(Part 11) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

¬†…talk about chemistry! Between Jennifer Aniston. And Gerard Butler. Co-stars in movies. Relationships are key. On the big screen or pro team. Creates magical performances. Special moments. And crowning achievements. Finding success in relationships.

In how people relate. On or off the job. Feels like family. A sense you belong. Flows like poetry. Not trying to control someone. Sounds like symphony. More good notes than bad. A lot like intimacy. Letting go makes you sad. Connection feels strong. As a good hug or handshake.

See it at work. On the Undercover Boss. The new reality TV hit. The CEO rolls up his sleeve. Doing the tasks of the staff. Wanting to see. What makes them tick. Staying in budget hotels. Walking in their shoes. Learning about the business. As well as himself. Experiencing the intangibles.

See it at play. During March Madness hoops. Teams begin in October. Through the dog-days of winter. Arriving in spring. Looking to do their thing. Building a bond. Shows up in teamwork. Knowing the role-players to call on. So when the game’s on the line. Experiencing the unbelievable.

See it everyday. Great groups and fun people. Tight families and close friends. Almost becoming inseparable. A longing to work, play and grow together. Learning from each other. Making a difference. Serving an audience. Attracting clients and fans. Being loved for their style and brand.

Hip Tip: You don’t have to know a lot of people to be rich, but if you serve a lot of people you can be famous.

Blog Talkback: Tyler and Oprah, Jen and Gerard: how can a close relationship be an advantage (or disadvantage) when working in a professional setting?