Steve Harvey and Disney Showing The Power of a Dream!

(Part 4) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 The original King of Comedy has teamed up with Disney. Not that Steve Harvey is retiring his stand-up gig. Instead, he’s expanding on his dreams and that of Walt Disney. They’ve partnered to challenge young people at Disney’s Dreamers Academy. Is this a Mickey Mouse idea?

Many dreams have come through Disney’s parks, resorts and media networks. The company was started by brothers Roy and Walter Disney to develop cartoons. They’ve grown to revenue in the billions. Harvey and Disney hope to whet the appetites of young people’s hunger for achievement.

In joining forces, they show how “the brand” markets “the man.” The Disney brand sells itself. When you hear the name you know the legacy. So it is with Harvey. His national platform allows him to turn his “jackpot of jokes” into a brand that makes people take note.


Why is this a great move for them? It brings together comedy and cinematography. It extends their reach and support into the community. It adds value to their proven credibility. It’s a hook-up that inspires people to live-up. The partnership gives them presence to continue circulating their true essence.

Mickey Mouse has become a household name. Harvey continues to flex his game. Both are American icons from coast to coast. While not in the same league, they maintain a niche that they lead. Talk about building their magic kingdoms! So Disney and Harvey ask, what do you hunger to achieve?     

Tip: A dream is more than just wishing upon a star. It’s more like a catalyst that makes people go far.

Talkback: What is it about the Disney/Harvey brands that keep people coming back again and again?

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