How John Legend and Microsoft Achieve Success Without Waiting for Superman!

(Part VIII) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 Shine! That’s the song written/produced by John Legend on the Waiting for Superman soundtrack. The Backstory says a lot about how Legend puts technology to work in songwriting. It starts with an idea fueled by innovation and inspiration. Bill Gates might describe Microsoft the same way.

Just look at how it has impacted business. When IBM needed software to run their new PCs, Microsoft provided DOS. This proved to be their “creeping before walking” moment. Gates understood how PC evolution and revolution would mix. It needed to tap the hearts, minds and souls of people and culture.

Microsoft has been in the forefront of the information revolution. In going from DOS to Windows OS they showed the importance of having an operating system to achieve greater success. Every good school, business or leader needs a system of doing things in order to make success easily repeatable.

Behind Superman the superhero is Clark Kent the person. As a newspaper reported he was guided by purpose. He wasn’t just driven to make money or a name for himself. His day job took care of that. But Superman was also fueled by a desire to perform some greater good. Bill Gates is doing that today.

Many were surprised when Gates announced his “retirement” from Microsoft to focus primarily on his foundation. His day’s work puts money in his pocket. His life’s work puts meaning in his money. That’s how John Legend and Bill Gates have been able to achieve success without waiting for Superman.

Tip: Time waits on no one but success is calling those who believe in their ability to fly.

Talkback: How do people (celebrities, superheroes, mentors) or your inner purpose inspire you to elevate your game, whether with technology or personality?

AT&T and P. Diddy Know How To Stay Current in The Marketplace.

(Part 7) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 AT&T hooks-up with Apple and the iPhone. Verizon connects with Google and the Android. Both have forged winning partnerships. What’s AT&T going to do, now that the iPhone is with Verizon? AT&T knows you have to stay current to compete and keep paying the rent.

MaBell has a history of stepping things up to compete. They keep on ticking, sometimes taking a licking. Their consumer side mixes tech, talk and TV content on three merging screens. It also helps to have name recognition. What a beautiful thing! It has kept AT&T in the swing.

They didn’t become a biz giant overnight. Their corporate side relies heavily on R&D. They’ve kept that close even during times of break-ups and busts. They’ve gone from Bell Labs to Lucent. Not to mention all they’ve received in awards. Staying current helps maintain your industry cred.  

Brand diversity is a two-way street. One way is how you position your products. The other is how you identify with people of all stripes. AT&T stays connected with the community through various forms of charitable giving. For them staying current means living up to your civic duty.

 Sounds a lot like Diddy too, right? They both show how to diversify your appeal by being a Big Brother/Sister in the community. They’ve made a name for themselves among multiple ethnic groups. All this takes being in touch with your consumer, corporate and community sides. 

Tip: Staying current on the job or in the marketplace is about being in touch with the changes in your field, the business and the world.

Talkback: At the Grammys he’s Puff Daddy again, so what’s up with Diddy and all his name changes?

Joyner, Baisden and McDonald’s Franchises Have Become a Marketing Bonanza!

(Part 6) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 Who’s got the best Fries, McDonald’s or Wendy’s? Zagat survey says, McDonald’s. Their Superbowl ad showed how bears dig them too. McDonald’s is probably the best known Fast-Food Chain hands-down. Their business is not built on French Fries alone. They’ve become a marketing machine.

Imagine paying three million dollars for a Superbowl ad? You’d have maximum exposure to a national, even international audience. A lot like mass-marketing appeal. How does this work in business? Well advertising is like a Quarterback’s pass. Marketing is like the catch on your way to a touchdown.

Ads introduce a product/campaign in the marketplace. Marketing is geared towards boosting sales. Taken together, that’s what Superbowl ads hope to achieve. It may be one reason why McDonald’s is so widely known. Their brand is more than just burgers and fries. It’s about marketing Mcfeast Satisfaction.

Marketing helps with people to meet, places to go. It’s social and financial. Just look at all those Superbowl ads. Most of them had a Facebook page to visit. Social media sites have become common in TV commercials. It’s a sort of handshake as businesses find new ways to interact with consumers.

McDonald’s history is well documented. Ray Kroc bought the restaurant from two brothers. He wanted to duplicate it everywhere. Kroc built a network of eateries into franchises. So Network Marketing has come a long way. Just ask Tom Joyner, Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey and others in radio syndication.  

Tip: If advertising gets you noticed then marketing helps get you more business as a bonus.

Talkback: What do you like most about your favorite Fast-Food Chain or Radio Jock?

What Do President Obama and GE Have In Common?

(Part 5) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 “67% of billionaires made their fortunes from scratch!” That’s what pops up in the TV commercial. Thomas Edison is a good example. He invented the light bulb. Now 100+ years later, General Electric (GE) makes billions. So what do GE and President Obama have in common? It’s all about what’s in their hand!

Obama received high marks for his State of the Union speech. It sounded like the playbook of GE. The company is a proven innovation leader. They’ve continue the tradition of Edison’s inventions. Obama wants to re-ignite our creative genius with a new birth of innovation to impact the nation.

Edison became known as the wizard of Menlo Park, NJ. He spent hours working in his research lab. Many Commentators see education as today’s Civil Rights issue. Formal education puts you in the flow of higher learning. Edison showed how self-taught education puts you in the flow of higher earnings.      

Wonder if we’d still be in the dark without his invention? Edison started tinkering from scratch. Look what it did for GE and his legacy. He worked tirelessly, using what he had the power to work with. Some see Obama’s new popularity similarly. Maybe it’s the power of imagination at work.

Obama recently named GE President Jeffrey Immelt to lead his Economic Advisory Panel. His marching orders might involve spawning job creation. Maybe even doing for the US economy what Edison did for GE. Whether it’s a new frontier or committee chair, success is built around serving the benefits of others.   

Tip: Innovation and imagination create modern-day inventions and tomorrow’s problem solutions.

Talkback: What invention do you wish you had a hand in creating or patenting?