A GM Comeback After Bankruptcy and Bailout.

(Part 1) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 General Motors (GM) is working its way back. This happened after filing for bankruptcy. It was their way of downsizing the operation. Now it looks like they’re on the up-and-up. They have new cars hitting the showroom floor. Could this be a lot like what happens in people’s career?

The recession has been brutal. So many people have hit the un-employment lines. They were downsized or put out to pasture. Some have toiled looking for work. Others have considered starting a business. A comeback starts with ambition. You must have the desire to turn your passion on fire.

What did GM do? The company eliminated a few models. They re-positioned their marketing from “old-school to new-school.” They streamlined the product line to five brands. That’s like focusing more on what makes you strong (your talent) and eliminating what makes you weak (the distractions).


But it didn’t stop there. They launched a new campaign built around their reinvention. The company held dealers to a new standard. They rallied their employees. They promoted the new GM with an advertising blitz. Before you get others to believe in you, you first have to raise the belief in yourself.

GM dropped the Hummer. They’re ready again to be a winner. They’ve repaid the Stimulus funds back to Uncle Sam. The Volt electric car is on the rollout. There’s even an Onstar-type IPad App. GM’s return shows us that a setback is not a period, but a comma before the rest of the story. 

Tip: Recessions can be a time to downsize your appetite and upsize your dreams.

Talkback: How has the recession caused you to downsize your lifestyle?