NY Jets Darrelle Revis Plays Deal or No Deal.

 Holding out no more. Revis ready to take the floor. Signing new contract. Jets have their star cornerback. No pre-season games under his belt. Missing him would have been felt. Revis shows why he’s successful. On and of the field. QB pass, pick or steal. A lot like deal or no deal.

As seen on the popular game show. Not just for people in the know. But for those who’ve got mojo. Going for the million dollar prize. Letting the suspense rise. Success is part ability. And part inner surety. Revis can bring it. Just like business professionals and contestants who win it.

What’s in the briefcases? Big money that could go places. Pick one, hoping it’s got the top prize. Maybe a hunch or lucky surprise. Watch the others get eliminated. Down to the wire before you’re celebrated. Revis and the contestants play with instinct. Winning without having to blink.

Coach Rex Ryan had a major role. Seeing Revis as the team’s soul. Made Jets owner get a feel. Season without him would be no deal. Meeting face to face. With Revis making his case. Ryan had a tantrum. Over the obvious phantom. Revis has the coach’s ear. His emotional intuition was clear.

So Revis will take the field. Says he’s humbled, but happy with the yield. Got more money guarantees. No, it wasn’t a breeze. Jets are talk of the town. Giants need not frown. Career and business success comes with risk. Win big, clench your fist. At the end of the day. You gotta come to play.

Tip: Success on and off the field is part ability and part nerve.

Talkback: How would you rate the ball skills of Revis or the negotiation skills of his agent?

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