The Breakthrough That Made Facebook Blow-up.

 Catch the buzz. It’s on Facebook, cuz. A social media thing. Where some people meet a new fling. Mark Zuckerberg as founder. His family couldn’t be prouder. Hitting 500 million members. A billionaire on magazine covers. Everybody wants to know. The breakthrough that made them blow.

A way to connect with the masses. In between campus classes. No longer a tale that’s fairy. Now a mainstream public diary. Starting as a flashback in history. Humans are social beings. Interested in each others’ doings. Welcoming fans and friends. Sharing-in life’s twists and bends.

Lots of smart people in the mix. But he came up with the fix. Working with people who are bright. But he’s the one who saw the light. More like a modern day invention. People wishing Facebook was their creation. Seeing a business need. Taking the risk to lead. Attacking the opportunity with speed.

One person tells a sister or brother. Who each tell five others. Post a picture or blog. Maintain a feedback log. Like it or see it as a nag. Watch for content you can tag. It’s where the magic builds. For business and social thrills. Who would have thought? Soon stocks to be bought.

A movie set for release. Maybe even a tool for world peace. Zuckerberg has no shame. For bringing passion to his game. Donating 100 million dollars. To help groom future scholars. Going from 0 to 60 friends in minutes. Gaining more value in digits. A hundred years from now. Many will study how.

Tip: Million dollar ideas are like great athletes. You gotta train them right to put success in flight.

Talkback: What is it about Facebook that makes it so liked?

Is the American Dream Over and Done?

 BP oil well is dead! That’s what Thad Allen said. After months of flowing. For BP a terrible showing. Will take years before things recover. Lots of damage yet to discover. Some wondering about the economy. Hoping to again make some money. Is the American Dream now history?

President Obama thinks not. Knowing the economy gets hot. Saying GM has made a comeback. By reinventing its brand-pack. Fewer models in the showroom. More innovation in the boardroom. Some dealers shut down. Others working to come around. Gotta be your best, pound for pound.


Banks no longer on the brink. Came close to causing us to sink. All part of the market pressure. Where some have to reinvest in manufacture. Bridges and roads need fixing. Main Street and Wall Street need mixing. Careers and companies sometimes die. But skills and talents multiply. 

Underappreciated or underemployed. Frustrated or unemployed. Take your pick. Times are hard and sick. People looking for hope. Lindsay Lohan admits dope. There’s suicide and the chance to elope. No one knows like you. What you’re going through. Trying to re-invigorate? Yea, it’s not too late.

Raising the American Dream from the dead. Front and center in ppl’s head. Whether affected by the spill. Or struggling to pay your bills. President Obama has his take. On the value of his Stimulus shake. Saving the automakers from going under. Making sure lighting not followed by thunder.

Tip: Tough economic times can introduce a man to his dreams and re-introduce a nation to its ideals.

Talkback: Does living the “American Dream” carry the same meaning across racial/ethnic groups?

Just Hired, Last Fired, Sick & Tired! (Review)

 Know someone like that? Wishing for a job to come out a hat. Working less than five years. Wanting to overcome their fears. Sick and tired of the job or boss. Running a business at a loss. Donald Trump’s Apprentice got a few. Hoping to start out anew. Using the basic ABCs. For a job, biz or degrees.

Gotta know your dough. And what gets you in the flow. How money moves. All about being in the groove. Landing a job to get paid. Climbing the career ladder grade. Doing your vocation. Being in tight syncopation. Get a new awareness. Life doesn’t always bring fairness.

Then there’s branding. To further your pro standing. It’s important to have a niche. Doesn’t guarantee you’ll be rich. Bring your A-game. Use creativity, not the same ol’ same. Weaknesses can bite like a shark. Opportunities don’t happen in the dark. Get the lessons learned. So you don’t get burned.

 How to supersize the paycheck?  Without being a nervous wreck. Work your main thing. Be like the queen or king. Choose your money sides. Deliver results with pride. Serve it up with purpose. So you can party without a fuss. Give your best. Live larger than the rest.

The economy is in a funk. Causing people to lose their spunk. Some are tired from rejection fatigue. While looking for a new career league. President Obama announces on Labor Day. New programs with real pay. Some looking to Trump to get hired. But first, a few will have to be fired.

Tip: Opportunity comes to those who raise their skills, as they look for new ways to pay the bills.

Talkback: During these difficult economic times, what’s the toughest thing about finding a job, changing careers or growing your business?

NY Jets Darrelle Revis Plays Deal or No Deal.

 Holding out no more. Revis ready to take the floor. Signing new contract. Jets have their star cornerback. No pre-season games under his belt. Missing him would have been felt. Revis shows why he’s successful. On and of the field. QB pass, pick or steal. A lot like deal or no deal.

As seen on the popular game show. Not just for people in the know. But for those who’ve got mojo. Going for the million dollar prize. Letting the suspense rise. Success is part ability. And part inner surety. Revis can bring it. Just like business professionals and contestants who win it.

What’s in the briefcases? Big money that could go places. Pick one, hoping it’s got the top prize. Maybe a hunch or lucky surprise. Watch the others get eliminated. Down to the wire before you’re celebrated. Revis and the contestants play with instinct. Winning without having to blink.

Coach Rex Ryan had a major role. Seeing Revis as the team’s soul. Made Jets owner get a feel. Season without him would be no deal. Meeting face to face. With Revis making his case. Ryan had a tantrum. Over the obvious phantom. Revis has the coach’s ear. His emotional intuition was clear.

So Revis will take the field. Says he’s humbled, but happy with the yield. Got more money guarantees. No, it wasn’t a breeze. Jets are talk of the town. Giants need not frown. Career and business success comes with risk. Win big, clench your fist. At the end of the day. You gotta come to play.

Tip: Success on and off the field is part ability and part nerve.

Talkback: How would you rate the ball skills of Revis or the negotiation skills of his agent?

N.O. Saints Hope to Repeat, Would be a Major Feat.

(Part VIII) Empower Your Summer: Like The Pros Who Raise Their Game and Reach New Fame.

 The 2010 NFL season is near. Lots of buzz in the air. T.O. to play with Ochocinco. Giants and Jets in new stadium condo. The Saints are prepping to repeat. That sure would be sweet. Derek Fisher invited to speak. During pre-game warm-up before teams meet. Is this a test?

Who Dat slogan for the Saints. Fisher’s Lakers done it in the paint. What might he say to fire them up? Sure, being able to repeat. That would be neat. Involves a test of character. Bouncing back if there’s a loss the morning after. Things happen on the outside. Be strong on the inside.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Champions turn good into better. And their better into best. Lakers past the test of competence. Playing better as a team. Living off each other’s dream. The Saints trying to do more. As the fans look to the score. They need to draw from their core.

Trash talk happens all the time. Players want to get others in line. The locker room helps build chemistry. The playing field expects victory. A test in confidence? Turns victory into prominence. That’s what the Lakers have done. As Saints hope to remain #1.

The fans have seen a lot these days. As many hope BP will correct its ways. Five years after Katrina. With boats washed-up at the Marina. Five months into the oil spill. With everything but the kitchen sink to stop kill. Wouldn’t it be grand? If the Saints still had the winning hand. 

Tip: Passing life’s test is in how you give it your best and outlast the rest.

Talkback: What might Derek Fisher say to fire-up the Saints before kickoff?