(Part 10) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

¬†Sandra Bullock said it best. Academy’s winning actress. Relationships provide meaning. To personal success. Thanking her hubby and mother. For being closer than a brother. Says celebrate your strengths. Comes from above. As Big G sends some love. Look within. Tap the inner-self rhythm.

Pals and peers alike. Wanna see you strike. Gold, if that’s your game. Money, if business is your road to fame. A close friend indeed. Helps you manage your weaknesses to succeed. A little in everyone. Shouldn’t spoil the fun. Blood’s thicker than water. A real friend might point you to the altar.

Big Brotha to brotha. Sista to sista. Lover to lover. Father to kin. Relationships help you win. As you share vulnerabilities. Not to everyone. But to him or her. Who inspire you to run. A mentor’s good people. Showing how to go deeper. When others say no. They help you grow in the flow.

A loved one calls you up. Invites you to supp. Family friend extends a hand. In order to lend a grand. That new mate shows you the cookie jar. A sign that the intimacy could go far? Closeness is… things feel so freeing. Relationships are all we’ve got. When life begins. Or comes to a full stop.

So Hollywood’s still buzzin’. Now that the Oscars have been awarded. No Kany√© West sightings. But who knows what baby-girl was thinking. Quite a few firsts. So much to quench your gossip thirst. Who’s zoomin’ who. In the open relationship of Monique. A matter of the freak or the weak?

Hip Tip: Relationships have their ups and downs but lasts over time when there’s enough love to go around.

Blog Talkback: How has a biz associate, family member or close friend contributed to your success?