Just Hired, Last Fired, Sick & Tired! (Review)

 Know someone like that? Wishing for a job to come out a hat. Working less than five years. Wanting to overcome their fears. Sick and tired of the job or boss. Running a business at a loss. Donald Trump’s Apprentice got a few. Hoping to start out anew. Using the basic ABCs. For a job, biz or degrees.

Gotta know your dough. And what gets you in the flow. How money moves. All about being in the groove. Landing a job to get paid. Climbing the career ladder grade. Doing your vocation. Being in tight syncopation. Get a new awareness. Life doesn’t always bring fairness.

Then there’s branding. To further your pro standing. It’s important to have a niche. Doesn’t guarantee you’ll be rich. Bring your A-game. Use creativity, not the same ol’ same. Weaknesses can bite like a shark. Opportunities don’t happen in the dark. Get the lessons learned. So you don’t get burned.

 How to supersize the paycheck?  Without being a nervous wreck. Work your main thing. Be like the queen or king. Choose your money sides. Deliver results with pride. Serve it up with purpose. So you can party without a fuss. Give your best. Live larger than the rest.

The economy is in a funk. Causing people to lose their spunk. Some are tired from rejection fatigue. While looking for a new career league. President Obama announces on Labor Day. New programs with real pay. Some looking to Trump to get hired. But first, a few will have to be fired.

Tip: Opportunity comes to those who raise their skills, as they look for new ways to pay the bills.

Talkback: During these difficult economic times, what’s the toughest thing about finding a job, changing careers or growing your business?

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