Is the American Dream Over and Done?

 BP oil well is dead! That’s what Thad Allen said. After months of flowing. For BP a terrible showing. Will take years before things recover. Lots of damage yet to discover. Some wondering about the economy. Hoping to again make some money. Is the American Dream now history?

President Obama thinks not. Knowing the economy gets hot. Saying GM has made a comeback. By reinventing its brand-pack. Fewer models in the showroom. More innovation in the boardroom. Some dealers shut down. Others working to come around. Gotta be your best, pound for pound.


Banks no longer on the brink. Came close to causing us to sink. All part of the market pressure. Where some have to reinvest in manufacture. Bridges and roads need fixing. Main Street and Wall Street need mixing. Careers and companies sometimes die. But skills and talents multiply. 

Underappreciated or underemployed. Frustrated or unemployed. Take your pick. Times are hard and sick. People looking for hope. Lindsay Lohan admits dope. There’s suicide and the chance to elope. No one knows like you. What you’re going through. Trying to re-invigorate? Yea, it’s not too late.

Raising the American Dream from the dead. Front and center in ppl’s head. Whether affected by the spill. Or struggling to pay your bills. President Obama has his take. On the value of his Stimulus shake. Saving the automakers from going under. Making sure lighting not followed by thunder.

Tip: Tough economic times can introduce a man to his dreams and re-introduce a nation to its ideals.

Talkback: Does living the “American Dream” carry the same meaning across racial/ethnic groups?

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