(Part 7) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 Lastname Ever. Firstname Greatest. Better known as Greatest Ever. Who’s the most def? Ali or Frazier. Lebron or Kobe. That’s the buzz. From back in the day. And even today. Drake raps about it. In the latest Sprite commercial. Talking about himself? He’s not there yet. But don’t fret.

Success has an attitude. So does living your dreams. Not about being cocky. But showing confidence.  Without a chip on your shoulder. Watchout for too edgy. Might make you look crazy. Talk is cheap. Positive action brings satisfaction. Just be cool. Without acting the fool.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Can’t change things out of your control. Fly like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. Words to live by from Ali. Be content. Accept what is. Enjoy the ride. Sizzle with pride. Stay in the running. Persist in the race. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. For sunning and funning.

Soak-up the view. Step into the true you. Maybe even smell the roses. Long after Valentine’s Day closes. Ditch stinkin’ thinkin’. That’s bad funk. Which carries over. As an emotional roller-coaster. Bring sexy back. Makes for a hot track. Get past rejection. Set yourself apart. From the competition.

The Gap Band sings. “Say oops upside your head. The bigger the headache. The bigger the pill. The bigger the doctor. The bigger the bill.” Well, the nastier the attitude. The harder the fall. Like Humpty Dumpty. Tough to put back together again. Attitude is everything. Especially for just coolin’.

Hip Tip: Leave home with a good attitude, live with a sense of gratitude and watch your star status reach a higher altitude.

Blog Talkback: Which one limits a person’s success more: bad attitude or bad breath?

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