A New Year’s Toast to The ‘Selfie’ with a Celebrity Photobomb!


A new year rolled in on hump day this year. So did some cold weather and talk about making resolutions. Some people think it’s a waste of time. Others see it as a way to jump-start the year. The most popular resolution is probably dropping some pounds. So here’s a new year’s toast to the “before and after” selfie.

Some “selfies” provide a view that would otherwise be hard to see. Others take on a larger-than-life look and feel. But what’s good for the “photo selfie” might also be good for the “resolutions selfie.” That’s because psychologists suggest it’s better to have a theme that helps to get you through the year.

So where to start in setting ourselves apart? Maybe more smarts, braver heart. That’s right, learning something new or doing something old in a new way. They say the more you know the more you realize what you don’t know. So turning curiosity into luminosity is a good way to stay current or get ahead.

It may be that to lose weight or kick a habit some will need to burn more sweat. Even if not doing so in a physical sense, then maybe in a “sweat equity” sense. It’s like what happens when teams go from regular season to playoffs or BCS Bowl. It’s the same game but a different level of effort as in “oomph.”

Don’t overlook the value of having more faith. This is not simply about a belief system or religious fervor. It’s about having a “system of beliefs” where as Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” A belief system is good for inspiration. A system of beliefs is good for motivation.

There’s also a significant benefit to having more purpose. You might have seen the Exxon/Mobil ad which talks about gasoline having a higher energy density. That’s why a car’s fuel tank need not be extra large. Driving your new year’s resolutions fueled by purpose gives your life goals more energy density.

OK, back to the “selfie” seen with President Obama, Pope Francis and maybe even the Duck Dynasty. One way to get your resolutions theme going is by having a “selfie perspective” with your favorite sports, biz or showtime icon looking over your shoulder. That just might help get you going or keep you on point.

Footnote: A New Year’s resolution with a theme might make it easier to lose some weight, kick the habit or breakout the dream of a champagne life.

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