(Part 4) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far in 2010!

 Is Barbara Walters going ga-ga? Over Lady Ga Ga. After a one-on-one interview. Walters’ got a new view. People think Ga Ga is about “shock value.” But Walters saw the other side. For how Ga Ga makes her crazy ride. She parades as a free spirit. Using her talent as a free agent.

It’s seen in pro sports. Players get drafted. Sometimes off-season traded. Finding a better spot. On another roster. Happens in the real world. After a layoff. Or before the next gig. Everybody’s got game. But stars express talent. With spiritual ease. Selfish gain last. Coming in first.

Dreams on ice? Where you’re going through changes. Turn yourself loose. Live your dreams, go places. Be an agent of smiles. Keep the boss and clients happy. Grow as a person of substance. Get movin’ and shakin’. Wanna do freelance? Give quality service. Maybe your best chance.

The evidence for going far. Starts out as a believer. Seeing yourself in magazines. Or having a career makeover. Getting your name in lights. Working at it day and night. Joining the top ten. Before winning again. Passion into a revenue stream. Making money thick like honey and cream.

Ga Ga remembers as a child. Wanting to sing her way to stardom. Admits she’s sometimes over the edge. It’s her way to push boundaries. But not every passion is about hard crashing. Just ask the Grammy nominated artist named Ledesi. Her songs tell a story. Going from heartache to glory.

Hip Tip: You have to be pumped before you jump, to go from where you are into becoming a star.

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(Part 3) Act Like a S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 So many stars. So little time. Come dressed in their finest. Hoping for praise that’s highest. Fans wanting to see. Their favorite celebs for free. Meryl Streep made some weep. Monique accepted without a bleep. Who’s got next? For a breakthrough release. As fast rising actor or artist.

Felt like a dream. Being named best supporting actress. Takes a lot of inspiration. Some call on heaven. Or play the number seven. Others look within. Drawing on life’s blues and rhythm. Become an observer. Of what makes you tick. Work harder and harder. Until things begin to stick.

Read whatever you can. Learn everything and have a plan. Get some more knowledge. Before and after college. Believe in yourself. Though you’ll have doubts. Have faith in your abilities. As well as the possibilities. We’re in the information age. Take some classes. Reach the next stage.

How do you practice? Or improve your game? It’s not what you do. As much as how you do you. Turn inspiration. Into a call to action. Find the motivation. To raise your satisfaction. Go from a spark. To a breakout star. Or even a mega superstar.

Turn your skills loose. Quitting is not an option. Not used as an excuse. The more you believe. The higher you achieve. Do whatever it takes. To live up to your name. Promote your work. Watch for a rise in acclaim. Then the rewards will come. With the awards you receive.

Hip Tip: Every success has a build-up, sometimes a breakdown and most times a breakthrough.

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(Part 2) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far in 2010!

 A star is born. From the Golden Globes to the Grammys. Red carpet to after parties. Mariah Carey is up for a nomination. Hopefully she’ll be sober on this occasion. What do the Grammys and Golden Globes have in common? A few fashion firsts. And a glimpse of the American spirit.

How’d they get there? Looking up for inspiration. Within for motivation. Creating a shift in consciousness. Working with a sense of purpose. Soon they dominate. In living the dream. Studying their field. Like there’s no tomorrow. Moving away from drama. And yesterday’s past sorrow.

Who’s hot? Who’s not? Seen in the winners. Best new artist. Or supporting actress. In Hip Hop, R&B or reality TV. Sharing their story. Of new found glory. Success was a winding road. But they made it.  Achieving their goal. Thanking family and friends. Supporting to the end.

What might go unsaid. Are the times of frustration. Sometimes crying in bed. No one came knocking. Or the money wasn’t in the hustling. Then a wake-up call or aha moment. When the only way forward was up. And the only time to act. Was now not never. Starting over fresh as ever.

Brings out the hero in you. Dreamers don’t quit. Even if they lose some. They go from wishing to winning. From stuck to star. Finding themselves. Saying yes. To less stress and more happiness. Seen as first-class. Becoming top-grade. Accepting that coveted award. On the world stage.

Hip Tip: Some people succeed out of nothingness but most dreams are conceived out of consciousness.

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Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 The Awards season is here. Things kick-off with the People’s Choice on-air. Where everyday folks get to vote. For their favorite stars in music, movies and online media. Then there’s BETs celebration of Gospel. No Kanyé West sightings planned. Is 2010 the year? To act like a star near and far.

Be inspired in spirit. And get with it. How you make money? Some are funny. Others make goods or sell fragrant honey. Spotlight on the person within. What’s your main thing? Run, write or bling bling. Build, bake or brew. Takes passion and personality. For more benjamins or a breakthrough.

Turn your smarts. Into something from the heart. Do what you love. Love what you do. Let your brilliant spirit cheer up the crew. People will adore and respect you. Don’t give-up because of your past. But give-back because of your future. Some choose philanthropy. Others raise community.

What’s your sign? Time to resign? Go from being sick and tired. To paid and desired. Gotta get to the mountain top. Keep on keepin’ on. Don’t stop, just get your goals on. When the body gets weak. Remind yourself of what you seek. That the foundation is laid. The bills get paid. Life is made.

Climb the career ladder. Step up as a biz leader. Represent as a community organizer. Have a talk with self. Be reminded you’re top shelf. Sugar might not be made sweeter. But life can go a little deeper. So happy new year once and again. Hope to see you soon. Between now and then.   

Hip Tip: Who you are in spirit affects the money you make in digits.

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