N.O. Saints Hope to Repeat, Would be a Major Feat.

(Part VIII) Empower Your Summer: Like The Pros Who Raise Their Game and Reach New Fame.

 The 2010 NFL season is near. Lots of buzz in the air. T.O. to play with Ochocinco. Giants and Jets in new stadium condo. The Saints are prepping to repeat. That sure would be sweet. Derek Fisher invited to speak. During pre-game warm-up before teams meet. Is this a test?

Who Dat slogan for the Saints. Fisher’s Lakers done it in the paint. What might he say to fire them up? Sure, being able to repeat. That would be neat. Involves a test of character. Bouncing back if there’s a loss the morning after. Things happen on the outside. Be strong on the inside.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Champions turn good into better. And their better into best. Lakers past the test of competence. Playing better as a team. Living off each other’s dream. The Saints trying to do more. As the fans look to the score. They need to draw from their core.

Trash talk happens all the time. Players want to get others in line. The locker room helps build chemistry. The playing field expects victory. A test in confidence? Turns victory into prominence. That’s what the Lakers have done. As Saints hope to remain #1.

The fans have seen a lot these days. As many hope BP will correct its ways. Five years after Katrina. With boats washed-up at the Marina. Five months into the oil spill. With everything but the kitchen sink to stop kill. Wouldn’t it be grand? If the Saints still had the winning hand. 

Tip: Passing life’s test is in how you give it your best and outlast the rest.

Talkback: What might Derek Fisher say to fire-up the Saints before kickoff?

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