goals for getting to our ultimate destination.

Footnote: If life is a song worth singing then our God-given gift brings out the best ever in us.

Pack Purpose for the Ride: Steve Harvey’s Branding Moves Hit a New Groove (Part 3)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (Old-School Flava)

Those ‘in the know’ say Family Feud has seen bigger ratings in recent years. Some think it’s gotten new life with Steve Harvey as the latest host. The show airs on weeknights in regular season rotation as well as in syndication. How does Harvey juggle all this work? He says it’s in taking care of your temple.

Harvey knows something about a diet makeover and workout schedule. He takes seriously the idea that what you put in is what you put out. But that doesn’t just apply to his body. It’s also about feeding the soul. He produces maximum results in life because he knows your “temple gifts” can look good on you.

He’s normally decked-out in the finest suits. Things match and coordinate in ways that would make a mother proud. However, when you look past the outward appearance, you realize there’s a spiritual calling at work. This is how you make big G (o-d) look good which puts everything in place as it should.

When in doubt of the next career move, be sure to at least pack purpose for the ride. Where there’s purpose there’s a sense of serving some greater good. While Harvey’s work is multi-media, he also gives back through his foundation by partnering with others to mentor boys from single-parent households.

Between the start and end of the day Harvey finds ways to make folks laugh. He seems to be having the most laughs himself on The Feud. He makes a living doing these gigs because his passion goes to work for a paycheck. Your passion is in how you ‘do you’ such that others might say, “damn, you’re good!”


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (New-School Flava)

Those ‘in the know’ see a shift in gears. Family Feud’s ratings up in recent years. Some think Steve Harvey gave it new life. He’s the latest host dressed sharp as a knife. Airing weeknights in regular season rotation. Also seen in cable syndication. With many jobs in his spoke. Taking care of his temple is no joke.

Harvey knows about a diet makeover. Doing his regular workout is no pushover. Serious about the idea of what you put in. So that what he puts out makes folks grin. Not just about biceps and your core. But also about the soul’s dujour. Bringing max results in the making. As “temple gifts” look good for the taking.

Normally decked-out in the finest suits. Things paying off in his life fruits. Looking cool to make a mother proud. Even if other’s love to hear him loud. Going beyond his outward flair. You see a spiritual calling in the air. That’s about making big G (o-d) look good. Having things in place where it should.

When in doubt of the next career move. Think about putting purpose in the groove. Where there’s purpose there’s a sense of serving. Some earthly good for a greater rising. While Harvey’s work is multi-media happy. Little he does seems to be crappy. Like mentoring boys on not being sappy.

Between the start and end of day. He makes people laugh in some way. Laughing himself silly on The Feud. Not to be seen as acting rude. Making a living with these gigs. His passion goes to work for a paycheck jig. Passion is how you might burn like wood. Even making others say, “damn, you’re good!”

Tip: Packing purpose for the ride means spreading your gifts so that your 9-to-5 is as good as it gets.

Talkback: What’s different about The Feud before Steve Harvey and now?

Live Your Passion: Steve Harvey’s Branding Moves Hit a New Groove (Part 1)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (Old-School Flava)

Can you see Steve Harvey as an Insurance Salesman? Or car assembly lineman? Well, Ebony Magazine says it’s true. Harvey, the comedian turned radio personality has spread his wings a lot further. He even launched his own daytime talk show. Harvey wants you to think like a mogul and live your passion.

Many know him as the current host of the long-running game show Family Feud. Harvey now has more clout on the media airwaves. He shared his story of being ‘sick and tired,’ feeling like he wasn’t living up to his potential. His dream journey started when he left his day job for the comedy circuit.

Harvey says the fire burning inside keeps him striving to be the best in his game. He’s had ups & downs, trials and setbacks but found the courage to bounce back. His story shows how success is about giving your best no matter the test. It’s about living your passion and serving something bigger than yourself.

Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed or self-employed, Harvey wants you to think like the best. People who’re ‘best-in-class’ mix success-thinking and fear-squashing to make them rise, shine and dominate in the game. ‘Just do you’ on the job or in the marketplace and let your passion sizzle through.

During sporting events we see some amazing scores. Sometimes trophies are won, records broken and memories made to last a lifetime. But if there’s anything we can take away from star athletes and from Harvey, it’s that higher achievement comes to those who do everything they can to learn from the best.


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (New-School Flava)

Steve Harvey as Insurance Salesman? Or car assembly lineman? Ebony magazine says it’s true. Harvey might have worn uniform blue. Comedian turned radio personality. Spreading his wings with brand originality. Launching his own daytime TV show. Thinking like a mogul brings more lanes to grow.

Some know him from Family Feud. Others see him as that “bald head dude.” Grabbing more of the media airwaves. Hoping to reap the benefits and fan raves. His story of being ‘sick and tired’ became crucial. Feeling like he wasn’t living to his potential. So he left his day job to start a comedy revival.

Harvey says there’s a fire that’s burning inside. Striving to be the best with pride. Even with life’s ups & downs, trials and setbacks. He’s found the courage to deliver major comebacks. Showing how success is about giving it your best. No matter the cost or the test. Serving something bigger and living to the fullest.

Unemployed, underemployed or self-employed? It’s really hard to feel overjoyed. Maybe you plan to give-up or take a rest. Harvey wants you to think like the best. To be ‘best-in-class’ takes success-thinking. Along with a dose of fear-squashing. Makes you rise, shine, not be the same. And sizzle in the pro game.

Sporting events provide some amazing feats. Many heard cheering in their seats. Trophies won, records broken. Memories made from things unspoken. So inspired by these star athletes. And Harvey’s lessons from the streets. Achievement means working like a pest. And learning everything you can from the best.

Tip: Achievement comes as you go after goals like a pest and learn everything you can from the best.

Talkback: How has a life-changing event or celeb like Harvey inspired you to not give-up, to think differently or to raise your game?