(Part 13) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 The top ten countdown is on! For naming the next American Idol. Going from an unknown. Touring around town. As seen on Celebrity Apprentice. Celebs get to makeover their careers. How ’bout Dancing With The Stars? Three reality show favorites. Where ‘new and improved’ stars are born.

How do their dreams get made? By turning up the brilliance. 2000 watts of power. Becoming the attraction of the hour. Making life sing. Hitting the high notes. Letting the good times ring. A new phenomenon. After a winning run. On the Idol main stage. Getting better and better with age.

Gotta have enthusiasm. In how you strut-step-roll. Learning the ropes. Maintaining floor-control. All about the energy. In every dance move. Doing what it takes. To be in the groove. Building rapport. With those who keep score. A boss, partner or Facebook friend. Supporting you to the end.

Smile for the cameras. Even when there’s none around. Charisma goes a long way. Show some love. To the fans all-abound. Work it out. Without being fake. Keep it real. Know the deal. Manage the look and feel. Add some celebrity appeal. Success is in the sincerity. That is expressed magically.

The perfect venue. The not-so-perfect victory. To act like a star. And go far. Having the right spirit. Showcasing real talent. Delivering a positive attitude. Developing strong relationships. Star status rests on ability and popularity. So get your rewards. Diamonds, pearls and cash cards.

Hip Tip: The secret to becoming a star is in taking a chance on something greater than your own self-interest.

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(Part 12) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 What makes people click? Maybe love at first sight. For two college sweethearts. Or a chance meeting. Between a couple geeks. Going out for a bite. After an industry event. Who later launch a business. As founding partners. That starts in a garage. Becoming a mega corporation.

Could it happen today? On social media platforms. Whether on Linkedin. For the professional types. Finding a connection. Adding a friend or follower. For online relationships to begin. On Facebook or Twitter engine. A friend of a friend. Wants to jump in. Linking pics and file sharing tricks.

Ramping up the communication. The building block of all media. Introducing your game. Spreading your name. Meeting perfect strangers. Coast to coast. From the least to the most. Turning a connection. Into a broader distribution. Looking to make money. For you and your honey.

The big picture. Major success through collaboration. Of diverse backgrounds and skills. On a team with ego-friendly stars. Recruiting the finest. Whose integrity is the highest. Applying a structure. That brings new order. Using nifty tools and fun rules. Better results at work or in school.

It’s how the pros get to #1. One relationship at a time. Starting with as little as a dime. Five, 10 then 15. Messages in your inbox. 20, 25, then 30. Friends or fans on base. 35, 40 then 45. More dollars from contacts and contracts. Serving a group. Soon you’re hotter than chicken soup.

Hip Tip: The quantity of relationship makes you popular. The quality of relationship makes you a superstar.

Blog Talkback: Does social media serve as a replacement or enhancement to good old-fashioned networking?

(Part 11) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 …talk about chemistry! Between Jennifer Aniston. And Gerard Butler. Co-stars in movies. Relationships are key. On the big screen or pro team. Creates magical performances. Special moments. And crowning achievements. Finding success in relationships.

In how people relate. On or off the job. Feels like family. A sense you belong. Flows like poetry. Not trying to control someone. Sounds like symphony. More good notes than bad. A lot like intimacy. Letting go makes you sad. Connection feels strong. As a good hug or handshake.

See it at work. On the Undercover Boss. The new reality TV hit. The CEO rolls up his sleeve. Doing the tasks of the staff. Wanting to see. What makes them tick. Staying in budget hotels. Walking in their shoes. Learning about the business. As well as himself. Experiencing the intangibles.

See it at play. During March Madness hoops. Teams begin in October. Through the dog-days of winter. Arriving in spring. Looking to do their thing. Building a bond. Shows up in teamwork. Knowing the role-players to call on. So when the game’s on the line. Experiencing the unbelievable.

See it everyday. Great groups and fun people. Tight families and close friends. Almost becoming inseparable. A longing to work, play and grow together. Learning from each other. Making a difference. Serving an audience. Attracting clients and fans. Being loved for their style and brand.

Hip Tip: You don’t have to know a lot of people to be rich, but if you serve a lot of people you can be famous.

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(Part 10) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 Sandra Bullock said it best. Academy’s winning actress. Relationships provide meaning. To personal success. Thanking her hubby and mother. For being closer than a brother. Says celebrate your strengths. Comes from above. As Big G sends some love. Look within. Tap the inner-self rhythm.

Pals and peers alike. Wanna see you strike. Gold, if that’s your game. Money, if business is your road to fame. A close friend indeed. Helps you manage your weaknesses to succeed. A little in everyone. Shouldn’t spoil the fun. Blood’s thicker than water. A real friend might point you to the altar.

Big Brotha to brotha. Sista to sista. Lover to lover. Father to kin. Relationships help you win. As you share vulnerabilities. Not to everyone. But to him or her. Who inspire you to run. A mentor’s good people. Showing how to go deeper. When others say no. They help you grow in the flow.

A loved one calls you up. Invites you to supp. Family friend extends a hand. In order to lend a grand. That new mate shows you the cookie jar. A sign that the intimacy could go far? Closeness is… things feel so freeing. Relationships are all we’ve got. When life begins. Or comes to a full stop.

So Hollywood’s still buzzin’. Now that the Oscars have been awarded. No Kanyé West sightings. But who knows what baby-girl was thinking. Quite a few firsts. So much to quench your gossip thirst. Who’s zoomin’ who. In the open relationship of Monique. A matter of the freak or the weak?

Hip Tip: Relationships have their ups and downs but lasts over time when there’s enough love to go around.

Blog Talkback: How has a biz associate, family member or close friend contributed to your success?

(Part 9) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 Lil Wayne set to go in. T.I. set to come out. Prison is the place. Both given a taste. Hip Hop heroes. Counting their zeros. All that money not enough. To keep them from the handcuff. What have they learned? After digits they’ve earned. Gotta straighten out that attitude.

Even Plaxico Burress. NFL star put under arrest. Serving time. For doing the crime. He’s already seen the light. Hopes to put career back in flight. Apologized to Giants team. For bad press they received. Now asking the question. From this day forward. How do I want to be perceived?

A matter of acceptance. Live in the moment. Can’t change what was. Or even what is. Can make a difference. In how you live. And the way you give. Your time from sun-up to sundown. Bring a smile. Bump the frown. Not always ’bout the money. How do you contribute stuff, honey?

Become engaged. In the game of life. Avoid road rage. Nothing but strife. Put your heart and soul. Into what makes you whole. Life can be routine. But get out the rut. Time to be spontaneous. Listen to your gut. At work or at play. How do you have fun? Got a feelin’. Make it a good day.

Lil Wayne raps. He’d rather be “selling flowers. Than be in the pen sharing showers.” T.I. skips the traps. “No more stress. Now I’m straight. I get it now. Take time to think. Before I make a mistake. Just for my family stake. No regrets I’m blessed to say. The old me dead and gone away.” 

Hip Tip: A bad-boy attitude might be good for the ratings but can affect your record for doing great things.

Blog Talkback: Why does prison seem to help some people (but not others) iron-out their attitude?