Is IBM Starting Another Information Revolution?

(Part 3) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 What can Watson do for you? That’s the question IBM wants people to ask. They’ve launched a new information-age campaign. Watson is the name given to IBM’s new computer gizmo. It’s being used to compete against contestants on Jeopardy. It looks like this revolution will be televised!

IBM is the world’s largest provider of information technology solutions. A few decades ago they made the PC commercially viable. What seemed like a dream back then is being reinvented yet again. IBM Engineers use “artificial intelligence” to “think outside the box.” This helps explain their success.

Remember the DOS operating system? Well, the original IBM PC was a joint venture with Microsoft. IBM built the hardware. Microsoft provided the software. Sometimes a revolution happens through emotional intelligence as well. It’s in how you labor without “pissing off” your biz partner or neighbor.

Then there’s the value of market intelligence. What’s hot or what’s not? Who’s buying and who’s selling? What’s about to grow and what’s about to go? Someone must have known that desktop computing would be the new frontier. Today, IBM is staking its business on a new way to number-crunch.

Over 80 years ago IBM named Thomas Watson Sr. as President/CEO. He transformed the company to new heights. The slogan he introduced then was T-H-I-N-K. He thought something was missing in business at the time. The slogan then and campaign now might say a lot about genius in enterprise.   

Tip: A shift in earnings or lifestyle starts with how you think outside the box.

Talkback: How have computers become a blessing or curse in your day-to-day?

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