The Breakthrough That Made Facebook Blow-up.

 Catch the buzz. It’s on Facebook, cuz. A social media thing. Where some people meet a new fling. Mark Zuckerberg as founder. His family couldn’t be prouder. Hitting 500 million members. A billionaire on magazine covers. Everybody wants to know. The breakthrough that made them blow.

A way to connect with the masses. In between campus classes. No longer a tale that’s fairy. Now a mainstream public diary. Starting as a flashback in history. Humans are social beings. Interested in each others’ doings. Welcoming fans and friends. Sharing-in life’s twists and bends.

Lots of smart people in the mix. But he came up with the fix. Working with people who are bright. But he’s the one who saw the light. More like a modern day invention. People wishing Facebook was their creation. Seeing a business need. Taking the risk to lead. Attacking the opportunity with speed.

One person tells a sister or brother. Who each tell five others. Post a picture or blog. Maintain a feedback log. Like it or see it as a nag. Watch for content you can tag. It’s where the magic builds. For business and social thrills. Who would have thought? Soon stocks to be bought.

A movie set for release. Maybe even a tool for world peace. Zuckerberg has no shame. For bringing passion to his game. Donating 100 million dollars. To help groom future scholars. Going from 0 to 60 friends in minutes. Gaining more value in digits. A hundred years from now. Many will study how.

Tip: Million dollar ideas are like great athletes. You gotta train them right to put success in flight.

Talkback: What is it about Facebook that makes it so liked?

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