What Do President Obama and GE Have In Common?

(Part 5) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 “67% of billionaires made their fortunes from scratch!” That’s what pops up in the TV commercial. Thomas Edison is a good example. He invented the light bulb. Now 100+ years later, General Electric (GE) makes billions. So what do GE and President Obama have in common? It’s all about what’s in their hand!

Obama received high marks for his State of the Union speech. It sounded like the playbook of GE. The company is a proven innovation leader. They’ve continue the tradition of Edison’s inventions. Obama wants to re-ignite our creative genius with a new birth of innovation to impact the nation.

Edison became known as the wizard of Menlo Park, NJ. He spent hours working in his research lab. Many Commentators see education as today’s Civil Rights issue. Formal education puts you in the flow of higher learning. Edison showed how self-taught education puts you in the flow of higher earnings.      

Wonder if we’d still be in the dark without his invention? Edison started tinkering from scratch. Look what it did for GE and his legacy. He worked tirelessly, using what he had the power to work with. Some see Obama’s new popularity similarly. Maybe it’s the power of imagination at work.

Obama recently named GE President Jeffrey Immelt to lead his Economic Advisory Panel. His marching orders might involve spawning job creation. Maybe even doing for the US economy what Edison did for GE. Whether it’s a new frontier or committee chair, success is built around serving the benefits of others.   

Tip: Innovation and imagination create modern-day inventions and tomorrow’s problem solutions.

Talkback: What invention do you wish you had a hand in creating or patenting?

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