(Part 9) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 Lil Wayne set to go in. T.I. set to come out. Prison is the place. Both given a taste. Hip Hop heroes. Counting their zeros. All that money not enough. To keep them from the handcuff. What have they learned? After digits they’ve earned. Gotta straighten out that attitude.

Even Plaxico Burress. NFL star put under arrest. Serving time. For doing the crime. He’s already seen the light. Hopes to put career back in flight. Apologized to Giants team. For bad press they received. Now asking the question. From this day forward. How do I want to be perceived?

A matter of acceptance. Live in the moment. Can’t change what was. Or even what is. Can make a difference. In how you live. And the way you give. Your time from sun-up to sundown. Bring a smile. Bump the frown. Not always ’bout the money. How do you contribute stuff, honey?

Become engaged. In the game of life. Avoid road rage. Nothing but strife. Put your heart and soul. Into what makes you whole. Life can be routine. But get out the rut. Time to be spontaneous. Listen to your gut. At work or at play. How do you have fun? Got a feelin’. Make it a good day.

Lil Wayne raps. He’d rather be “selling flowers. Than be in the pen sharing showers.” T.I. skips the traps. “No more stress. Now I’m straight. I get it now. Take time to think. Before I make a mistake. Just for my family stake. No regrets I’m blessed to say. The old me dead and gone away.” 

Hip Tip: A bad-boy attitude might be good for the ratings but can affect your record for doing great things.

Blog Talkback: Why does prison seem to help some people (but not others) iron-out their attitude?