Oprah Winfrey Speaks Out and Usain Bolt Jumps In With Their New Year’s Resolutions to Make a Run

2018 Theme
The Year of ‘Got Shine?’:
Where The Things You Know and How You Flow Bring More Star Power for Sure


Looks like Red Carpet watchers and sports fans got a back-to-back treat in primetime. At the 75th Golden Globes, celebs came out in force to honor great movie productions. As if right on cue 24 hours later, the College Football Championship game between Georgia & Alabama had its share of great performances.

For the Globes, this year brought a new dose of social activism to the festivities. Oprah had her standout moment of course. While for football fans there was biting suspense as the game went down to the wire. And scrolling on the bottom of the TV screen during the game was news of Usain Bolt doing soccer.

The after-show buzz was if Oprah would run for President in 2020. Plus it seems Bolt wants to make a run at playing soccer on the big stage. It’s not clear if Oprah will seek higher office as a next chapter. But she’s down for the women’s cause. At least they’re open to taking their shine to a new level or new grind.

Oprah’s decision to speak out and Bolt’s decision to jump-in give clues for making the most of our new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s about a new level or new grind, their success shows us that to breakout from a slump, breakthrough from a setback or break barriers like the glass ceiling, it helps to:

  1. Know Your Game

Oprah spent 25 years on TV hosting her talk show. She then went from daytime queen to cable network mogul. Now she’s on Forbes’ Billionaires list. No one can question if she knows her game. A key to her brilliance from one game to the next is in how she builds-on her skill and grit during the learning curve.

  1. Know Your Groove

Knowing your professional game can sometimes feel boring, monotonous or be on auto-pilot. Oprah and Bolt saw how it can feel like not much of an effort or like you’ve lost your groove. Well, keeping your mojo or getting your groove back means keeping your results ‘on point’ around more passion and purpose.

  1. Know Your Grow

I can remember as a child on those days travelling with my dad to his farm. There were different types of crops which meant different techniques to help them grow. With different types of games professionally, it’s good to know what makes you grow to get your best stuff to flow at work, play or in the marketplace.

  1. Know Your Goal

Bolt wants to play in Europe for die-hard fans. Oprah wants to give young girls hope for tomorrow and the tools to achieve. A goal gives our dreams legs to stand on and a path to becoming the best we can be. And in the words of Oprah, “the biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”


Oprah and Bolt have already reached great heights in their careers. They really don’t have to prove anything more to be secure. Their dreams have taken them east, west, north and south as if travelling the four corners of success. They give us a kind of GPS roadmap for making something of ourselves.

The new-year can be a good time to look at starting over. It seems Bolt’s doing that as an athlete. It’s also a good time for kicking things into higher gear. That’s what Oprah’s speech did for many who posted messages on social media. They’ve already shown us what it takes to ‘shine on’ and become legendary.

Tip: Taking your professional shine to a new level of brilliance or new grind means knowing how to work your game and hit your groove so that how you grow helps to push your goal.

Talkback: What’s it gonna take for Oprah make a run or for Bolt to become soccer’s new son?

Tracks: Welshly Arms – Legendary – https://youtu.be/Z2CZn966cUg

Jussie Smollette ft Bre-Z – Shine on Me – https://youtu.be/FAA4AdxEm34

A New Year’s Toast to The ‘Selfie’ with a Celebrity Photobomb!


A new year rolled in on hump day this year. So did some cold weather and talk about making resolutions. Some people think it’s a waste of time. Others see it as a way to jump-start the year. The most popular resolution is probably dropping some pounds. So here’s a new year’s toast to the “before and after” selfie.

Some “selfies” provide a view that would otherwise be hard to see. Others take on a larger-than-life look and feel. But what’s good for the “photo selfie” might also be good for the “resolutions selfie.” That’s because psychologists suggest it’s better to have a theme that helps to get you through the year.

So where to start in setting ourselves apart? Maybe more smarts, braver heart. That’s right, learning something new or doing something old in a new way. They say the more you know the more you realize what you don’t know. So turning curiosity into luminosity is a good way to stay current or get ahead.

It may be that to lose weight or kick a habit some will need to burn more sweat. Even if not doing so in a physical sense, then maybe in a “sweat equity” sense. It’s like what happens when teams go from regular season to playoffs or BCS Bowl. It’s the same game but a different level of effort as in “oomph.”

Don’t overlook the value of having more faith. This is not simply about a belief system or religious fervor. It’s about having a “system of beliefs” where as Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” A belief system is good for inspiration. A system of beliefs is good for motivation.

There’s also a significant benefit to having more purpose. You might have seen the Exxon/Mobil ad which talks about gasoline having a higher energy density. That’s why a car’s fuel tank need not be extra large. Driving your new year’s resolutions fueled by purpose gives your life goals more energy density.

OK, back to the “selfie” seen with President Obama, Pope Francis and maybe even the Duck Dynasty. One way to get your resolutions theme going is by having a “selfie perspective” with your favorite sports, biz or showtime icon looking over your shoulder. That just might help get you going or keep you on point.

Footnote: A New Year’s resolution with a theme might make it easier to lose some weight, kick the habit or breakout the dream of a champagne life.