(Part 12) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 What makes people click? Maybe love at first sight. For two college sweethearts. Or a chance meeting. Between a couple geeks. Going out for a bite. After an industry event. Who later launch a business. As founding partners. That starts in a garage. Becoming a mega corporation.

Could it happen today? On social media platforms. Whether on Linkedin. For the professional types. Finding a connection. Adding a friend or follower. For online relationships to begin. On Facebook or Twitter engine. A friend of a friend. Wants to jump in. Linking pics and file sharing tricks.

Ramping up the communication. The building block of all media. Introducing your game. Spreading your name. Meeting perfect strangers. Coast to coast. From the least to the most. Turning a connection. Into a broader distribution. Looking to make money. For you and your honey.

The big picture. Major success through collaboration. Of diverse backgrounds and skills. On a team with ego-friendly stars. Recruiting the finest. Whose integrity is the highest. Applying a structure. That brings new order. Using nifty tools and fun rules. Better results at work or in school.

It’s how the pros get to #1. One relationship at a time. Starting with as little as a dime. Five, 10 then 15. Messages in your inbox. 20, 25, then 30. Friends or fans on base. 35, 40 then 45. More dollars from contacts and contracts. Serving a group. Soon you’re hotter than chicken soup.

Hip Tip: The quantity of relationship makes you popular. The quality of relationship makes you a superstar.

Blog Talkback: Does social media serve as a replacement or enhancement to good old-fashioned networking?

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