(Part 13) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

┬áThe top ten countdown is on! For naming the next American Idol. Going from an unknown. Touring around town. As seen on Celebrity Apprentice. Celebs get to makeover their careers. How ’bout Dancing With The Stars? Three reality show favorites. Where ‘new and improved’ stars are born.

How do their dreams get made? By turning up the brilliance. 2000 watts of power. Becoming the attraction of the hour. Making life sing. Hitting the high notes. Letting the good times ring. A new phenomenon. After a winning run. On the Idol main stage. Getting better and better with age.

Gotta have enthusiasm. In how you strut-step-roll. Learning the ropes. Maintaining floor-control. All about the energy. In every dance move. Doing what it takes. To be in the groove. Building rapport. With those who keep score. A boss, partner or Facebook friend. Supporting you to the end.

Smile for the cameras. Even when there’s none around. Charisma goes a long way. Show some love. To the fans all-abound. Work it out. Without being fake. Keep it real. Know the deal. Manage the look and feel. Add some celebrity appeal. Success is in the sincerity. That is expressed magically.

The perfect venue. The not-so-perfect victory. To act like a star. And go far. Having the right spirit. Showcasing real talent. Delivering a positive attitude. Developing strong relationships. Star status rests on ability and popularity. So get your rewards. Diamonds, pearls and cash cards.

Hip Tip: The secret to becoming a star is in taking a chance on something greater than your own self-interest.

Blog Talkback: What’s the missing link or main difference between stars who are one-hit wonders and those who shine season after season?